Nylon Charm: nylon fetish heaven

nyloncharm_logoReviewed some months ago on The Fetish Expo, Nylon Charm surely is a site where anyone with a nylon fetish should seriously consider joining.

Infact Nylon Charm offers all contents you would like to see inside a nylon fetish site: luscious babes with long stockings covered legs, sexy female feet in nylon and heels, perfect ass models in pantyhose and  gorgeous girls in coloured tights. Moreover if you join Nylon Charm , you’ll get full access to 27 bonus sites.

Inside Nylon Charm  you can find many sets of excellent pictures (average  100 pics each) and nylon videos (approximately 3 min. each). Nylon Charm membership gives you total access to 27 bonus sites!

Website navigation is very quick but design is too plain for my taste. Nylon Charm is only in English language.

Some example of the fantastic galleries available? Here they are!


And if you want to read a more detailed review or see more free galleries of this fantastic site, be sure to go to The Fetish Expo.

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Eva Longoria upskirt? No it wasn't

Ok guys, i made a mistake when i wrote about the Eva Longoria upskirt... it was instead Janice Dickinson... but to let you forgive me, here's the complete set of photos regarding that upskirt!

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Incredible Eva Longoria pantyhose upskirt!

Guys, there are no words to describe this Eva Longoria pantyhose upskirt! Black pantyhose, skirt ad legs up...full frontal! Enough with words, enjoy the picture!

Ops...my mistake guys. This is not Eva Longoria but Janice Dickinson. Here the complete set of photos.

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Footsie scene in Mandingo and...lots of shoeplay!

Here's what's new in today's update! As it usually happens when it comes to hard to find scenes, we need to thank Feeture for finding the scene from "Mandingo". The footsie action is quite a lot, the only down side of it is that it happens in the background of the scene. So take your eyes on the girl in the left part of the screen...as her feet play a lot with the guy sitting in front of her!

Online also the last two parts of the lates Fabio's candid shoeplay video, the one with the lady on the phone dangling her high heel shoes. In part 2 and 3 we see a lot of shoeplay action, and her pantyhose only make it better!

One last thing before closing this updated... i've made a little change in "The Fetish Expo". There were starting to be too many websites there to list them all on a single page, so now you'll find links to multiple pages there, for an easier and faster navigation through all of them.

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Lindsay Lohan pussy through pantyhose!

I just found on the web an two months old news reporting a photo of Lindsay Lohan's pussy through pantyhose!

To be honest, i wish we had a better view as the photo is not so clear but... still... a sexy thing to see Lindsay in pantyhose without panties!

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Tired feet candid videos and...footsie videos of course!

The title of this message says it all...that's, mainly, what's new today at "Feet Under The Table".

Firse of all, online the scene from the 1966 film "The Face Of Another". Is a rather long footsie scene and, although it's the man who starts it, the woman involved surely takes part in it later on. Camera is totally under the table, so we get to see al the action down there. Pity she doesn't remove her shoe but...it's 1966!
The other footsie (or sort of) scene online from today is the one from "Barnie Et Ses Petites Contrarietes": indeed a nice one. This woman is laying on the bed and, while talking to the man, she starts teasing him on his face with her naked foot.. quick but nice!

Coming to candid shoeplay videos... some more from The King Of Asia: HSP! The first video is called "Tired And Sore Hosed Feet": after a long day shopping, every girl would just like to kick her high heels out and remain shoeless...and that's what she does, including some stretch to her poor toes! The second video is somehow similar...is called "Hose Stretch" and we see this woman who, while sitting, removes her flil flops and starts fixing her hose on her toes... anyone wants to help her?

