Candid shoeplay and a footsie video

Today's update features, first of all, the scene from "The Wife Swappers" where a man and a woman are playing a weird game while totally naked. He is ugly, surely... but she decides anyway to play a bit of footsie with him (she's naked like him).

Online also another candid video from Fabio! Again it's a scene taken from the italian EICMA show of 2006: this time we see a bit of dangling in black pumps and black hose. A classic shoeplay video!

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Candid upskirt educational video...

I think this is quite an educational video for anyone who wants to try to do some candid upskirt videos... just don't do like this man!

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Alessia Merz and Diane Kruger teasing in a shoe store!

This update is almost totally dedicated to scenes taking place in a shoe store...one of the places where i'm sure many of us would like to work....

The first is one of my favourite scenes, the one from "Cornetti Al Miele" with the italian cock teaser Alessia Merz, now finally online in DVD quality. In this scene Alessia enters a shoe store to buy a new pair of boots. She points them to the salesman, removes her boots and, when he comes back with the new ones she spreads her legs in front of him and, saying "Is everything ok?" she puts her foot (in black pantyhose) on his face. Hot as hell!

The other scene is the one from "Wicker Park". This time the actress is Diane Kruger, that enters the shoe store to find a new pair of high heel shoes. The salesman is in a lot of troubles and she notices him. So she presses her foot on his knee while he's opening the box, teasing him.

Online also the second candid video that Tomi, from the forum, allowed me to put online. This time it's the video of an incredible dipper! This girl is standing at the side of a car and she just can't stop dipping on her high heel shoe...she's wearing hose too and the scene is really great!

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Anna Falchi and Edwige Fenech foot seduction scenes!

In today's update on "Feet Under The Table" first of all online a nice scene from the italian TV movie "Piper", starring the gorgeous Anna Flachi. She makes a strip tease in front of a man and, while doing it, she puts her foot twice on his knee. Not that much as a footsie but...believe me...the scene is worth to be watched!

Online also a quite good scene with the fantastic Edwige Fenech in "Giovannona Long-Thigh" where she plays footsie under the table with a woman thinking she's doing it to the man in front of her. Too bad she doesn't remove her shoes...but still... she gaves us great looks on her face.

The first candid video that Tomi, from the forum, allowed me to put online is on the site as well. He has been posting pictures from his (amazing) videos since a while and, to my great happiness, he allowed me to post some of his videos here. In this one we see a girl, at a car show, popping out and dipping in her shoes. She's wearing suntan hose... and oh boy.. she moves so nicely those toes...

Nyllady translated two stories from italian to english, and i'm sure you'll all like them. I especially like "The Silvia's Shoes"...i've always liked that story, especially the first part of it...

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Mareva Galanter footsie scene...and much more!

Some really great scenes in this update... first of all, the one from "Young, Beautiful And Screw Up", where we don't see that much but we get a fantastic view of Mareva Galanter's sexy expression while she's playing footsies with the guy at her left side.

Online also the two scenes from the chinese tv series "Foolish Commander" (this is not the actual title, just the literal translation i got, hope it's correct!). In the first scene we see this hot dark haired woman playing footsies under the table to a man, while other women are at the same table. The second footsie scene takes place in another situation instead, with the woman doing that while sitting on the man's leg. Thanks to Geehot for these scenes!

Online also a new candid video from HSP: "Walking Shoeless In Hosed Feet"...as the title say, in this video we see how women can proudly walk without shoes but with hose on... at least where HSP lives! :-)

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Footsie scene in Mandingo and...lots of shoeplay!

Here's what's new in today's update! As it usually happens when it comes to hard to find scenes, we need to thank Feeture for finding the scene from "Mandingo". The footsie action is quite a lot, the only down side of it is that it happens in the background of the scene. So take your eyes on the girl in the left part of the screen...as her feet play a lot with the guy sitting in front of her!

Online also the last two parts of the lates Fabio's candid shoeplay video, the one with the lady on the phone dangling her high heel shoes. In part 2 and 3 we see a lot of shoeplay action, and her pantyhose only make it better!

One last thing before closing this updated... i've made a little change in "The Fetish Expo". There were starting to be too many websites there to list them all on a single page, so now you'll find links to multiple pages there, for an easier and faster navigation through all of them.

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Dru Berrymore plays footsies...

