Salma Hayek foot fetish video

Salma Hayek does it again! After the scenes from "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Ask The Dust" , "Lonely Hearts" is the third one we have with this gorgeous actress! This time she's siting on a couch trying to convince a man to join her... and to do so, she puts her foot (with shoes) between his legs, trying to pull him. Sexy, definilty sexy!

In "Wise Blood" we see a kind of weird scene... there's a girl in a car while a man is driving...she starts playing footsies with him (in a car, while he's driving!?!?!) and, after a while, she says him "Hey, stop it!"... is it weird or what???

This week Medium74 posted his first candid shoeplay video in our Forum.... and guys... what a beginning!!!! It's one of the best candid shoeplay videos i've seen in a while! A gorgeous blonde is sitting on a bench in town... she's wearing trousers, black hose and brown pumps... and she dangles like crazy!!! At one point the shoe is just on her finger! What can i say...welcome to the forum Medium74 and... keep them coming!!!

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Great footsie video from an indian film

Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes - Videos, pictures and stories of women seducing men with their feetWe finally got an under the table footsie initiated by female in an Indian movie. There are no subtitles but scene seems to be of a handsome young man invited to dinner and a young woman guest seems to want to make an impression with him and she kicks his foot with her sandaled foot. Then another guy at the head of table gets his foot in between the two and the young woman slips out of her sandal and uses her bare foot on the second guy's foot and ankle, all the time thinking she is playing footsie with the first guy. The second guy finally tells her what is going on and he is very amused but she pulls back her foot quickly. Movie is from 1998 and title is "Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya", surely a video that you must have in your collection!

The scene from the hardcore movie "Lust In Space" is quick and brief... but still... a nice footsie with shoes on. I'm not going to tell you anything a part from the fact that the woman, a hot blonde, is wearing white high heel shoes and pantyhose...or stockings, can't know..


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One HOT footsie under the table

Today's update on Feet Under The Table features one really hot scene from a turkish movie and a sweet one with Lea Thompson.

In The turkish movie "Yasam Kavgasi" a lady seduces her husband's boss playing footsies with him under the table. She's wearing sensational reinforced toe stockings!!!

On the beach it can happen to find Lea Thompson busy playing footsies with her husband Dave Foley... of course only if you are looking at the movie "Out Of Omaha"...

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Her foot between his legs...

In today's update, online the hot scene from the italian hardcore movie "Parrucchiere Di Provincia" where a hot babe plays footsies to her hairdresser while he's talking to her. She's wearing sandals, with no hose.


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Candid shoeplay and a footsie video

Today's update features, first of all, the scene from "The Wife Swappers" where a man and a woman are playing a weird game while totally naked. He is ugly, surely... but she decides anyway to play a bit of footsie with him (she's naked like him).

Online also another candid video from Fabio! Again it's a scene taken from the italian EICMA show of 2006: this time we see a bit of dangling in black pumps and black hose. A classic shoeplay video!

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HOT footjob on a plane...and under the table seduction!

This update starts with the really HOT (and HARDCORE, warning!) scene from "Dorcel Airlines", thanks to OkMerlin. It starts showing us an hostess changing stockings on an airplane (ok...kinda weird...but it's a porno movie, what do you expect?). Then a guy comes and sits down in front of her. She starts teasing him a bit, then he kisses her foot and she gives him a great footjob!

Then there is the scene from "Nishabd", as hot as the first one, even if not hardcore. A gorgeous brunette (Jiah Khan) gives a really hard time to a man at the table, teasing him under the table with her barefoot! She's just restless and...evil! Really really hot!!


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Mia Maestro's feet on a lucky guy's face

In the scene from "Deep Water", featured in today's update on Feet Under The Table, Mia Maestro is in the pool and a guy steps on it (fully dressed!). They start playing and kissing then, after a bit, she puts her feet on his face.

Quite a lucky guy, don't you think?

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Nyllady shows something more...

Finally an update, even if small.

Sorry for the long delay guys, but we just moved to a new house and the italian Telecom is giving me a hard time to get internet access. I'm doing this update from an internet cafe!

To celebrate the new house (and Easter!), my wife decided to take some photos... have a look and be sure to tell her what you think of them!

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Foot on face and...candid heelpop!

The italian movie "Miracolo Italiano" has a cool scene where a woman is standing on the bed with her lover while he is talking at the phone with his wife. She screams him "Tell her you love her! Tell her!" and while doing so she pushes her foot on his face.

The scene from "Siddhartha" is sweet instead. A woman is standing in front of a man and she rubs her bare foot on his bare one.

After a long time (my fault, not his) a candid video from the great Fabio!!! It's a video he took at the italian EICMA show, in 2006 (yes i had this video since then...sorry guys). You must look at it till the end because you'll see a fantastic heelpop in black hose and black shoes!


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A flight attendant's foot on a man's crotch

This week a truly HOT scene from the tv series "Footballers' Wives". A gorgeous blonde hostess seduces a guy on the plane and, while doing so, she puts her foot on his crotch!


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A foot on crotch scene to remember...

Just one new video this week guys...sorry about it, but it's a really really busy period for me. It's the really hot scene from the movie "Divina" (thanks to OkMerlin for this). A gorgeous blonde is at the bar in front of a guy, trying to seduce him. At one point she uses her foot too... you have to see the scene to understand how hot it is!


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Sofia Gucci puts her foot there...

In today's update the great Sofia Gucci is the star of one of the hottest scenes we've seen lately here. In "Dirty Dance" she's having a romantic dinner with her boyfriend and, after some chat, she starts rubbing his leg with her hosed leg and black shoe. Then she pushes her shoe into his crotch a couple of times... really hot!

And guys...if you still didn't, go and read the interview i've been lucky to make with Cat, one of the most beautiful webcam girls i've ever seen!


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Romantic and hot footsie games...

The scene from the asian movie "Bilssfully Yours" is surely more romantic than sexy. A couple is sitting by a river, with their legs in the water. They slowly touch each other feet. Romantic, truly romantic.

Hale Sürel gives us a hot performance in the turkish TV series "Senden Baska". First she sits on a table dangling her black pantyhosed leg (her skirt is really short too!) then she plays footsies under the table with the guy. Unfortunately i didn't capture this scene, therefore all i have is the video that has been posted on the forum, which obviously is an edited version. I personally prefer much more when i can see the whole scene, in order to see what's happening...so if anyone can provide the complete scene, that would be fantastic.


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Feet on face and on crotch

In today's update, thanks to Feeture, a not so common scene taken from the film "Pieces Of April". Patricia Clarkson, sitting on the back of a car, rubs the driver's face with her black hosed foot... is there any better way of driving? ;-)

In "Archangel" we see instead a really classic footsie under the table scene. Tanya Moodie puts her foot (with brown fishnets) on Daniel Craig's crotch under the table, and gives him a sexy look. This happens during a business lunch, with lots of people at the table with them and a guy giving a speech.


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Quick foot fetish videos

Just two videos today...and both quick, even if not that bad at all in my opinion.

The advert for the Janssen toenail fungus product points out that even playing footsies can be a problem in certain situations...and it does that showing us a nice footsie situation on the couch.

The scene from the movie "Hinten Scheisst Die Ente" is instead...weird. I don't know the background of it, but that's how i got it. In slow motion. Anyway we see this lady sitting down and immediatly raising a foot up on a guy's crotch... not bad.


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Footsies for every taste

It's quite rare to see in an indian movie a woman starting the foot seduction...and that's the case of "Nagina (Sriidevi)" where, during a dance, an indian beauty puts her feet on a man's body, starting from his leg and ending up on his chest.

In "Paolina Venere Imperiale", an italian porno movie, a woman plays footsie to a man in front of the bed (with the gorgeous Milly D'Abbraccio on...), while they are both standing.

"Shasha & Masha", the russian TV series, already gave us a scene , so it's nice to see another one from the same show...even if not as good as the first one. This time a couple plays footsie while they are both laying down, inside a tent...probably during some sort of camping.


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Foot Fetish in mainstream advertising

Today's update features a couple of nice scenes from TV advert today, both of them thanks to Platano02 from the forum!