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Raffaella Carrą: That night i had pantyhose without panties on

Yes... after nearly 16 years (it was 1991) we get to know a spicy detail of a famous Roberto Benigni performance during a live show on the italian tv national channel. That night Roberto was a guest to the Raffaella Carrą show "Fantastico". As soon as he got on stage, he literally jumped on her, sending her to the floor. Now, the famous italian showgirl, told in an interview on the Corriere Della Sera:

«Benigni tried to undress me each time he saw me. That night i wasn't wearing any panties with my pantyhose and the dress was easy to remove. So i thought: if he unties it, i'm dead. He arrives with his usual style, touches my ass and i fall on the floor, he jumps on me. I see those little hands all overme...and i start laughing»

So Raffaella is another one of those famous women who would make happy many of us! She wears pantyhose without panties! (Meredith Vieira is another one)

Before closing this article, if you want to download the video of that famous night, just click here (Rapidshare link). And here are some photos of Raffaella, who always ad pantyhose on when she was on tv or on photographs!

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My interview with the gorgeous Carla!

Well guys... i'm very excited to introduce you the interview with Carla, the gorgeous model from "Only Carla"!

What size shoe do you wear?
I am a small size 3 (UK size not sure what this means to Americans!!)

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe, and if so what is it and why?
I love high heels, as I am only a small 5'2" nice high heels give me some height and also accentuate the calfs.

When you are at home, do you wear slippers? What kind?
No I am normally bare feet at home

Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and if so what style/brand? Any favourite color?
I do like both, depending on the occassion. If its cold my favourites are warm opaque tights, 100 denier, or if I want to be sexy for a man, or if going out for a special night, I love black stockings (my favourite brand are Gerbe).

Do you also like to wear socks? And if so, what color do you prefer?
I do wear socks with boots, but must admit don't care what colour as no-one ever sees them under the boots

Are you familiar with foot and/or shoe fetishism, and if so, how were you introduced to it? Ever dated a foot fetishist? What was it like for you?
I did have one boyfriend that loved to lick my toes - that was a bit strange at first, but did grow to love it

Do you have a preferred method of having your feet pampered? (e.g. massage, pedicure, oral worship)
I do have pedicures a lot, but in the bedroom I do enjoy now oral worship as you call it :)

Are you familar with the term "shoeplay", and if so do engage in shoeplay when you're out in public?
I have done this before, but it is more of a case of using shoe play to flash a bit of stocking whilst out - I can be a bit of an exhibisionist.

In keeping with the theme of our website, have you ever teased a man under the table with your feet? We'd be particularly interested in hearing about any time you've done that when other people are also sitting at the table.
Yes I have done this before a few times. Last time was in a resturant with about 6 friends and my boyfriend at the time. I was wearing a very classy evening dress (about knee length and very sexy) with black patent high heels and black stockings and suspenders. I was feeling very naughty, went to the loo and removed my panties. I came back to the table then started playing with my b/f's bulge under the table with my feet. He got VERY aroused, and started reciprocating with his feet (and remember I had no knickers on). It was very nearly a Harry Met Sally moment in the restaurant. Needless to say we had to leave the meal early and had a fantastic night in bed afterwards. And my stockings and high heels stayed on in the bedroom as well.

Is there any scene that you remember from a movie or a tv show where there is a woman that uses her feet to seduce a man?
I can't say I can recall anything like this.

What other foot related sexual activities have you tried, if any (e.g. foot worship, pedal pumping, footjobs) and what did you think about that?
Apart from foot worship, I have given a few stocking footjobs, and guys just love them.

Any advice for men who want to reveal their foot fetish to their lover?
Tell them, if you are in a comfortable relationship you should be able to tell your partner all your fantasies.

So that was it... i really enjoyed the answers she gave me, especially the one about her playing footsies with her boyfriend...quite hot! Anyway... if you want to know more about her website, be sure to read the review in "The Fetish Expo", where you will also find eight picture galleries and four video galleries!
And if you want to discuss this interview, go to this thread of the forum.

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New incredible nylon fetish website!

I can't keep this to myself guys. A new website just opened, and it's surely one to take a close look at....at least if you are like me a big fan of pantyhose, nylons, stockings and so on.

The site is called Only Opaque, and it focuses its attention on opaque tights. There are not many words i can write to describe it to you.... but i can tell you that when i first saw it i just couldn't believe my eyes. Seriosuly guys, i'm not just "advertising" it, i'm honestly saying that it's a FANTASTIC website!

