Nyllady shows something more...

Finally an update, even if small.

Sorry for the long delay guys, but we just moved to a new house and the italian Telecom is giving me a hard time to get internet access. I'm doing this update from an internet cafe!

To celebrate the new house (and Easter!), my wife decided to take some photos... have a look and be sure to tell her what you think of them!

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Happy new year from Nyllady!

My wife had to work yesterday (me too actually)... and she thought of bringing the videocamera in her office...as a new year's gift for everyone...

Download link here


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Merry Christmas!

Me and my wife just want to wish a merry Christmas to everyone. As a little gift, a part from the Christmas Card below here, you can find here a new set of photos with Nyllady doing exercises and trying different kind of pink pantyhose.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Kate Winslet's naked feet...

Speaking about celebrities, Kate Winslet naked foot on Harvey Keitel's chest is surely the main thing of this update.

That's what happens in "Holy Smoke", finally online after being requested so much in the forum! Scene is not so hot in my opinion, but considering the two big celebrities involved well...i don't think we could get any better!

Thanks to Zdo online also the scene from the TV Series "WKRP In Cincinnati". The hot blonde Jennifer (Loni Anderson) is talking to the DJ of the radio (Howard Hesseman) and, speaking about her shoes, she puts on her foot on his lap and he then removes her shoe. She's wearing white shiny pantyhose (ah...the 80s!) and boy...we all wish we were him i bet ;-)

Online also a new video me and my wife did. Well... it has been around the internet since a couple of weeks now, but in case you missed it...well...here it is. She's reading a book and, while doing so, she shows off her stockings and kicks off her shoes... let her know if you like it guys...you know that women love to be spoiled a bit!

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Elizabeth Taylor playing footsies...and more

Here we are to a new update! The nice (but, sadly, quick) scene from "Leon The Pig Farmer" is a truly classic footsie under the table at the restaurant scene. Too bad it's a little bit too dark and quick...

Online also a higher quality version of the footsie under the table played by Elizabeth Taylor to Brian Keith, in "Reflections In A Golden Eye". Truly nice to see Elizabeth Taylor toes rubbing his calf!

The other day my wife was getting ready for our next video (that will be online soon)...she was looking into her wardrobe wearing a short black leather skirt, black stockings and high heel shoes...she told me to start recording, and then she started playing with her shoes and moving her feet around...

By the way...the Pin-up Model poll ends TOMORROW!!!!! Vote now for your favourite model!!!

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Three hot footjobs and a funny one

Well, perhaps the subject of this message is not quite right, as you know that usually there are no explicit footjobs on Foot Under The Table. But the three scenes from the hardcore movie "Stiletto" are indeed really hot!
One is a hot foot on crotch scene with a redhead, one is the same action by a gorgeous brunette and, finally, one is taking place at the swimming pool and, to be honest, it's my favourite of these three. There is more action in this one, more seduction... it's worth to download almost only to hear the girl saying "You like them, don't you?"...talking about her feet of course. Priceless :-)

The scene from the british Tv Series "My Family" is one of those funny and classic "who's playing footsies with me?" scenes. I don't want to spoil it to you, but let's just say that there are two couples at a table...and a man doesn't really know who's playing footsies with him!

Online also the italian version of "Darla's Game", by COL. Who made the translation? Nyllady of course...and she enjoyed the story too ;-)

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Footjob in an Anime movie, footsie in a porno one and...more!

Quite a lot of great things in this update, at least in my opinion :-)

Online the HOT scene from the porno movie "Infirmieres De Charme", thanks to Dimfeet. We see this nurse sitting on a desk and rubbing the man's crotch with her sexy foot. She's wearing suntan stockings and the scene couldn't be hotter! We also see the moment while she removes her shoe, which is a nice thing in every scene.

