Julia Roberts uses her feet to seduce!

I don't know HOW i missed this scene before, especially because me and my wife are big fans of the TV series Friends. Anyway, in these days we were watching again the whole series and we saw an episode of Series 2 that has Julia Roberts as guest star and... she DOES use her foot in a seductive way! She's hugging her boyfriend (Matthew Perry) inside a public bathroom and she rubs her naked foot on his calf asking him to remove his clothes.

Online also a really nice scene taken from an italian porno movie, "Novecento Erotico". We first saw this scene from YouTube, after Jay posted the link to it in the Forum. Well, i managed to find a much better quality version of that scene so...go and enjoy it!

And as always, let's add some candid shoeplay to this update!
One of the most active members in the forum, Sogfile, just recently showed in the Forum his first candid shoeplay video... and it's with pleasure and honour that i put it in the main site. It's called "Shoeplay With Brown Shoes": a lady sitting outside just can't keep the foot inside her brown high heeled shoes!

Ah... by the way... if you still didn't, check out the interview i finally made with Melanie, of Only Melanie . I'm sure you'll enjoy that as much as i did... ;-)

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Footsies, shoeplay and...another exclusive interview!

Quite a big update today! First of all, a quick but sweet scene from the 1927 Alfred Hitchcock movie "Downhill". A man and a girl are standing side by side...she touches his foot with hers. Shoes on of course...we are in 1927!

Then, thanks to Babylove, a DVD quality version of one of the best scenes here on the site: "Ridicule". This scene has everything: shoe removal, plenty of people at the table with them, long foot seduction that starts from calf and ends into the crotch...no wonder you gave it a rate higher than 8!

Coming to the shoeplay side of this update...four new videos from Ele and Robin Upward. So be ready for more shoeplay, dipping, hosed feet and a few dangling from Ele!

And finally...do you remember the interview i made about a month ago to Jess of JessUK? Well, as i promised, i'm trying to get interviews with other models as well and Melanie of OnlyMelanie agreed for one!
I'll send the interview during next week, so you have just a few days to think about some questions you would like to ask her. Go here in the forum and add your questions!
Ah... she also sent me an exclusive (short) preview of one of her videos... you can see it there in the forum!

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Forum disabled

Just want to let everybody know that the Forum is temporary disabled because of some technical problems. I will try to solve them as soon as possible, till then the forum will remain disabled. Sorry about that, i hope it won't stay like this for a long period.

I've opened the forum again. It seems the problem was related to two messages in the Celebrities section. I had to delete those messages. I'll keep a close eye there and, in case i'll see more problems, i'll close the forum again and try to look deeply into those problems.

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Alyssa Milano's feet...

Yes that's the main "event" of this week's update on "Feet Under The Table": for the first time we have a foot seduction scene with Alyssa Milano! In the film "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" she puts her naked foot on a guy's chest, looking at him in a really HOT way... not that bad at all!
Other than that, from the film "The Ranch", online two scenes. A nice one with a footsie in the water and a quick (really quick) one with a...well it's footsie, although made with snickers on... not that sexy to be honest ;-)
Finally, if you still didn't, go here and read the interview i made to Jess, from JessUK. She was really nice in answering all the questions i made her (suggested by members of the forum)! You can also read the review of her site and see some free photo sets from her site in "The Fetish Expo".

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Your chance to interview an adult star

Following the advice of Dead Parrot in this thread of the forum, i'm starting to get in touch with models of adult pay sites in order to obtain an interview with them. Jess, from JessUK was the first one to agree. She told me to send her a list of questions that she will be more than happy to answer.
I already have some questions i want to ask her, but i want YOU to ask her some questions as well. So don't wait any longer, i need about ten questions and i need them in a few days (i don't want to make her wait too long). Go to this message of the forum and tell me what YOU would like to ask her. I don't think it happens often that you have the chance to interview an adult star so... don't wait any longer...help me in finding the best questions!

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Forum news

Today i decided to reorganize the forum a bit. Now the "Using feet to seduce" and "Foot Fetish" sections have one "Pictures & Videos" forum each. These are the same forums that were previously under the "Pictures & Videos" section that now has just the "Live & Candid" and the "Celebrities" forums. I moved them in the hope of making more clear what have to go where.

Another change is at the top of the forum. Now the very first section you see is "Feet Under The Table". Inside there you can find "Forum Rules", "News", "Comments / Suggestions" and "Help". In a few words, everything regarding the website and the forum is there.

I think in this way the forum has a better way of presenting everything, let me know what you think! ;-)

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