In today's update of "Feet Under The Table", thanks to Feeture, online the scene from "The Best Sex Ever", with Dru Berrymore trying to tease a guy while they are sitting on the couch. He doesn't listen to her teasing...perhaps because she has some ugly gray socks on? :-)

Online also a higher quality version of the old scene from "The Ace Of Hearts" (thanks to Babylove). Thanks to this higher resolution, we can now see better what the woman is wearing...and those look like RHT stockings to me...what do you think?

After some months, and update to the Stories section. First of all, i really want to thank Marco Alessi for writing a book dedicating it to me and my wife. The story is in italian, and you can read the first chapter online. If you want to read the whole book, download the PDF file. It's free. Of course...if you know italian ;-) Online also three more chapters from the story "Amber", by Aaron Martin: a really really nice story as well!

You can also find on this update another fantastic candid shoeplay video by HSP. It's called "Pink Shoes Dipping" and it features and asian lady making a lot of dipping action while shopping. She's wearing hose too...a really great combination! Hose + Pink Shoes + Shoeplay!

That's all folks... hope you enjoy this update as much as i did ;-)

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Footsies and foot massage...under the table!

So yes, here we are to a new update of "Feet Under The Table". First of all, online the nice scene from the TV Series "Medium", with a hot Perrey Reeves that does a really classic footsie under the table to a man...without any luck actually. She's not wearing any kind of hose so... naked foot fans will be happy :-)

Then, from the italian movie "Metti Una Sera A Cena", a somehow disappointing scene. It's quite clear and evident that there is footsie going on under that table (and they actually speaks about it too), but we never get to see it! All we see is a couple of foot massages...still nice thing to see ok, but the director really didn't make us any gift! In any case, Florinda Bolkan is always a fantastic woman to look at ;-)

Finally, regarding candid shoeplay videos...a new one from Fabio. This time he shows us a lady dangling her pump while talking on the phone. She's wearing some really cool pantyhose too... pantyhosed feet and dangling high heels, it doesn't get any better than this!

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Julia Roberts uses her feet to seduce!

I don't know HOW i missed this scene before, especially because me and my wife are big fans of the TV series Friends. Anyway, in these days we were watching again the whole series and we saw an episode of Series 2 that has Julia Roberts as guest star and... she DOES use her foot in a seductive way! She's hugging her boyfriend (Matthew Perry) inside a public bathroom and she rubs her naked foot on his calf asking him to remove his clothes.

Online also a really nice scene taken from an italian porno movie, "Novecento Erotico". We first saw this scene from YouTube, after Jay posted the link to it in the Forum. Well, i managed to find a much better quality version of that scene so...go and enjoy it!

And as always, let's add some candid shoeplay to this update!
One of the most active members in the forum, Sogfile, just recently showed in the Forum his first candid shoeplay video... and it's with pleasure and honour that i put it in the main site. It's called "Shoeplay With Brown Shoes": a lady sitting outside just can't keep the foot inside her brown high heeled shoes!

Ah... by the way... if you still didn't, check out the interview i finally made with Melanie, of Only Melanie . I'm sure you'll enjoy that as much as i did... ;-)

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Tired feet candid videos and...footsie videos of course!

The title of this message says it all...that's, mainly, what's new today at "Feet Under The Table".

Firse of all, online the scene from the 1966 film "The Face Of Another". Is a rather long footsie scene and, although it's the man who starts it, the woman involved surely takes part in it later on. Camera is totally under the table, so we get to see al the action down there. Pity she doesn't remove her shoe but...it's 1966!
The other footsie (or sort of) scene online from today is the one from "Barnie Et Ses Petites Contrarietes": indeed a nice one. This woman is laying on the bed and, while talking to the man, she starts teasing him on his face with her naked foot.. quick but nice!

Coming to candid shoeplay videos... some more from The King Of Asia: HSP! The first video is called "Tired And Sore Hosed Feet": after a long day shopping, every girl would just like to kick her high heels out and remain shoeless...and that's what she does, including some stretch to her poor toes! The second video is somehow similar...is called "Hose Stretch" and we see this woman who, while sitting, removes her flil flops and starts fixing her hose on her toes... anyone wants to help her?

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Monica Bellucci first foot seduction scene!

