Raffaella Carrą: That night i had pantyhose without panties on

Yes... after nearly 16 years (it was 1991) we get to know a spicy detail of a famous Roberto Benigni performance during a live show on the italian tv national channel. That night Roberto was a guest to the Raffaella Carrą show "Fantastico". As soon as he got on stage, he literally jumped on her, sending her to the floor. Now, the famous italian showgirl, told in an interview on the Corriere Della Sera:

«Benigni tried to undress me each time he saw me. That night i wasn't wearing any panties with my pantyhose and the dress was easy to remove. So i thought: if he unties it, i'm dead. He arrives with his usual style, touches my ass and i fall on the floor, he jumps on me. I see those little hands all overme...and i start laughing»

So Raffaella is another one of those famous women who would make happy many of us! She wears pantyhose without panties! (Meredith Vieira is another one)

Before closing this article, if you want to download the video of that famous night, just click here (Rapidshare link). And here are some photos of Raffaella, who always ad pantyhose on when she was on tv or on photographs!

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