<a href="" target="_blank">Who?s playing footsies with whom?</a>

In today’s update, from the spanish language TV series "CHA!", a truly classic "who’s playing footsies with me?" kind of scene! Two guys ad two girls at the table (swimming pool border), lots of teasing going on… and truly hard to guess who’s playing footsies with whom… really a nice one!

Before closing this update i wanted to apologize for the lack of updates of the recent period (here, on The Fetish Expo and on the Nyllady’s page)… but i’ve been working really hard on a couple of sites (the totally new version of Passione Piedi and CamFeet)… now one of them is finally online after two months of work (Passione Piedi) and i truly hope i’ll be able to work more on the places where i’m supposed to work… i have LOTS of ideas so… expect some really big news ;-)

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