More or less, the Monica Bellucci first foot seduction scene is the main attraction of this update... ah, before i forget, if you still didn't, go and read the interview i made to Carla, of "Only Carla". She is gorgeous and she is also quite...naughty, you'll see what i mean!
Now, talking about the update, online one of the most crowded scens ever! It's from the movie "The Temptress"...and there is a whole table playing footsies under the table!

Then...Monica Bellucci makes her entrance in "Feet Under The Table"! She is the star of the scene from "N (Me & Napoleon)", where she teases a guy who is having a bath with her by touching him in his face with her foot. Not the kind of scene we always dreamed about with her as a star but...still... it's the beginning... i hope!

Once again, some candid videos from Fabio! One is called "Hosed Toes Missing Shoes And Moving" and it's the sequel of the last week similar one...the girl starts curling her toes! The other one is called "Shoe Removal In The Dark "...and it features a sitting lady removing her shoes behind a desk (after some shoeplay of course). The scene is quite dark...but it's still worth to have a look at, believe me!

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Foot on face, footsie under the table and candid hosed feet!

Quite a big update today on "Feet Under The Table"!
First of all, online another scene from "May Wine", starring Lara Flynn Boyle. This is a hotter one: she is in the car with a man, wearing skirt, black pantyhose and high heels. While they are talking she starts teasing him with her foot (shoes on), putting it on his chest, on his face... she ends up having some...trouble, but the first part of the scene is really hot!
Thanks to Larlibra007, online also the nice scene from the TV series "Black Tie Nights". They are sitting at the table one in front of the other and she starts playing footsies with him under the table....

Speaking about candid videos... online a new one from Fabio, called "Hosed Toes Missing Shoes"... go and see it because it's a really good one!
Also online a new video from HSP, called "Dining Hostess": at the airport dining place, a hostess is having lunch without a shoe on and...she's somehow playing footsies with the table...

Before leaving you to the update, i'm pleased to announce that the italian website Club Rosso just put online a complete (and really good one) review of Feet Under The Table!

By the way....keep an eye on "The Fetish Expo" because there will soon be a new interview and a review online.... ever seen Only Carla website?

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Foot on crotch in the metro and...candid shoeplay!

Well... as i told you in the edit of my last message here in the blog, in the end we didn't go to Cinque Terre...so.. here we are with a new update of Feet Under The Table.

Thanks to OkMerlin, our "classic porno movie expert", we have a new scene from the german film "Oeffentlich Zur Schau Gestellt". The scene is quite surreal, as i don't think it could happen easily... in the metro, there is just a guy and a hot girl. She gets up, sits in front of him, open her legs...and start to move her nyloned foot over his crotch. Surreal but... hot indeed!

Then i've put online the scene from the film "May Wine". This one is instead a little bit too "soft" maybe. This girl (Lara Flynn Boyle) is laying down under the sun, with a guy to her side. They are talking and she starts rubbing his calf with her naked foot.

Also online two new candid shoeplay videos from Fabio, this time from an italian expo: Grafitalia. The first one features a girl doing some heelpop and some dangling with a ballerina shoe, in the second one a girl is keeping her shoe on just with the top of her toes.

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Salma Hayek's feet and...candid shoeplay!

Quite a big update this week on "Feet Under The Table"!
First of all, thanks to Babylove, an higher quality version of the nice footsie scene from Start Trek Enterprise episode "Stigma". We see this alien lady playing footsies with a guy...she's wearing pantyhose too. We already had a high quality version of this scene, but it was in German. This one is a little bit higher quality, in English and longer soo... if you are collecting footsie scenes... this is a must have!
Online also the highest quality video we EVER had online! It's from one of the best foot fetish scenes in a Quentin Tarantino movie: "From Dusk Till Dawn", where the hot Salma Hayek puts her naked foot into his mouth to let him drink from it. Fantastic scene! And now we have it at a SUPER quality! The resolution is 1024x576! A really really big one! We get to see everything in detail and we see the WHOLE scene, since she gets on stage!

A new video master in the Candid & Posed section: Fabio! For his first time on the site (actually he sent me these files a long time ago... but i hope he will understand that i'm quite busy...) he gives us four candid shoeplay videos taken outside...in Italy of course! All of them without hose but... some really really hot ones! I especially like the one about the restless shoeplayer... you'll see why!