The shower foam "Lever 2000" advertise itself showing a couple having a shower...in the rain. And in the end they play footsies together, standing and hugging each other.

In the advert from the body cream "Nair" instead a couple is sitting at a table wearing and the girl slowly starts playing footsies (well, just with her leg) to him.... not bad at all.


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Stoned: one HOT foot fetish video

In this last update before Christmas, the video from "Stoned" really gets a lot of attention. I think it's one of the hottest scenes we have on this site, even if the actual foot on crotch part is  really quick. I can't explain you it... you just need to see it. All i can tell you is that a man does some exercises in front of a hot girl, who is teasing him all the time with her legs, her feet, her socks and more... just look at it guys!

The scene from "Adultery Chinese Style" is a sweet one instead. We see this woman teasing a man on the couch with her feet. She uses them on his face, on his legs...everywhere ;-)


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Sexy feet on face and... between the legs!

In this week's update, "The Story Of Virginie Gervais" surely isn't a film for everyone. Defining it a little "weird" comes naturally but well, in the end, i believe it's just the story of a Mistress, so anything is possible. In this scene we see Virginie with two guys. One is taking care of her hand, the other one of her foot. She is dressed with black lingerie, stockings and high heel shoes. After a while she starts rubbing one guy's crotch with her foot... really hot!

The scene from "Perversion Story" is another one of those scenes where a guy is leaving from the bedroom, sitting on the bed and the woman (in this case a gorgeous blonde) teases him with her naked foot on his face.


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Shoe store foot seduction...and more

The scene from "Leena", with Kathleen Mazzotta (aka Leena La Bianca) is one that we all saw on the forum a long time ago. It's one of those... unreal pornographic situations but, still, something that can surely make us dream! Besides, the shoe store is a place of seduction even in some mainstream movies and tv series (Sex & The City, just to give an example). So we see Leena (a gorgeous brunette) seducing a shoe salesman while trying some shoes... hot scene indeed, as she also puts her foot on his crotch.

In the video from "The Spy With My Face" we never see Senta Berger's face, but we only see her feet and legs while she enters the shower and starts rubbing them against Robert Vaughn's calf.


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Two hot barefoot seduction videos

The first video of this update is from the film "Buried Alive" and it's a really really hot scene. A girl plays footsies on the couch with a guy. She doesn't weare any shoes or hose...but boy...she knows how to move those feet!

Even if i never put online those "footsie in bed" scenes, i decided to make an exception for the one from "Pleasure Zone". Why? Well..because two hot babes like this that use their feet to excite their man well...can't be left out from our collection!


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Two blondes using their feet to seduce men...

Here we are to a new update...

The quick and sweet scene from "All The Way Down" shows us a woman and a man on a bed, both of them fully dressed. He is reading a book and she tries to seduce him with her foot... not bad at all...

The scene from the hardcore movie "Anything" is instead really, really, really hot! We see this couple having dinner. She, a hot blonde, gives him a couple of erotic looks and, after a while, starts playing footsies with him. She puts her foot (in fishnets) on his crotch and starts to pump there... she doesn't even stop when the waitress come up!


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Two really hot black hosed feet videos

Sorry for the delay in this post...

Thanks to Okmerlin i can put online the really hot hardcore scene from "Monella Di Provincia", an italian porno movie. Two women are in a big car, driven by a man. He stops the car, sits back in front of them, and one of them first rubs his cock through trousers (she has black stockings on), then she gives him a really good footjob. The full scene is online so... beware, it's an hardcore one!.

From the 2000 edition of the italian tv show "Ciao Darwin", a really hot dance performed by two girls and a guy. One of the girls is Antonella Mosetti, now quite famous. Anyway the dance starts with both girls rubbing their nylon covered feet on his chest...hot!


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Footsie on TV...even live!

This week's update is really all about TV...

From the Serbian comedy "Mi Nismo Andjeli III" (We Are Not Angels), the really hot scene with Seka Aleksic, that seduces a lucky guy on a couch using her sexy naked feet.

During a recent episode of "Regis & Kelly Live", the american TV show with Kelly Ripa and Jimmy Kimmel, a really weird thing happened. At first Kelly made a shoe exchange with Blake Lively (and that would already be enough weird and HOT...)... and, later on the show, Blake Lively actually played footsie MANY TIMES with Jimmy. Just check out the video and tell me if i'm the only one thinking that she was touching his calf on purpose!

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Fantastic footsie under the table video

I think that the really really hot footsie under the table scene from the tv series "Por Amor A Gloria" can be considered as one of the best ever on the website!

We see this HOT wife playing footsies with a soldier (her daughter's boyfriend probably!) that is having lunch with her, herhusband and her daughter. She's not wearing any kind of nylons but she got killer legs and we see everything she does! She removes her shoe, then starts slowly with his leg...and ends up pushing hard into his crotch!

The old and nice commercial for the Clarkes shoes is one of those rare clips that i'm glad i can put online. It ends up with this lady briefly playing footsie over a Clarkes shoe... really really a sweet video!


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Kate Winslet's naked feet...

Speaking about celebrities, Kate Winslet naked foot on Harvey Keitel's chest is surely the main thing of this update.

That's what happens in "Holy Smoke", finally online after being requested so much in the forum! Scene is not so hot in my opinion, but considering the two big celebrities involved well...i don't think we could get any better!

Thanks to Zdo online also the scene from the TV Series "WKRP In Cincinnati". The hot blonde Jennifer (Loni Anderson) is talking to the DJ of the radio (Howard Hesseman) and, speaking about her shoes, she puts on her foot on his lap and he then removes her shoe. She's wearing white shiny pantyhose (ah...the 80s!) and boy...we all wish we were him i bet ;-)

Online also a new video me and my wife did. Well... it has been around the internet since a couple of weeks now, but in case you missed it...well...here it is. She's reading a book and, while doing so, she shows off her stockings and kicks off her shoes... let her know if you like it guys...you know that women love to be spoiled a bit!

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Kari Wuhrer and Kathy Baker foot fetish videos!

Just two videos in this update...but nice ones in my opinion!

Kari Wuhrer is really really HOT in the scene from "Hit And Run". She does everything to make the other actor horny, including rubbing her foot (in black stockings) against his crotch. We already had this scene, but now we have a higher quality version and, moreover, a much longer one. If you downloaded it already...well do it again, it's worth it!

Robert De Niro and Kathy Baker in a foot fetish scene? Well... more or less! In the film "Jacknife" Kathy walks toward De Niro and rubs her foot against his leg. She's wearing open toe shoes and nylons, we can see it... sweer choice Kathy!


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Elizabeth Taylor playing footsies...and more

Here we are to a new update! The nice (but, sadly, quick) scene from "Leon The Pig Farmer" is a truly classic footsie under the table at the restaurant scene. Too bad it's a little bit too dark and quick...

Online also a higher quality version of the footsie under the table played by Elizabeth Taylor to Brian Keith, in "Reflections In A Golden Eye". Truly nice to see Elizabeth Taylor toes rubbing his calf!

The other day my wife was getting ready for our next video (that will be online soon)...she was looking into her wardrobe wearing a short black leather skirt, black stockings and high heel shoes...she told me to start recording, and then she started playing with her shoes and moving her feet around...

By the way...the Pin-up Model poll ends TOMORROW!!!!! Vote now for your favourite model!!!

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Footsie under the table: two videos!

Here we are to another update...quite nice this week, even if with just two videos...

Thanks to MCOL we got a high quality version of the footsie under the table scene from "Donne Con Le Gonne", where Cinzia Leone gives first a sexy look to Francesco Nuti and then puts her foot on his crotch. She has black stockings on...

Footsie under the table played by two women on one man is rare...and that's why the scene from "Troppo Rischio Per Un Uomo Solo" is amazing! Chirsta Linder and Hansi Linder (yes, twins!) really try hard to get Giuliano Gemma's attention...and once again, thanks to MCOL for this one!

Don't know if anyone of you noticed it but... in the last days i've published the interview i made with the amazing Lana Cox, a really famous celebrity in the adult industry...and, of course, i've also put online the review of her site, among with eight free picture galleries...i suggest you to go and have a look...