I didn't know if the footjob scene from the Anime movie "Virgin Auction" was of for the site. Is uncensored, so be in mind that you are going to see everything. I thought about it and, in the end, i thought that scenes like this on Anime movies are so rare...that it can't harm to put it on the site. The scene starts with the girl entering the room and sitting on a chair in front of this guy, who is naked and tied. She then forces him to ask her for a footjob and, when he does, she makes him cum.

Another great video from PoD comes in the Candid & Posed section of the site. His girlfriend this time dangles her shoe while they are in the car...and i have to admit, she is really clever with that dangling!

Last but not least... my wife. That day when we recorded the last three videos you saw, we also took quite a lot of photos. Some of them are good, some are not...but we decided to put them all online for you to see and judge them. They are half with RHT stockings and half with naked feet (shoes on) so... something for everyone. There are also two photos we took a while ago, on my wife's car. In those photos she's wearing black pantyhose with red boots. Please...let her know what you think about them!

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Nyllady's rubbing nyllover's crotch...and some footsie

Yes, this update is mainly focused on my wife... i'm sure you can understand me :-)
We made three videos (and some pictures, that will come later) about a month ago and, although i've put them on the forum, i still didn't put them on the website. So they are online here now.

In the first one, i'm removing her shoes. This one didn't come out really well, we didn't choose a good angle for the camera... in the second one she puts on the new RHT stockings we bought. In the video's page you'll also find a link to the shop where we bought them, really a good and cheap shop. The final video is a little bit more..."hot", and that's why YouTube deleted it after a few hours we put it there. My wife rubs my crotch with her hosed feet...and... she is quite clever, i can assure you! As always, don't be shy to let her know what you think of her videos... she likes to read your comments!

Online also the footsie scene from the italian Tv series "Love Bugs" (that already gave us a scene with Michelle Hunziker in the first series). This time we see Giorgia Surina dancing with Emilio Soffrizzi and playing footsies with him. She is wearing open toes high heel shoes and really dark pantyhose. During the scene she also moves her toes a lot...quite nice!

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Four days in Barcelona

Guys, me and my wife are going to spend four days in the beautiful Barcelona. We are leaving tomorrow morning and coming back tuesday.

So there won't be any update this weekend, i'll try to make up to you with a bigger update next weekend or a small update during half of next week.

Who knows...maybe we'll meet some of the people from Amateur Spanish Feet ? :-D

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Next update will be delayed

Sorry guys...just want to inform you that the next update on "Feet Under The Table" will be delayed.

Why? Because me and my wife are going to spent four days (from tomorrow till sunday) in the fabulous Cinque Terre!

I don't know when i'll update the site... but in any case...expect a new update during next week!

Edit of 12th April 2007
We won't go anywhere guys...i have a bad flu! :-(

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Salma Hayek's feet and...candid shoeplay!

Quite a big update this week on "Feet Under The Table"!
First of all, thanks to Babylove, an higher quality version of the nice footsie scene from Start Trek Enterprise episode "Stigma". We see this alien lady playing footsies with a guy...she's wearing pantyhose too. We already had a high quality version of this scene, but it was in German. This one is a little bit higher quality, in English and longer soo... if you are collecting footsie scenes... this is a must have!
Online also the highest quality video we EVER had online! It's from one of the best foot fetish scenes in a Quentin Tarantino movie: "From Dusk Till Dawn", where the hot Salma Hayek puts her naked foot into his mouth to let him drink from it. Fantastic scene! And now we have it at a SUPER quality! The resolution is 1024x576! A really really big one! We get to see everything in detail and we see the WHOLE scene, since she gets on stage!

A new video master in the Candid & Posed section: Fabio! For his first time on the site (actually he sent me these files a long time ago... but i hope he will understand that i'm quite busy...) he gives us four candid shoeplay videos taken outside...in Italy of course! All of them without hose but... some really really hot ones! I especially like the one about the restless shoeplayer... you'll see why!

One last thing...it's a really new thing, but i hope it will develop in something big... Nyllady started the "Piedi Di Donna" group on YouTube. Who will be part of it? Italian women who wants to show their feet of course! Right now there are just two members, Nyllady and Lory (of Lory's Feet)... if you are an italian woman and want to join it...just get in touch with us!