One last thing...it's a really new thing, but i hope it will develop in something big... Nyllady started the "Piedi Di Donna" group on YouTube. Who will be part of it? Italian women who wants to show their feet of course! Right now there are just two members, Nyllady and Lory (of Lory's Feet)... if you are an italian woman and want to join it...just get in touch with us!

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Feet on crotch and candid shoeplay!

Here we are with a new update! Thanks to Larlibra007, online a much higher quality version of the nice scene from "Felicity". It was "The Stork" till today, but Larlibra told me that it was a wrong name. Anyway...the scene is not that bad at all... this blond girl puts her foot stright into the man's crotch while they are talking during a meal.

Online also the scene from "Testosterone". I'm not totally sure about the name of the film, i hope someone can help me with that. Anyway... a guy is having breakfast and an old lady is sitting at his side and talking to him. Meanwhile two HOT girls (a blonde and a brunette) tease him under the table with their feet.... niiice situation!

Once again, HSP gives us another one of his fantastc candid videos. This time is "All In A Meal", featuring a fantastic shoeplay by a woman wearing black hose and black shoes. She does everything! Dipping, danling, heel pop, play with her shoe...really a fantastic video!

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New stories and...a lot of shoeplay!

Today's update of "Feet Under The Table" has just one footsie video, the not so good scene from "The Merry Wife 2" (where we get more excitement by the look in the woman's face than by what she's doing under the table). Yes, just one footsie video but... i think it's a great update!
First of all, after more than one year, an update to the "Stories" section...i know many of you would like that section to be updated more often...i know :-) This time, five stories in english and three in italian. As always, any help with the translation would be much appreciated...

Then, a new, short video me and my wife made while in a shoe store. She always likes to model some shoes for me, especially if they are open toes ones and if she's wearing pantyhose...

And...to give you all something more, four new videos from Ele and Robin Upward (this time black pumps and black hose!) and a new video from HSP: a preview video he made for "Feet Under The Table" of a longer video he is selling in his Clips4Sale store. It's called "Shoeplay Queen"...and you'll see how right this name is when you'll check the video!
Is all this enough as an update? I hope so!

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Footsie scenes and candid hosed feet!

In this update of "Feet Under The Table", thanks to Stercoraro of the "Celebrity Dream Feet Forum", it's online the scene from the italian film "Commediasexi". It shows a beautiful woman (Elena Santarelli) that is having a bath with her man (Paolo Bonolis). She puts her foot in his face and start teasing him, then he takes her thumb in his mouth. Then, from the asian film "Art Of Seduction" a quick scene in the car. A woman seduces a man sitting at her side in the back of the car with her naked foot.
Also online another incredible video from HSP. This time he shows us a candid video of his girlfriend. They are waiting to board, at the airport, and she has kicked off her shoes! She has white pantyhose and a mini skirt on... and we see a lot... REALLY a lot! First some upskirt, then she streaches her fingers, then she puts one shoe back on playing a bit with it, then she wakes up and put the other shoe on...I bet everyone of you would love to have a girlfriend like her!
Finally, i want to let you all know that i've reorganized a little bit the "Candid & Posed" videos section. There were way too many "Various" videos, so i added some more categories like "At Home", "At The Airport", "At The Mall", "At The Train Station", "In The Office" and "Outside". I hope this will be useful for those people who are quite new to that section, and need to be guided a little bit to enjoy all those videos...now more than 230!!!

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Footsie scenes and a candid video...

So yes...this is the first update of 2007! Online the surely nice scene from "The Fall Guy" where a hot blonde dressed completely in red (shoes included) and tan pantyhose plays footsies with the guy sitting in front of her. In "Ugly Betty" there is this blonde who is trying to make the same thing with the guy sitting at her side but...she has far less results. Maybe because she doesn't remove her shoe? ;-)

Then, once again, a great candid video from HSP. The title is "Hosed Toe Curls" and that what this lady does with her foot... just sit back and enjoy it guys!

Since today the main page of the website displays the last 8 updated messages from the Forum. It was about time to give more importance to your fantastic posts guys!
Another new thing is the links page: after a long time giving a chance to top lists as a way to exchange links, i came to the conclusion that a list managed manually by me can be much more useful to people visiting the site. So i suggest you to go there and have a look every now and then... you'll find some interesting sites, i'm sure about it!

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