Anyway, i'll add some sample of pictures and videos so you'll see what i mean...First of all, ere are some pictures:

And now a couple of videos....click on the previews to be taken to the RapidShare file, both videos are about one megabyte.

So...was it worth it? Come on...it was... by the way, expect a full review soon in "The Fetish Expo"...

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Foot on face, footsie under the table and candid hosed feet!

Quite a big update today on "Feet Under The Table"!
First of all, online another scene from "May Wine", starring Lara Flynn Boyle. This is a hotter one: she is in the car with a man, wearing skirt, black pantyhose and high heels. While they are talking she starts teasing him with her foot (shoes on), putting it on his chest, on his face... she ends up having some...trouble, but the first part of the scene is really hot!
Thanks to Larlibra007, online also the nice scene from the TV series "Black Tie Nights". They are sitting at the table one in front of the other and she starts playing footsies with him under the table....

Speaking about candid videos... online a new one from Fabio, called "Hosed Toes Missing Shoes"... go and see it because it's a really good one!
Also online a new video from HSP, called "Dining Hostess": at the airport dining place, a hostess is having lunch without a shoe on and...she's somehow playing footsies with the table...

Before leaving you to the update, i'm pleased to announce that the italian website Club Rosso just put online a complete (and really good one) review of Feet Under The Table!

By the way....keep an eye on "The Fetish Expo" because there will soon be a new interview and a review online.... ever seen Only Carla website?

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Pantyhose for man!

As we all know, some of us, male members of the foot fetish universe, gets a lot of excitement in wearing pantyhose. Personally i don't have any problems admitting that i gave it a chance but i didn't get any excitement at all. I love pantyhose and stockigns, but only if is a woman who wears them.
Anyway, french company Gerbe will launch during the month of March four models of pantyhose for men. They say these are just the result of a lot of requests from their customers. Pantyhose for men will have a bigger wist size, longer feet and a comfortable hole in the front.

Surely a good news for men who want to wear pantyhose without being identified as "weird".

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Anne Nicole Smith is dead

At the age of 39, Anne Nicole Smith, the Playboy magazine's 1993 Playmate of the Year died yesterday. It's not clear how she died, but i just wanted to remember her in this post. No words, just a picture.

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Giving a foot massage to Nyllady

Last night me and my wife were watching a movie on the couch and, as always, i started giving her a foot massage. So we decided to take a video. This is a short preview of what will come soon... the complete video is 13 minutes, but i'll try to make it shorter (about 4/5 minutes). Meanwhile, if you want, take a look at this :)

RapidShare (50 Mb!)

To comment this video, go to this topic in the forum. Nyllady will be happy to read all your comments, positive and negative ones! :-)

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High quality footsie videos

In this week's update of "Feet Under The Table" i've managed to put online a really high quality version of two of the best scenes of the entire site...i'm so happy about it!
First of all, one of my all time favourites: "Cornetti Al Miele", with the super sexy Alessia Merz. You all remember the scene...she enters a shoe store, sit down, remove her boots (she's wearing black pantyhose and a miniskirt) and when the man kneels down in front of her to help her...she puts a foot on his face telling him "I never wear panties when i go to buy new shoes...". Is there ANYONE of us who wouldn't love to be him?
Then...the longest scene on the entire website "Love Hotel All Service" (aka Pensione Amore Servizio Completo). A super classic footsie scene: she removes her shoe and starts rubbing his calf, he joins in so she goes up to his crotch and he does the same... all this while a woman to another table is looking at them!

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Debooting video by Nyllady

Well i know... we posted a video just a few days ago but this weekend we went out and my wife decided to put on some nice high heeled boots she has, a miniskirt and some really cool pantyhose...so... when we came back home, after a long walk, she had the idea to take a short debooting video. So, have a look and let us know what you think about it guys ;-)

You can download the video from Rapidshare and Megaupload. or view it directly online from blip.tv

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