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Footsie, foot worship and candid dipping!

Here we are to a new update on "Feet Under The Table"! Here's what's new today!

First of all, From the indian movie "Muthu" (i'm not totally sure about this, so help me out guys), a nice barefoot footsie scene. He's stand ing looking at her coming into his direction...she slowly comes closer and... rubs her foot on his foot, looking at him with a teasing expression on her face.

The scene from "The Amorous Lotus Pan" has a little bit of worship, a little bit of footsie and a little bit of domination. I really don't want to spoil it too much for you, so i just suggest you to go and take a look...surely an unique scene.

Online also the second part from the fantastic Newland video of his friend Xandra dipping at the disco... really a video we won't forget easily! Be sure to download this second part as well...as she totally removes her shoe and gives us a clear view of her toes!


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Footsie videos and...HSP candid shoeplay

Welcome everyone to a new update on Feet Under The Table!

Once again, the british TV series "Shameless" gives us a scene with the hot Rebecca Atkinson who really makes David Threlfal crazy in this series. This time she gives him a much more classic footsie under the table, although she doesn't remove her slippers... but her face is always so...horny!

The scene from "Kitchen Confidential" it's like a...dance with lots of teasing going on, footsie included. A must see, trust me!

Also online another amazing candid from HSP! He told me this one is one of his friends who was shopping with him that day, and waiting on a stool at a DVD store... well.. what can i say... sabot, pantyhose and ultra mini skirt... amazing! And, needless to say, a really nice dangling involved too.

Finally, just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the poll to choose the Pin-up Wow! model to be featured in the next interview for The Fetish Expo! The "competition" is really close now, as three girls are just in one vote of distance...keep on voting, you have till the end of this month to do it!

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Two foot on face videos!

Here we are to another update, this week all dedicated to feet on face!

Thanks to Feeture, we get to see the weird (but hot) scene from "Bank Brothers", with Jackie Di Crystal teasing a guy on the coach with her feet. She's wearing some weird shoes... i wouldn't even know how to define them. Anyway while he's talking she rubs his face (and other parts of him) more than once with them. She surely is a hottie so...the scene is worth to watch!

Sex And The City" gives us another scene. Don't know why we still didn't have it but i've just finished watching the whole series with my wife (we have this complete series DVD pack) and we saw this scene where Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones in the series) rubs her boyfriend's face with her feet while they are in bed, asking him to wait a little bit more before leaving... hot!

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Three hot footsie videos

Here we are with a new update... featuring three really good footsie scenes!

The scene from "Shameless" is rather brief, but the face on the hot Rebecca Atkinson while she puts her socked foot on this guy's lap is really amazing. Surely enjoable!

Thanks to Babylove, online one of the hottest scenes since a long time! The scene is taken from the movie "Emotional Girl 2" and we see this asian girl dressed with a black short dress, black pantyhose and black high heels in pain because of her calf hurts her. So this guy takes her foot in his hand and slowly starts giving her a massage. She gets excited by this, so she brushes her foot (still on heels) on his crotch. Hot, really hot!

Another funny scene is the one taken from "Criminal Intelligence" where two couples are playing cards at the table and one woman wants to play footsies with a guy but ends up doing this to the other woman!

Finally, just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the poll to choose the Pin-up Wow! model to be featured in the next interview for The Fetish Expo!

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Three hot footjobs and a funny one

Well, perhaps the subject of this message is not quite right, as you know that usually there are no explicit footjobs on Foot Under The Table. But the three scenes from the hardcore movie "Stiletto" are indeed really hot!
One is a hot foot on crotch scene with a redhead, one is the same action by a gorgeous brunette and, finally, one is taking place at the swimming pool and, to be honest, it's my favourite of these three. There is more action in this one, more seduction... it's worth to download almost only to hear the girl saying "You like them, don't you?"...talking about her feet of course. Priceless :-)

The scene from the british Tv Series "My Family" is one of those funny and classic "who's playing footsies with me?" scenes. I don't want to spoil it to you, but let's just say that there are two couples at a table...and a man doesn't really know who's playing footsies with him!

Online also the italian version of "Darla's Game", by COL. Who made the translation? Nyllady of course...and she enjoyed the story too ;-)

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Foot fetish pictures? Yes, finally!

It was too long since i've put some new pictures... so...after a long time, a big update to the Footsie Pictures section. Here's the number of new photos for each category: 6 in Amateur & Candids, 5 in Celebrities, 121 in Comics & Draws, 3 in Magazines & Books and 15 in Professional Photos... is it enough?

Online also the scene from "Hotel Erotica - Sensual Escapes": surely a hot one! A woman is sitting at the table with a man and, while they talk, she starts rubbing her naked foot on his crotch.

The one from the "Record newspaper" advert is instead quite funny. In a few words, a guy has to go to the toilet...he then finds out that there is not toilet paper, but to avoid using the Record newspaper he removes his socks... his girlfriend plays footsies with him, and she notices the absence of socks.

Then, online the fantastic candid video from Newland. He uses a really clever (and somehow easy) tecnique: he leaves the camera on the floor, with infrared on... and that's how he captured the amazing dipping of his friend Xandra!

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Alessia Merz and Diane Kruger teasing in a shoe store!

This update is almost totally dedicated to scenes taking place in a shoe store...one of the places where i'm sure many of us would like to work....

The first is one of my favourite scenes, the one from "Cornetti Al Miele" with the italian cock teaser Alessia Merz, now finally online in DVD quality. In this scene Alessia enters a shoe store to buy a new pair of boots. She points them to the salesman, removes her boots and, when he comes back with the new ones she spreads her legs in front of him and, saying "Is everything ok?" she puts her foot (in black pantyhose) on his face. Hot as hell!

The other scene is the one from "Wicker Park". This time the actress is Diane Kruger, that enters the shoe store to find a new pair of high heel shoes. The salesman is in a lot of troubles and she notices him. So she presses her foot on his knee while he's opening the box, teasing him.

Online also the second candid video that Tomi, from the forum, allowed me to put online. This time it's the video of an incredible dipper! This girl is standing at the side of a car and she just can't stop dipping on her high heel shoe...she's wearing hose too and the scene is really great!

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Footsie from a teenager, from a girl and from a lady...we got all this week!

Well, here we are at another update. Sogfile posted on the forum some days ago the nice footsie under the table scene from "Blind Dating". Well, thanks to this i've found a higher quality version of that scene. A guy is at dinner with a girl, for a blind date. She removes her shoe and starts rubbing his calf with her naked foot, going further up. He then stops her foot with his hand.

The double footsie from the film "Paranoia" had been discovered by Babylove, on YouTube. I've found the movie and managed to get the scene. The scene starts with a man and two women sitting at the table, having dinner. The man starts playing footsies with the girl at his left and, after that, the woman at her left does the same to her! Weird? Exciting? You decide :-)

And now with the hottest scene in this update (at least in my opinion): the one from the italian film "La Seduzione", that Tyson wrote me about a while ago. A man comes back home, looking for his wife, but she's not there. While walking in he notices her daughter (which is not his daughter) sitting on the couch reading. So he decides to sit at her side. As soon as he does this she removes her shoes (we get to see that clearly) and put her feet (wearing blue nylon socks) on his lap. She starts moving them, trying to tease him (later on they will have an affair)...so he starts caressing her legs... and after a while his wife comes back home, so the girl runs away. The actress is Jenny Tamburi, and although she's playing a 16 years old girl here, she was 21 at the time of the movie...so don't worry about her age guys and...just enjoy it!


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Footjob in an Anime movie, footsie in a porno one and...more!

Quite a lot of great things in this update, at least in my opinion :-)

Online the HOT scene from the porno movie "Infirmieres De Charme", thanks to Dimfeet. We see this nurse sitting on a desk and rubbing the man's crotch with her sexy foot. She's wearing suntan stockings and the scene couldn't be hotter! We also see the moment while she removes her shoe, which is a nice thing in every scene.

