<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/footsieontheweb/nyl/~3/303112374/" target="_blank">Valeria Marini teasing with her feet</a>

 Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes - Videos, pictures and stories of women seducing men with their feetFrom the italian tv show "Markette", an incredible performance of the italian hot babe Valeria Marini. During an interview she keeps teasing Piero Chiambretti with her feet (shoes on).

In the tv series "Los Hombres De Paco", the hot tv star Michelle Jenner seduces a guy in the bathroom just after she puts nail polish on her feet. She stretches her lef toward him and puts her foot on his chest, looking at him with a teasing smile…

And to finish this update in a really good way, a classic (but brief) footsie under the table during a meeting! It happens in the tv advert "Office Romance" for the Sunslik Shampoo. It’s a really classic one: a guy, a woman, a busy meeting and lots lots lots of passion. Check it out!

catFinishing the update, some news about CamFeet, the foot fetish videochat site i’m cooperating with. We had a busy week, many of you joined the site and i truly hope you are collecting questions and suggestions because, as i told you, i want that site to be the one you were looking for, therefore… don’t be shy in writing me and telling me what’s wrong there!
Anyway, the biggest news of last week is that the gorgeous Cat, that i had the pleasure to interview a while ago, decided to join it. So… you’ll find her there, under the name of Kory. She put there a lot of high quality pictures as well… be sure to visit her profile and… don’t be shy to look for her in videochat… she will be more than happy to satisfy your foot fetish needs… and by the way… you can obtain her personal e-mail address and Yahoo messenger contact there as well!

The server had been unreachable for a couple of days. The reason is explained here on my new blog. As you can see, it wasn’t my fault. Anyway from now on i’ll try to be a bit more prepared: i’m planning to move my blogs to different servers and, later, also the forum to another server as well. So that if something goes down, there will be something else online. Sorry again guys.

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<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/footsieontheweb/nyl/~3/303493390/" target="_blank">Offline again for a couple of hours</a>
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Just wanted to let everyone know that nyllover.com (not this blog) will be again offline for a couple of hours either the 7th or 14th of June.

The reason is that there is the need for a final fix to restore the situation after saturday’s explosion. I’ll keep you updated, in the meanwhile… enjoy nyllover.com! ;-)

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<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/footsieontheweb/nyl/~3/307030607/" target="_blank">Nyllady?s feet on crotch?</a>

After some time Nyllady decided to make a new video…and she wanted me to be part of it… well i think there would have been no better way to use her brand new high heel shoes… be sure to watch (and listen) this new video guys… and let her know what you think! And by the way… Nyllady decided to start making custom videos so… don’t be shy…drop her an e-mail and take this opportunity… ;-)

But there is even more on today’s update…

Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes - Videos, pictures and stories of women seducing men with their feet

The japanese anime cartoon "Kanokon" gives us a pretty classic scene. A boy and a girl are studying at the table…while Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes - Videos, pictures and stories of women seducing men with their feetshe starts pressing her feet on his crotch. He gets quite embarassed… a classic in Japanese Anime movies!

In the hardcore movie "Red Vibe Diaries" there is a really, REALLY, hot blonde going to her bedroom (in a hotel) with this guy… they end up making sex but, before that, there is quite a long teasing by her side, involving her feet, her shoes, her stockings. Hot scene!

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<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/footsieontheweb/nyl/~3/307562420/" target="_blank">Nyllover.com Celebrates 4 Years of Playing Footsies</a>
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Nyllover.com Celebrates 4 Years of Playing Footsies
06/08/2008 -Florence, Italy
Popular foot tease and nylon fetish resource site and forum, Nyllover.com, celebrates 4 years on the web and 7 000 members.
What began 4 years ago as a tribute site to “playing footsies”, the playful interaction of two lover’s feet under the table, has grown to one of the largest destination sites for foot tease and nylon fetish connoisseurs.
In addition to foot fetish site reviews and free photo and video postings, Nyllover.com’ main reason for its success over the past 4 years has been its user forum. Like-minded members continue to gather and exchange tips and personal reviews daily, making Nyllover.com’s forum one of the busiest networks in its niche.
“It’s one of the few places that really understands my desires and where I can meet with other folks of similar tastes and exchange information with them”, one long time member stated in his congratulatory email to Nyllover.com’s administrators.
Nyllover.com is looking forward to the next 4 years and plans to enhance both the forum and its features with new and exciting additions shortly.
About Nyllover.com
Nyllover.com offers free foot fetish site reviews, and hosts one of the most popular foot fetish discussion forums on the web.

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<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/footsieontheweb/nyl/~3/315685470/" target="_blank">Secretaries in Stockings and Pantyhose</a>

Men who love secretaries know that a girl in revealing dress, sheer stockings and sexy high heel shoes is often sexier than when she reveals everything. In fact if a few hundred hotties dressed up for fun in secretary uniform catch you attention, then you have already found the first reason to visit the huge softcore site Only Secretaries. This site specialize in photo and video sets based around hose, pantyhose, nylon stockings, lingerie, panties, clothed glamour, high heel pumps and sexy underwear. In addition the variety of models is very high:  some are elegant, and look like professional models, while a lot are your good looking, girl-next-door types.
There are currently over 20.000 images and 90+ movies in Only Secretaries. Images are available for download in two sizes (standard size and extra large size) and all photosets can be downloaded in convenient ZIP files. Each photo gallery contains tens of high resolution shots of glamour girls dressed in sexy secretary outfits. Videos are offered in high or low resolution, or AVI format, and the download speed is good. Only Secretaries is updated every week with a minimum of two new exclusive sets and two new videos.
Only Secretaries is easy to navigate and excellent search facility. Moreover It’s really easy to list all contents and to browse through the girls alphabetically. Only Secretaries is in English language.

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This message just to let everyone know that this blog moved to


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