ShoeTube, a promising mainstream site

As you may all know, after YouTube's success many other sites tried to copy that idea, so many different somethingTube appeared online. Most of them are just a bad copy of YouTube and don't really have any chance to survive for long (to run a free site like that you need to start by having a LOT of money...) but sometimes... there are a few sites that actually have a chance.

That's the case of ShoeTube. Proclaiming itself the "most exciting thing to happen to shoes since Carrie found those coveted Manolo Blahniks in the closet at Vogue," it should be obvious how magnificent this site is going to be. The primary draw will be its broadcast quality programming, with just a dash of user and sponsor created content. Considering that the site is produced by Powderhouse, which is behind a number of shows for the likes of Discovery Channel and TLC, the production quality of the content may be a cut above average (you can have a preview of the content at their Shoetube.tv Media Kit).

The site is slated to launch in February 2008, with a slew of professionally penned blogs, editorials on shoe trends, and "tons of other community features."

So don't tell me you actually don't understand why i am talking about this site... yes... i'm pretty sure there will be a ton of interesting videos for people with a foot/shoe fetish like us... so... something to keep an eye on!

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Foot fetish pictures? Yes, finally!

It was too long since i've put some new pictures... so...after a long time, a big update to the Footsie Pictures section. Here's the number of new photos for each category: 6 in Amateur & Candids, 5 in Celebrities, 121 in Comics & Draws, 3 in Magazines & Books and 15 in Professional Photos... is it enough?

Online also the scene from "Hotel Erotica - Sensual Escapes": surely a hot one! A woman is sitting at the table with a man and, while they talk, she starts rubbing her naked foot on his crotch.

The one from the "Record newspaper" advert is instead quite funny. In a few words, a guy has to go to the toilet...he then finds out that there is not toilet paper, but to avoid using the Record newspaper he removes his socks... his girlfriend plays footsies with him, and she notices the absence of socks.

Then, online the fantastic candid video from Newland. He uses a really clever (and somehow easy) tecnique: he leaves the camera on the floor, with infrared on... and that's how he captured the amazing dipping of his friend Xandra!

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Alessia Merz and Diane Kruger teasing in a shoe store!

This update is almost totally dedicated to scenes taking place in a shoe store...one of the places where i'm sure many of us would like to work....

The first is one of my favourite scenes, the one from "Cornetti Al Miele" with the italian cock teaser Alessia Merz, now finally online in DVD quality. In this scene Alessia enters a shoe store to buy a new pair of boots. She points them to the salesman, removes her boots and, when he comes back with the new ones she spreads her legs in front of him and, saying "Is everything ok?" she puts her foot (in black pantyhose) on his face. Hot as hell!

The other scene is the one from "Wicker Park". This time the actress is Diane Kruger, that enters the shoe store to find a new pair of high heel shoes. The salesman is in a lot of troubles and she notices him. So she presses her foot on his knee while he's opening the box, teasing him.

Online also the second candid video that Tomi, from the forum, allowed me to put online. This time it's the video of an incredible dipper! This girl is standing at the side of a car and she just can't stop dipping on her high heel shoe...she's wearing hose too and the scene is really great!

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Dru Berrymore plays footsies...

In today's update of "Feet Under The Table", thanks to Feeture, online the scene from "The Best Sex Ever", with Dru Berrymore trying to tease a guy while they are sitting on the couch. He doesn't listen to her teasing...perhaps because she has some ugly gray socks on? :-)

Online also a higher quality version of the old scene from "The Ace Of Hearts" (thanks to Babylove). Thanks to this higher resolution, we can now see better what the woman is wearing...and those look like RHT stockings to me...what do you think?

After some months, and update to the Stories section. First of all, i really want to thank Marco Alessi for writing a book dedicating it to me and my wife. The story is in italian, and you can read the first chapter online. If you want to read the whole book, download the PDF file. It's free. Of course...if you know italian ;-) Online also three more chapters from the story "Amber", by Aaron Martin: a really really nice story as well!

You can also find on this update another fantastic candid shoeplay video by HSP. It's called "Pink Shoes Dipping" and it features and asian lady making a lot of dipping action while shopping. She's wearing hose too...a really great combination! Hose + Pink Shoes + Shoeplay!

That's all folks... hope you enjoy this update as much as i did ;-)

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