I didn't know if the footjob scene from the Anime movie "Virgin Auction" was of for the site. Is uncensored, so be in mind that you are going to see everything. I thought about it and, in the end, i thought that scenes like this on Anime movies are so rare...that it can't harm to put it on the site. The scene starts with the girl entering the room and sitting on a chair in front of this guy, who is naked and tied. She then forces him to ask her for a footjob and, when he does, she makes him cum.

Another great video from PoD comes in the Candid & Posed section of the site. His girlfriend this time dangles her shoe while they are in the car...and i have to admit, she is really clever with that dangling!

Last but not least... my wife. That day when we recorded the last three videos you saw, we also took quite a lot of photos. Some of them are good, some are not...but we decided to put them all online for you to see and judge them. They are half with RHT stockings and half with naked feet (shoes on) so... something for everyone. There are also two photos we took a while ago, on my wife's car. In those photos she's wearing black pantyhose with red boots. Please...let her know what you think about them!

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Anna Falchi and Edwige Fenech foot seduction scenes!

In today's update on "Feet Under The Table" first of all online a nice scene from the italian TV movie "Piper", starring the gorgeous Anna Flachi. She makes a strip tease in front of a man and, while doing it, she puts her foot twice on his knee. Not that much as a footsie but...believe me...the scene is worth to be watched!

Online also a quite good scene with the fantastic Edwige Fenech in "Giovannona Long-Thigh" where she plays footsie under the table with a woman thinking she's doing it to the man in front of her. Too bad she doesn't remove her shoes...but still... she gaves us great looks on her face.

The first candid video that Tomi, from the forum, allowed me to put online is on the site as well. He has been posting pictures from his (amazing) videos since a while and, to my great happiness, he allowed me to post some of his videos here. In this one we see a girl, at a car show, popping out and dipping in her shoes. She's wearing suntan hose... and oh boy.. she moves so nicely those toes...

Nyllady translated two stories from italian to english, and i'm sure you'll all like them. I especially like "The Silvia's Shoes"...i've always liked that story, especially the first part of it...

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Mareva Galanter footsie scene...and much more!

Some really great scenes in this update... first of all, the one from "Young, Beautiful And Screw Up", where we don't see that much but we get a fantastic view of Mareva Galanter's sexy expression while she's playing footsies with the guy at her left side.

Online also the two scenes from the chinese tv series "Foolish Commander" (this is not the actual title, just the literal translation i got, hope it's correct!). In the first scene we see this hot dark haired woman playing footsies under the table to a man, while other women are at the same table. The second footsie scene takes place in another situation instead, with the woman doing that while sitting on the man's leg. Thanks to Geehot for these scenes!

Online also a new candid video from HSP: "Walking Shoeless In Hosed Feet"...as the title say, in this video we see how women can proudly walk without shoes but with hose on... at least where HSP lives! :-)

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Nyllady's rubbing nyllover's crotch...and some footsie

Yes, this update is mainly focused on my wife... i'm sure you can understand me :-)
We made three videos (and some pictures, that will come later) about a month ago and, although i've put them on the forum, i still didn't put them on the website. So they are online here now.

In the first one, i'm removing her shoes. This one didn't come out really well, we didn't choose a good angle for the camera... in the second one she puts on the new RHT stockings we bought. In the video's page you'll also find a link to the shop where we bought them, really a good and cheap shop. The final video is a little bit more..."hot", and that's why YouTube deleted it after a few hours we put it there. My wife rubs my crotch with her hosed feet...and... she is quite clever, i can assure you! As always, don't be shy to let her know what you think of her videos... she likes to read your comments!

Online also the footsie scene from the italian Tv series "Love Bugs" (that already gave us a scene with Michelle Hunziker in the first series). This time we see Giorgia Surina dancing with Emilio Soffrizzi and playing footsies with him. She is wearing open toes high heel shoes and really dark pantyhose. During the scene she also moves her toes a lot...quite nice!

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New review style on The Fetish Expo

Today, with the new Pantyhose Colors review, i'm starting to use a new style for all the reviews that will appear on The Fetish Expo (and i'll update the old ones too).
You can find a box with a summary of the main aspects of the website (type, number of bonus sites, membership cost) and the review itself is divided in three different topics (Content, Navigation and Cost).

I hope this will help you even more in your... fetish website's shopping!

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A LOT of foot fetish...

So here we are...back to normal updates. Sorry guys for the long absence, but first it was because of a trip to Barcelona, then because of a change on my ISP...anyway, i'm back now :-)

First of all, online the four scenes from the fetish movie "Nymphos In Nylons". A man is in his psychologist (who "happens" to be the gorgeous Dillan Lauren) studio, for a session. In the first scene, she starts rubbing his crotch with her shoes on. Then, in the second scene (this is hardcore), she goes on doing that but sitting on his legs and opening her legs (crotchless pantyhose). Well, they start having sex, and in the third scene she puts her foot on his crotch while he is standing. In the last scene she rubs his crotch with her foot while he is sucking her other one. I normally don't put scenes from hardcore movies, but i thought this one was pretty hot and, at the same time, not the classic "rush to have sex"...besides... this is a foot fetish movie...and a great one i have to admit!

Online also the nice (but short) scene from the tv series "Turks". Two couples are having lunch, and one of the two women rubs the other woman's man calf with her open toes shoe (she is wearing nylons too). Not that bad at all, thanks a lot to larlibra for this one.

It is with great pleasure that today i welcome PoD in the Candid & Posed section of the site. His girlfriend really knows how to dangle a shoe, and in this first video she shows us a really really nice dangling with black pumps and hose. Thank you PoD for letting me put it here!

Just to let you all know, i've also changed the website main font and color (i think now it's easier to read, let me know) and, more important to me, i've also made some big changed in my wife's page.

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Website updates

Guys, i am changing internet provider here at home and, due to the BAD italian way of handling these things, i won't be able to update the site for a while (hopefully not more than 2 weeks).
Bare with me please!

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Four days in Barcelona

Guys, me and my wife are going to spend four days in the beautiful Barcelona. We are leaving tomorrow morning and coming back tuesday.

So there won't be any update this weekend, i'll try to make up to you with a bigger update next weekend or a small update during half of next week.

Who knows...maybe we'll meet some of the people from Amateur Spanish Feet ? :-D

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Footsie scene in Mandingo and...lots of shoeplay!

Here's what's new in today's update! As it usually happens when it comes to hard to find scenes, we need to thank Feeture for finding the scene from "Mandingo". The footsie action is quite a lot, the only down side of it is that it happens in the background of the scene. So take your eyes on the girl in the left part of the screen...as her feet play a lot with the guy sitting in front of her!

Online also the last two parts of the lates Fabio's candid shoeplay video, the one with the lady on the phone dangling her high heel shoes. In part 2 and 3 we see a lot of shoeplay action, and her pantyhose only make it better!

One last thing before closing this updated... i've made a little change in "The Fetish Expo". There were starting to be too many websites there to list them all on a single page, so now you'll find links to multiple pages there, for an easier and faster navigation through all of them.

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Dru Berrymore plays footsies...

In today's update of "Feet Under The Table", thanks to Feeture, online the scene from "The Best Sex Ever", with Dru Berrymore trying to tease a guy while they are sitting on the couch. He doesn't listen to her teasing...perhaps because she has some ugly gray socks on? :-)

Online also a higher quality version of the old scene from "The Ace Of Hearts" (thanks to Babylove). Thanks to this higher resolution, we can now see better what the woman is wearing...and those look like RHT stockings to me...what do you think?

After some months, and update to the Stories section. First of all, i really want to thank Marco Alessi for writing a book dedicating it to me and my wife. The story is in italian, and you can read the first chapter online. If you want to read the whole book, download the PDF file. It's free. Of course...if you know italian ;-) Online also three more chapters from the story "Amber", by Aaron Martin: a really really nice story as well!

You can also find on this update another fantastic candid shoeplay video by HSP. It's called "Pink Shoes Dipping" and it features and asian lady making a lot of dipping action while shopping. She's wearing hose too...a really great combination! Hose + Pink Shoes + Shoeplay!

That's all folks... hope you enjoy this update as much as i did ;-)

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Footsies and foot massage...under the table!