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Two new footsie scenes...and two interviews!

These are the main things about this update: two new footsie scenes and two new interviews coming soon...
First of all, thanks to Larlibra007, a really nice under the table footsies from "Mile High", and english Tv Series. This hot brunette uses her naked foot to convince the man opposite to her about something... she said "i will be really thankful".... is there a better way to use feet? Then, another footsie under the table scene from the tv series "Asi Es La Vida", that already gave us a scene. We see this hot woman teasing the man sits opposite her during a meal, while other people are there. Not that bad at all!

As i promised, i sent the questions of the interview to Melanie of OnlyMelanie...but while i sent her those questions, another model agreed for an interview!
Natasha from OfficeGirls will be the next one to be interviewed! I've sent her the questions already as well so... be ready for a couple of interviews!
On a side note, if you want to see more about Melanie and Natasha... remember that both of their sites are present in "The Fetish Expo", with eight free picture galleries and a complete review of their sites.
One last thing, i've fixed a couple of links to Nyllady's videos. They were still on the old Rapidshare site, so they had been deleted. Now every video is available for download.

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New stories and...a lot of shoeplay!

Today's update of "Feet Under The Table" has just one footsie video, the not so good scene from "The Merry Wife 2" (where we get more excitement by the look in the woman's face than by what she's doing under the table). Yes, just one footsie video but... i think it's a great update!
First of all, after more than one year, an update to the "Stories" section...i know many of you would like that section to be updated more often...i know :-) This time, five stories in english and three in italian. As always, any help with the translation would be much appreciated...

Then, a new, short video me and my wife made while in a shoe store. She always likes to model some shoes for me, especially if they are open toes ones and if she's wearing pantyhose...

And...to give you all something more, four new videos from Ele and Robin Upward (this time black pumps and black hose!) and a new video from HSP: a preview video he made for "Feet Under The Table" of a longer video he is selling in his Clips4Sale store. It's called "Shoeplay Queen"...and you'll see how right this name is when you'll check the video!
Is all this enough as an update? I hope so!

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Footsie, footjob and a nice massage!

That, in a few words, is what this update of "Feet Under The Table" is all about. First of all, the scene from the "Das Französische Frühstück" is one of those scenes that are going to be remembered. It's from a hardcore movie. This bride is having lunch with her husband. She starts playing footsies with him under the table at first, then she pushes his foot in her crotch and he plays a little with her like that and, to end all, she gives him a footjob (she's wearing white stockings). You can download three versions of the scene: the first part (the footsies), the second part (hardcore part) and the full scene. Just have a look at the name of the files, and you'll know which one to download.
Online also a video me and my wife made a few days ago (as i wrote in the blog and in the forum). We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and, as it often happens, i started giving her a foot massage. This time we decided to record it... or at least to record a small part of it, as the foot massage went on for about an hour :-) So, in this page, you'll find two versions of the same video, one smaller (something like "the best of") of about 6 minutes, and one bigger, of 13 minutes. Hope you'll like it...

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Giving a foot massage to Nyllady

Last night me and my wife were watching a movie on the couch and, as always, i started giving her a foot massage. So we decided to take a video. This is a short preview of what will come soon... the complete video is 13 minutes, but i'll try to make it shorter (about 4/5 minutes). Meanwhile, if you want, take a look at this :)

RapidShare (50 Mb!)

To comment this video, go to this topic in the forum. Nyllady will be happy to read all your comments, positive and negative ones! :-)

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Two footsie videos...and some photos by Nyllady

In this update of "Feet Under The Table", online a quite hot scene from "The Quiet". I don't exactly know the plot of this movie, but from the little i could understand it seems that this blonde girl is playing footsies with her father (or so i understood). Some may find it really hot, some may find it disgusting..to each his own... but it's a footsie, even if brief and if she keeps her shoes on! Also online another footsie scene from the italian tv series "Vivere". This time it's a much more classic footsie at the table. although she doesn't remove her shoe. And finally... some various photos from Nyllady. Me and my wife found suddenly realised that there were some photos that we never put online so...here they are. They are of various kind... some even at the seaside! As always...let her know if you liked them ;-)

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2007!

