Candid shoeplay and a footsie video

Today's update features, first of all, the scene from "The Wife Swappers" where a man and a woman are playing a weird game while totally naked. He is ugly, surely... but she decides anyway to play a bit of footsie with him (she's naked like him).

Online also another candid video from Fabio! Again it's a scene taken from the italian EICMA show of 2006: this time we see a bit of dangling in black pumps and black hose. A classic shoeplay video!

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Kylie Minogue is the most wanted footsie partner

It seems the footcare company Carnation Footcare really thought of us when it recently asked over 2.000 british people to pick which celebrity they would most like to play footsie with!

Kylie Minogue, the australian pop singer, won with 15 percent of the vote, while Anjelina Joline ended up at the second place with 13 percent.

Here are the global standings:

  1. Fearne Cotton - 10%
  2. Katie Holmes /Tess Daley / Charlie Dimmock - 4%
  3. Kate Moss - 3%

I personally agree with them, as Kylie Minogue always was at the top of my preferences when it comes to foot fetish dreams...probably because she always wears high heels and, often, nylons... what about you?Katie Holmes

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High quality sites at just 1$

With today's update of "The Fetish Expo" (Cummy Feet review), i'm pleased to introduce you a deal i managed to made with a bunch of pay sites: subscriptions to them for as low as 1$, with lots of bonus sites included too!

It seems that all these years of working hard on this site are finally paying off. I can give you something unique. You can get this deal only here: 1$ for a three days membership of any of those sites, including a lot of bonus sites!

And, as you can imagine, each of you who will actually subscribe to any of those sites (at just 1$), will help me a lot in covering the costs of "Feet Under The Table".

If you ever wanted to know how it feels like to be member of a paysite this is your chance to try: you just have to spend 1$... i don't think it's much, is it?

So, as i said, Cummy Feet is the one that is actually reviewed already on "The Fetish Expo" (with free picture and video galleries too), but these are other sites offering you the same 1$ subscription:
Believe me...they are all at least worth to be checked out ;-)

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Switch to Linux...in a foot fetish style!

How else can i define this fantastic advert?

A beautiful girl in the classic "Pose" that we all love...the one that shows completely her feet... do you need any more reasons to switch to Linux? I do...that's why i will carefully read this article.

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