So yes, here we are to a new update of "Feet Under The Table". First of all, online the nice scene from the TV Series "Medium", with a hot Perrey Reeves that does a really classic footsie under the table to a man...without any luck actually. She's not wearing any kind of hose so... naked foot fans will be happy :-)

Then, from the italian movie "Metti Una Sera A Cena", a somehow disappointing scene. It's quite clear and evident that there is footsie going on under that table (and they actually speaks about it too), but we never get to see it! All we see is a couple of foot massages...still nice thing to see ok, but the director really didn't make us any gift! In any case, Florinda Bolkan is always a fantastic woman to look at ;-)

Finally, regarding candid shoeplay videos...a new one from Fabio. This time he shows us a lady dangling her pump while talking on the phone. She's wearing some really cool pantyhose too... pantyhosed feet and dangling high heels, it doesn't get any better than this!

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Julia Roberts uses her feet to seduce!

I don't know HOW i missed this scene before, especially because me and my wife are big fans of the TV series Friends. Anyway, in these days we were watching again the whole series and we saw an episode of Series 2 that has Julia Roberts as guest star and... she DOES use her foot in a seductive way! She's hugging her boyfriend (Matthew Perry) inside a public bathroom and she rubs her naked foot on his calf asking him to remove his clothes.

Online also a really nice scene taken from an italian porno movie, "Novecento Erotico". We first saw this scene from YouTube, after Jay posted the link to it in the Forum. Well, i managed to find a much better quality version of that scene so...go and enjoy it!

And as always, let's add some candid shoeplay to this update!
One of the most active members in the forum, Sogfile, just recently showed in the Forum his first candid shoeplay video... and it's with pleasure and honour that i put it in the main site. It's called "Shoeplay With Brown Shoes": a lady sitting outside just can't keep the foot inside her brown high heeled shoes!

Ah... by the way... if you still didn't, check out the interview i finally made with Melanie, of Only Melanie . I'm sure you'll enjoy that as much as i did... ;-)

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Foot fetish interview with the beautiful and sexy Melanie

I love the fact that more and more models are starting to agree for an interview on "The Fetish Expo"...and i'm more than happy to finally have Melanie's interview here! It wasn't easy, as Melanie is a really busy girl, but i guess that when Carla answered my questions, she saw it (they work for the same company) and agreed... well, good! So here it is guys...enjoy the beauty of Melanie, from Only Melanie!

What size shoe do you wear?
I am only 5'3" so have small feet at a size 3. Though in some shoes I can be either a 2 or 4!

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe, and if so what is it and why?
Most of the time you will find me in either sandals or trainers just lazing around, but if I am out for a night you can't beat a sexy pair of high heels!

When you are at home, do you wear slippers? What kind?
Yes I have a pair of pink fluffy slippers - they are soooo comfy if I have been modelling and on my feet all day.

Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and if so what style/brand? Any favourite color?
I adore wearing stockings, and have worn them since I was about 17. My favourite type is pure silk stockings, but they cost a fortune so I only wear these on special occassions. For everyday wear I usually prefer Falke or Levante, or sometime Jonathan Aston as they are cheap. As for tights I sometimes wear them in the winter when its cold, and I do find some of the Wolford Opaques are nice and snug and warm and do feel good

Do you also like to wear socks? And if so, what color do you prefer?
I wear trainer socks with my trainers. And only colours to match the trainers of course - us models do have standards to keep you know :) so this usually means white or pale pink

Are you familiar with foot and/or shoe fetishism, and if so, how were you introduced to it? Ever dated a foot fetishist? What was it like for you?
I am familiar with foot fetishism, and I am aware of shoe fetishes through the modelling work. I do get asked a lot on shoots to wear high heels, or those lapdancing type "porn" shoes as I like to call them :). I have never dated a proper foot worshiper, although I did have one ex who loved to play and suck on my toes.

Do you have a preferred method of having your feet pampered? (e.g. massage, pedicure, oral worship)
I love having my feet massaged, although the bottom of my feet are very ticklish !! As said above one ex liked to suck my toes, and it was nice if he did it without tickling my feet

Are you familar with the term "shoeplay", and if so do engage in shoeplay when you're out in public?
I think subconciously many women use shoeplay to attract the opposite sex. I know I have done this on occassions to play with shoes, or dangle on my feet, its a good way to get someones attention, especially as I like to think I have good legs!

In keeping with the theme of our website, have you ever teased a man under the table with your feet? We'd be particularly interested in hearing about any time you've done that when other people are also sitting at the table.
I did this once on a train, where my b/f was sitting opposite me, and I teased him under the table for ages, there were lots of people around but no-one noticed, or if they did they didnt say anything or let on :)

Is there any scene that you remember from a movie or a tv show where there is a woman that uses her feet to seduce a man?
I can't recall anything like that I'm afraid.

What other foot related sexual activities have you tried, if any (e.g. foot worship, pedal pumping, footjobs) and what did you think about that?
OK we've all tried a footjob :) and yes it was fun. But I am lost as to what pedal pumping is??

Any advice for men who want to reveal their foot fetish to their lover?
Go for it, anything different sexually can often revive or enhance a relationship.

So what did you think about it guys? I think she's REALLY sexy and knows what to do with men... anyway, if you want to read her website's review and have access to FREE picture and movie galleries, don't forget to check her page on The Fetish Expo.

To comment this interview, use this thread in the forum.

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Tired feet candid videos and...footsie videos of course!

The title of this message says it all...that's, mainly, what's new today at "Feet Under The Table".

Firse of all, online the scene from the 1966 film "The Face Of Another". Is a rather long footsie scene and, although it's the man who starts it, the woman involved surely takes part in it later on. Camera is totally under the table, so we get to see al the action down there. Pity she doesn't remove her shoe but...it's 1966!
The other footsie (or sort of) scene online from today is the one from "Barnie Et Ses Petites Contrarietes": indeed a nice one. This woman is laying on the bed and, while talking to the man, she starts teasing him on his face with her naked foot.. quick but nice!

Coming to candid shoeplay videos... some more from The King Of Asia: HSP! The first video is called "Tired And Sore Hosed Feet": after a long day shopping, every girl would just like to kick her high heels out and remain shoeless...and that's what she does, including some stretch to her poor toes! The second video is somehow similar...is called "Hose Stretch" and we see this woman who, while sitting, removes her flil flops and starts fixing her hose on her toes... anyone wants to help her?

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Monica Bellucci first foot seduction scene!

More or less, the Monica Bellucci first foot seduction scene is the main attraction of this update... ah, before i forget, if you still didn't, go and read the interview i made to Carla, of "Only Carla". She is gorgeous and she is also quite...naughty, you'll see what i mean!
Now, talking about the update, online one of the most crowded scens ever! It's from the movie "The Temptress"...and there is a whole table playing footsies under the table!

Then...Monica Bellucci makes her entrance in "Feet Under The Table"! She is the star of the scene from "N (Me & Napoleon)", where she teases a guy who is having a bath with her by touching him in his face with her foot. Not the kind of scene we always dreamed about with her as a star but...still... it's the beginning... i hope!

Once again, some candid videos from Fabio! One is called "Hosed Toes Missing Shoes And Moving" and it's the sequel of the last week similar one...the girl starts curling her toes! The other one is called "Shoe Removal In The Dark "...and it features a sitting lady removing her shoes behind a desk (after some shoeplay of course). The scene is quite dark...but it's still worth to have a look at, believe me!

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My interview with the gorgeous Carla!

Well guys... i'm very excited to introduce you the interview with Carla, the gorgeous model from "Only Carla"!

What size shoe do you wear?
I am a small size 3 (UK size not sure what this means to Americans!!)

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe, and if so what is it and why?
I love high heels, as I am only a small 5'2" nice high heels give me some height and also accentuate the calfs.

When you are at home, do you wear slippers? What kind?
No I am normally bare feet at home

Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and if so what style/brand? Any favourite color?
I do like both, depending on the occassion. If its cold my favourites are warm opaque tights, 100 denier, or if I want to be sexy for a man, or if going out for a special night, I love black stockings (my favourite brand are Gerbe).