Me and my wife, Nyllady, want to wish everyone a warm Merry Christmas, and a fantastic 2007. We tried to make a video that could be a little bit connected to Christmas... let us know what you think of it!

Nyllover And Nyllady wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2007

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Shoeplay, red stockings and footsies

Quite a big update this weekend!
First of all, i've fixed the problem on the forum that was making impossible to register: now everything works fine, i'm sorry with anyone that tried to register in the last 10 days.
Coming to videos... well, the first mention goes to the new Nyllady's video: my wife always surprises me. Coming back home and looking at the video she made was a really nice surprise...i know, she isn't a natural shoeplayer...but i love the way she moves. Yes i know what you are saying now "of course you love her, you married her!" but well... take a look at the video and then tell her what you think. Regarding her videos... lately i was uploading them also to Blip.tv, to give you the chance to see the videos without downloading them. Blip.tv decided to delete all those videos...so i uploaded some of them to YouTube. To be updated everytime i add something new, subscribe to this page: http://www.youtube.com/nyllover
Needless to say, they already deleted a couple of those videos... saying that some YouTube member flagged them as "inappropriate content"... oh well... i hope they won't delete them all, otherwise you will loose the chance to see them without downloading them...

Then... the most incredible candid dangling video i've ever seen, by HSP of course. I thought that these things could happen only in a studio...but it seems HSP proved me wrong once again. That flight attendant plays with her shoe in a fantastic, incredible way...

Also online two new foot seduction scenes of course...to read about them you can check the main page of the site.

One last thing... The Fetish Expo. With the last update, you can now read there 32 reviews of some of the best foot fetish websites on the net and, on top of that, you have access to about 200 free picture and video sets from them. That's true, nearly 200 sets, for a total of more than 2000 free pictures.
Needless to say that, if you want to make yourself a Christmas present, a subscription to one of those sites is the best thing you can buy yourself...especially because, with that section of the site, you can actually "see what you get" before you buy anything... and you also help me covering the server costs. The trial membership to some of those sites is very cheap, in some cases just a 2$... and with those money you actually help "Feet Under The Table" to remain alive... think about it...

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Debooting video by Nyllady

Well i know... we posted a video just a few days ago but this weekend we went out and my wife decided to put on some nice high heeled boots she has, a miniskirt and some really cool pantyhose...so... when we came back home, after a long walk, she had the idea to take a short debooting video. So, have a look and let us know what you think about it guys ;-)

You can download the video from Rapidshare and Megaupload. or view it directly online from blip.tv

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Quick footsies...and car games

Yes... two new really quick scenes on "Feet Under The Table" : the first one, from "Affair Play", features this woman (Lysette Anthony) sitting on a couch and moving her foot toward a man's leg to touch it...but she doesn't get the answer she was looking for; the second one, from the movie "G", is somehow similar to the famous one from "I Like To Play Games": in fact we see the girl passing her panties to this man under the table, using her foot while also pressing against his crotch...quite hot!
Both of these scenes had been submitted by Feeture...once more, man, you are the best!
Another new thing of this update is an update on Nyllady's page. We were driving on the motorway toward Prato and my wife decided to take a short video with her mobile phone while she was driving me crazy with her feet... the quality of the video is not that good...but we hope you'll enjoy it anyway.


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Nyllady: a new video

Last weekend me and Nyllady went to our house in the countryside and, seeing at the nice sun, we decided to have fun! This video is the result of it (there will be some photos too) and i will put it on the website this weekend. What do you think? Do you like this pantyhose? I do....a lot...

Download it: Megaupload | Rapidshare | Blip.tv


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