Do you also like to wear socks? And if so, what color do you prefer?
I do wear socks with boots, but must admit don't care what colour as no-one ever sees them under the boots

Are you familiar with foot and/or shoe fetishism, and if so, how were you introduced to it? Ever dated a foot fetishist? What was it like for you?
I did have one boyfriend that loved to lick my toes - that was a bit strange at first, but did grow to love it

Do you have a preferred method of having your feet pampered? (e.g. massage, pedicure, oral worship)
I do have pedicures a lot, but in the bedroom I do enjoy now oral worship as you call it :)

Are you familar with the term "shoeplay", and if so do engage in shoeplay when you're out in public?
I have done this before, but it is more of a case of using shoe play to flash a bit of stocking whilst out - I can be a bit of an exhibisionist.

In keeping with the theme of our website, have you ever teased a man under the table with your feet? We'd be particularly interested in hearing about any time you've done that when other people are also sitting at the table.
Yes I have done this before a few times. Last time was in a resturant with about 6 friends and my boyfriend at the time. I was wearing a very classy evening dress (about knee length and very sexy) with black patent high heels and black stockings and suspenders. I was feeling very naughty, went to the loo and removed my panties. I came back to the table then started playing with my b/f's bulge under the table with my feet. He got VERY aroused, and started reciprocating with his feet (and remember I had no knickers on). It was very nearly a Harry Met Sally moment in the restaurant. Needless to say we had to leave the meal early and had a fantastic night in bed afterwards. And my stockings and high heels stayed on in the bedroom as well.

Is there any scene that you remember from a movie or a tv show where there is a woman that uses her feet to seduce a man?
I can't say I can recall anything like this.

What other foot related sexual activities have you tried, if any (e.g. foot worship, pedal pumping, footjobs) and what did you think about that?
Apart from foot worship, I have given a few stocking footjobs, and guys just love them.

Any advice for men who want to reveal their foot fetish to their lover?
Tell them, if you are in a comfortable relationship you should be able to tell your partner all your fantasies.

So that was it... i really enjoyed the answers she gave me, especially the one about her playing footsies with her boyfriend...quite hot! Anyway... if you want to know more about her website, be sure to read the review in "The Fetish Expo", where you will also find eight picture galleries and four video galleries!
And if you want to discuss this interview, go to this thread of the forum.

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Foot on face, footsie under the table and candid hosed feet!

Quite a big update today on "Feet Under The Table"!
First of all, online another scene from "May Wine", starring Lara Flynn Boyle. This is a hotter one: she is in the car with a man, wearing skirt, black pantyhose and high heels. While they are talking she starts teasing him with her foot (shoes on), putting it on his chest, on his face... she ends up having some...trouble, but the first part of the scene is really hot!
Thanks to Larlibra007, online also the nice scene from the TV series "Black Tie Nights". They are sitting at the table one in front of the other and she starts playing footsies with him under the table....

Speaking about candid videos... online a new one from Fabio, called "Hosed Toes Missing Shoes"... go and see it because it's a really good one!
Also online a new video from HSP, called "Dining Hostess": at the airport dining place, a hostess is having lunch without a shoe on and...she's somehow playing footsies with the table...

Before leaving you to the update, i'm pleased to announce that the italian website Club Rosso just put online a complete (and really good one) review of Feet Under The Table!

By the way....keep an eye on "The Fetish Expo" because there will soon be a new interview and a review online.... ever seen Only Carla website?

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Foot on crotch in the metro and...candid shoeplay!

Well... as i told you in the edit of my last message here in the blog, in the end we didn't go to Cinque Terre...so.. here we are with a new update of Feet Under The Table.

Thanks to OkMerlin, our "classic porno movie expert", we have a new scene from the german film "Oeffentlich Zur Schau Gestellt". The scene is quite surreal, as i don't think it could happen easily... in the metro, there is just a guy and a hot girl. She gets up, sits in front of him, open her legs...and start to move her nyloned foot over his crotch. Surreal but... hot indeed!

Then i've put online the scene from the film "May Wine". This one is instead a little bit too "soft" maybe. This girl (Lara Flynn Boyle) is laying down under the sun, with a guy to her side. They are talking and she starts rubbing his calf with her naked foot.

Also online two new candid shoeplay videos from Fabio, this time from an italian expo: Grafitalia. The first one features a girl doing some heelpop and some dangling with a ballerina shoe, in the second one a girl is keeping her shoe on just with the top of her toes.

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Next update will be delayed

Sorry guys...just want to inform you that the next update on "Feet Under The Table" will be delayed.

Why? Because me and my wife are going to spent four days (from tomorrow till sunday) in the fabulous Cinque Terre!

I don't know when i'll update the site... but in any case...expect a new update during next week!

Edit of 12th April 2007
We won't go anywhere guys...i have a bad flu! :-(

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Salma Hayek's feet and...candid shoeplay!

Quite a big update this week on "Feet Under The Table"!
First of all, thanks to Babylove, an higher quality version of the nice footsie scene from Start Trek Enterprise episode "Stigma". We see this alien lady playing footsies with a guy...she's wearing pantyhose too. We already had a high quality version of this scene, but it was in German. This one is a little bit higher quality, in English and longer soo... if you are collecting footsie scenes... this is a must have!
Online also the highest quality video we EVER had online! It's from one of the best foot fetish scenes in a Quentin Tarantino movie: "From Dusk Till Dawn", where the hot Salma Hayek puts her naked foot into his mouth to let him drink from it. Fantastic scene! And now we have it at a SUPER quality! The resolution is 1024x576! A really really big one! We get to see everything in detail and we see the WHOLE scene, since she gets on stage!

A new video master in the Candid & Posed section: Fabio! For his first time on the site (actually he sent me these files a long time ago... but i hope he will understand that i'm quite busy...) he gives us four candid shoeplay videos taken outside...in Italy of course! All of them without hose but... some really really hot ones! I especially like the one about the restless shoeplayer... you'll see why!

One last thing...it's a really new thing, but i hope it will develop in something big... Nyllady started the "Piedi Di Donna" group on YouTube. Who will be part of it? Italian women who wants to show their feet of course! Right now there are just two members, Nyllady and Lory (of Lory's Feet)... if you are an italian woman and want to join it...just get in touch with us!

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Feet on crotch and candid shoeplay!

Here we are with a new update! Thanks to Larlibra007, online a much higher quality version of the nice scene from "Felicity". It was "The Stork" till today, but Larlibra told me that it was a wrong name. Anyway...the scene is not that bad at all... this blond girl puts her foot stright into the man's crotch while they are talking during a meal.

Online also the scene from "Testosterone". I'm not totally sure about the name of the film, i hope someone can help me with that. Anyway... a guy is having breakfast and an old lady is sitting at his side and talking to him. Meanwhile two HOT girls (a blonde and a brunette) tease him under the table with their feet.... niiice situation!

Once again, HSP gives us another one of his fantastc candid videos. This time is "All In A Meal", featuring a fantastic shoeplay by a woman wearing black hose and black shoes. She does everything! Dipping, danling, heel pop, play with her shoe...really a fantastic video!

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Interview with Natasha, Office Girls' model

After the interview with Jess, published about a month ago, here i am with a new interview to a model of an adult site.
This is the time of Natasha, model in Office Girls and owner of Addicted To Feet.

What size shoe do you wear?
uk size 4.5

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe, and if so what is it and why?
stiletto - black patent leather with 5 inch spike heel

When you are at home, do you wear slippers? What kind?
yes i do, i wear slippers that have a 2 inch heel with fur across the toe (like mules/slides)

Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and if so what style/brand? Any favourite color?
i wear both pantyhose and stockings nearly every day of my life. my favourite pantyhose are wolford fatal 15's in black or white my favourite stockings are copper or black fully fashioned cuban heel seamed stockings made of silk

Do you also like to wear socks? And if so, what color do you prefer?
yes i wear socks to the gym, white ankle socks

Are you familiar with foot and/or shoe fetishism, and if so, how were you introduced to it? Ever dated a foot fetishist? What was it like for you?
yes i am, i have my own site in Addicted To Feet - i love high heels and also to be tied up and tickled on my soles, i am married to a foot fetishist, and love giving nylon foot jobs. i adore the attention my feet get.

Do you have a preferred method of having your feet pampered? (e.g. massage, pedicure, oral worship)
oral worhip is good. i like to wear stockings or pantyhose for a full day so they are scented and smelly and have marks off my shoes on them, then slip off my shoes and have a wet tongue all over my soles, heels, and in between my toes.

Are you familar with the term "shoeplay", and if so do engage in shoeplay when you're out in public?
yes i like to tease by dangling my spike heels if i am sitting in a restaurant and i can see a guy looking over at my legs and feet, i like guys to see the reinforced area of my stockings on my ankles and heels.

In keeping with the theme of our website, have you ever teased a man under the table with your feet? We'd be particularly interested in hearing about any time you've done that when other people are also sitting at the table.
yes, agaim, at restaurants i like to shoe dangle, let my shoe fall off and treat guys to great views of my feet and soles. i have also given a few guys foot jobs under tables in restaurants and once in a nightclub with my pantyhose feet, which results in my feet getting covered in thick cum.

Is there any scene that you remember from a movie or a tv show where there is a woman that uses her feet to seduce a man?
i do not really recall one, although i have seen it many times in porn films where women give footjobs.

What other foot related sexual activities have you tried, if any (e.g. foot worship, pedal pumping, footjobs) and what did you think about that?
because i run my own site, Addicted To Feet, i cover all aspects of foot fetish - squashing food, foot worship, trampling, pedal pumping, shoe dangling, nylon related, bare feet, dirty feet, pissing down my legs and feet, everything....!!!!

Any advice for men who want to reveal their foot fetish to their lover?
go for it, most women are keen to please their man, its great to start something soft and not to perverse, and build the relationship from there, the pleasure will become more intense for both of you.

And now, use this topic of the forum to make your comments about the interview!

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Two new footsie scenes...and two interviews!

These are the main things about this update: two new footsie scenes and two new interviews coming soon...
First of all, thanks to Larlibra007, a really nice under the table footsies from "Mile High", and english Tv Series. This hot brunette uses her naked foot to convince the man opposite to her about something... she said "i will be really thankful".... is there a better way to use feet? Then, another footsie under the table scene from the tv series "Asi Es La Vida", that already gave us a scene. We see this hot woman teasing the man sits opposite her during a meal, while other people are there. Not that bad at all!

As i promised, i sent the questions of the interview to Melanie of OnlyMelanie...but while i sent her those questions, another model agreed for an interview!
Natasha from OfficeGirls will be the next one to be interviewed! I've sent her the questions already as well so... be ready for a couple of interviews!
On a side note, if you want to see more about Melanie and Natasha... remember that both of their sites are present in "The Fetish Expo", with eight free picture galleries and a complete review of their sites.
One last thing, i've fixed a couple of links to Nyllady's videos. They were still on the old Rapidshare site, so they had been deleted. Now every video is available for download.

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Footsies, shoeplay and...another exclusive interview!

Quite a big update today! First of all, a quick but sweet scene from the 1927 Alfred Hitchcock movie "Downhill". A man and a girl are standing side by side...she touches his foot with hers. Shoes on of course...we are in 1927!

Then, thanks to Babylove, a DVD quality version of one of the best scenes here on the site: "Ridicule". This scene has everything: shoe removal, plenty of people at the table with them, long foot seduction that starts from calf and ends into the crotch...no wonder you gave it a rate higher than 8!

Coming to the shoeplay side of this update...four new videos from Ele and Robin Upward. So be ready for more shoeplay, dipping, hosed feet and a few dangling from Ele!

And finally...do you remember the interview i made about a month ago to Jess of JessUK? Well, as i promised, i'm trying to get interviews with other models as well and Melanie of OnlyMelanie agreed for one!
I'll send the interview during next week, so you have just a few days to think about some questions you would like to ask her. Go here in the forum and add your questions!
Ah... she also sent me an exclusive (short) preview of one of her videos... you can see it there in the forum!

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New footsie videos!

Two footsie videos in this week's update of "Feet Under The Table". The scene from the "Disaronno" advert is surely a hot one. We see a woman playing footsies with another woman while waiting for their drink at the bar...they are both wearing suntan hose... boy that's hot! Online also a DVD quality version of the scene from "The Underneath". This is another DVD i decided to buy on Amazon with the gift certificate i got from last year's support you guys showed by shopping there. If you don't remember the scene, there is this hot blond sitting in the car with a guy. They are in a parking and he's talking... she starts to massage his crotch with her foot in a really really hot way. In the end of the scene (and this part was not on the video we had previously online) she takes a note from a bag just with her foot.

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New stories and...a lot of shoeplay!

Today's update of "Feet Under The Table" has just one footsie video, the not so good scene from "The Merry Wife 2" (where we get more excitement by the look in the woman's face than by what she's doing under the table). Yes, just one footsie video but... i think it's a great update!
First of all, after more than one year, an update to the "Stories" section...i know many of you would like that section to be updated more often...i know :-) This time, five stories in english and three in italian. As always, any help with the translation would be much appreciated...

Then, a new, short video me and my wife made while in a shoe store. She always likes to model some shoes for me, especially if they are open toes ones and if she's wearing pantyhose...

And...to give you all something more, four new videos from Ele and Robin Upward (this time black pumps and black hose!) and a new video from HSP: a preview video he made for "Feet Under The Table" of a longer video he is selling in his Clips4Sale store. It's called "Shoeplay Queen"...and you'll see how right this name is when you'll check the video!
Is all this enough as an update? I hope so!

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Some of the hottest footsies under the table scenes!

Finally, an update with classic footsie under the table scenes! Thanks to Larlibra007 online the really nice scene from "Discretion Assured". A woman plays footsies to a guy during a lunch, he tries to stop her and she goes on. Too bad we don't get to see her foot...but we get a clear view of her movements and of her beautiful legs!

As i told you many times, each time you buy something on Amazon (following one of the links provided around the site) i get a little bit of money (about 0.5% of what you spend). That money get paid to me in the form of a Gift Certificate. With the money of last year i decided to buy the DVD of "The Last Seduction 2". That is, in my opinion, one of the BEST scenes ever. The only thing we don't see is when she removes her shoe, other than that...we see a lot. Joan Severance is a hot woman, and having her at the table with you, dressed in black (stockings included), lighting a cigarette while playing footsies with you... do i have to go on? If you still didn't know this scene, go and download it...and if you saw this scene before...download this version, as you'll see it in a fantastic full screen quality!

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Alyssa Milano's feet...

Yes that's the main "event" of this week's update on "Feet Under The Table": for the first time we have a foot seduction scene with Alyssa Milano! In the film "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" she puts her naked foot on a guy's chest, looking at him in a really HOT way... not that bad at all!
Other than that, from the film "The Ranch", online two scenes. A nice one with a footsie in the water and a quick (really quick) one with a...well it's footsie, although made with snickers on... not that sexy to be honest ;-)
Finally, if you still didn't, go here and read the interview i made to Jess, from JessUK. She was really nice in answering all the questions i made her (suggested by members of the forum)! You can also read the review of her site and see some free photo sets from her site in "The Fetish Expo".

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Foot scene from a porno and.. Drew Barrimore

In today's update of "Feet Under The Table", first of all from the hardcore movie "Sandy's Girls 3", a classic footsie at the table scene. The girls has naked feet and, after putting her foot on the guy's crotch, she starts touching her breast...and show it to the guy. Then, thanks to Babylove, online a higher quality version of the scene from "Poison Ivy" with a really hot Drew Barrimore that pushes her foot into Tom Skerritt crotch. She has a really hot red dress, black stockings and black pumps...nice!

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Footsie, footjob and a nice massage!

That, in a few words, is what this update of "Feet Under The Table" is all about. First of all, the scene from the "Das Französische Frühstück" is one of those scenes that are going to be remembered. It's from a hardcore movie. This bride is having lunch with her husband. She starts playing footsies with him under the table at first, then she pushes his foot in her crotch and he plays a little with her like that and, to end all, she gives him a footjob (she's wearing white stockings). You can download three versions of the scene: the first part (the footsies), the second part (hardcore part) and the full scene. Just have a look at the name of the files, and you'll know which one to download.
Online also a video me and my wife made a few days ago (as i wrote in the blog and in the forum). We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and, as it often happens, i started giving her a foot massage. This time we decided to record it... or at least to record a small part of it, as the foot massage went on for about an hour :-) So, in this page, you'll find two versions of the same video, one smaller (something like "the best of") of about 6 minutes, and one bigger, of 13 minutes. Hope you'll like it...

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Footsie scenes and candid hosed feet!

In this update of "Feet Under The Table", thanks to Stercoraro of the "Celebrity Dream Feet Forum", it's online the scene from the italian film "Commediasexi". It shows a beautiful woman (Elena Santarelli) that is having a bath with her man (Paolo Bonolis). She puts her foot in his face and start teasing him, then he takes her thumb in his mouth. Then, from the asian film "Art Of Seduction" a quick scene in the car. A woman seduces a man sitting at her side in the back of the car with her naked foot.
Also online another incredible video from HSP. This time he shows us a candid video of his girlfriend. They are waiting to board, at the airport, and she has kicked off her shoes! She has white pantyhose and a mini skirt on... and we see a lot... REALLY a lot! First some upskirt, then she streaches her fingers, then she puts one shoe back on playing a bit with it, then she wakes up and put the other shoe on...I bet everyone of you would love to have a girlfriend like her!
Finally, i want to let you all know that i've reorganized a little bit the "Candid & Posed" videos section. There were way too many "Various" videos, so i added some more categories like "At Home", "At The Airport", "At The Mall", "At The Train Station", "In The Office" and "Outside". I hope this will be useful for those people who are quite new to that section, and need to be guided a little bit to enjoy all those videos...now more than 230!!!

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Forum news

Today i decided to reorganize the forum a bit. Now the "Using feet to seduce" and "Foot Fetish" sections have one "Pictures & Videos" forum each. These are the same forums that were previously under the "Pictures & Videos" section that now has just the "Live & Candid" and the "Celebrities" forums. I moved them in the hope of making more clear what have to go where.

Another change is at the top of the forum. Now the very first section you see is "Feet Under The Table". Inside there you can find "Forum Rules", "News", "Comments / Suggestions" and "Help". In a few words, everything regarding the website and the forum is there.

I think in this way the forum has a better way of presenting everything, let me know what you think! ;-)

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Two footsie videos...and some photos by Nyllady

In this update of "Feet Under The Table", online a quite hot scene from "The Quiet". I don't exactly know the plot of this movie, but from the little i could understand it seems that this blonde girl is playing footsies with her father (or so i understood). Some may find it really hot, some may find it disgusting..to each his own... but it's a footsie, even if brief and if she keeps her shoes on! Also online another footsie scene from the italian tv series "Vivere". This time it's a much more classic footsie at the table. although she doesn't remove her shoe. And finally... some various photos from Nyllady. Me and my wife found suddenly realised that there were some photos that we never put online so...here they are. They are of various kind... some even at the seaside! As always...let her know if you liked them ;-)

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Footsie scenes and a candid video...

So yes...this is the first update of 2007! Online the surely nice scene from "The Fall Guy" where a hot blonde dressed completely in red (shoes included) and tan pantyhose plays footsies with the guy sitting in front of her. In "Ugly Betty" there is this blonde who is trying to make the same thing with the guy sitting at her side but...she has far less results. Maybe because she doesn't remove her shoe? ;-)

Then, once again, a great candid video from HSP. The title is "Hosed Toe Curls" and that what this lady does with her foot... just sit back and enjoy it guys!

Since today the main page of the website displays the last 8 updated messages from the Forum. It was about time to give more importance to your fantastic posts guys!
Another new thing is the links page: after a long time giving a chance to top lists as a way to exchange links, i came to the conclusion that a list managed manually by me can be much more useful to people visiting the site. So i suggest you to go there and have a look every now and then... you'll find some interesting sites, i'm sure about it!

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The best videos of 2006

In the last update of 2006, a nice scene from "CSI: New York" where we see a woman teasing another woman (a detective) with her foot, ten new videos from Robin Upward's friend Ele and... the 2006 TOP VIDEOS of each category!
To make this list i've considered only those scenes that appeared on the site for the first time during this year, not scenes of which we got a better quality video during this year. I've also considered only those scenes that had at least 10 votes. Too bad i noticed just now that there was a problem in the voting system for adverts... but we got just two new adverts in 2006 so... they are both in this list! And if anyone had some doubts... the Candid & Posed section was dominated by RobinUpward, with his friend Ele, and HSP with all his fantastic videos.


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Merry Christmas and Happy 2007!

Me and my wife, Nyllady, want to wish everyone a warm Merry Christmas, and a fantastic 2007. We tried to make a video that could be a little bit connected to Christmas... let us know what you think of it!

Nyllover And Nyllady wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2007

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Shoeplay, red stockings and footsies

Quite a big update this weekend!
First of all, i've fixed the problem on the forum that was making impossible to register: now everything works fine, i'm sorry with anyone that tried to register in the last 10 days.
Coming to videos... well, the first mention goes to the new Nyllady's video: my wife always surprises me. Coming back home and looking at the video she made was a really nice surprise...i know, she isn't a natural shoeplayer...but i love the way she moves. Yes i know what you are saying now "of course you love her, you married her!" but well... take a look at the video and then tell her what you think. Regarding her videos... lately i was uploading them also to Blip.tv, to give you the chance to see the videos without downloading them. Blip.tv decided to delete all those videos...so i uploaded some of them to YouTube. To be updated everytime i add something new, subscribe to this page: http://www.youtube.com/nyllover
Needless to say, they already deleted a couple of those videos... saying that some YouTube member flagged them as "inappropriate content"... oh well... i hope they won't delete them all, otherwise you will loose the chance to see them without downloading them...

Then... the most incredible candid dangling video i've ever seen, by HSP of course. I thought that these things could happen only in a studio...but it seems HSP proved me wrong once again. That flight attendant plays with her shoe in a fantastic, incredible way...

Also online two new foot seduction scenes of course...to read about them you can check the main page of the site.

One last thing... The Fetish Expo. With the last update, you can now read there 32 reviews of some of the best foot fetish websites on the net and, on top of that, you have access to about 200 free picture and video sets from them. That's true, nearly 200 sets, for a total of more than 2000 free pictures.
Needless to say that, if you want to make yourself a Christmas present, a subscription to one of those sites is the best thing you can buy yourself...especially because, with that section of the site, you can actually "see what you get" before you buy anything... and you also help me covering the server costs. The trial membership to some of those sites is very cheap, in some cases just a 2$... and with those money you actually help "Feet Under The Table" to remain alive... think about it...

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High quality footsie videos

In this week's update of "Feet Under The Table" i've managed to put online a really high quality version of two of the best scenes of the entire site...i'm so happy about it!
First of all, one of my all time favourites: "Cornetti Al Miele", with the super sexy Alessia Merz. You all remember the scene...she enters a shoe store, sit down, remove her boots (she's wearing black pantyhose and a miniskirt) and when the man kneels down in front of her to help her...she puts a foot on his face telling him "I never wear panties when i go to buy new shoes...". Is there ANYONE of us who wouldn't love to be him?
Then...the longest scene on the entire website "Love Hotel All Service" (aka Pensione Amore Servizio Completo). A super classic footsie scene: she removes her shoe and starts rubbing his calf, he joins in so she goes up to his crotch and he does the same... all this while a woman to another table is looking at them!

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Dipping, dangling and heel popping...from HSP

Yes, once again HSP gives us a fantastic video: "One Shoe Off Behind The Counter" even if, to be honest, there are two shoes off there... one of a lady and one of another. So enjoy this candid video full of dipping, dangling, heel popping from Asia!
Online also two new foot seduction scenes: "3 Iron" where we see this shy girl slowly touching the boy's foot with her right naked foot under the table and the one from "Tears Don't Fall - Bullet For My Valentine" where this hot girl teases her guy with her feet while he his driving.


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