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Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes - Videos, pictures and stories of women seducing men with their feetKatherine Kelly is the star of an episode from "The Visit". She's visiting a guy in jail and she gives him the time of his life rubbing his crotch under the table with her sexy feet!

In the movie "Descent", Rosario Dawson rubs a guy's back with her feet in a truly erotic way.

Before leaving you with the videos, i just want to add something. Recently i've started cooperating closely with a live videochat site. The reason i agreed on helping them is that they are trying to create the first foot fetish live cam site on the web! In order to do so they asked me to help them (in technical stuff and, more important, in writing some articles for the girls). So, if you want, i kindly ask you to visit it (www.camfeet.com) and tell me your impressions (perhpas joining it too, as it's free). I think it's a really great idea...but i'm leaving up to you the final judgement. Just be sure to let me know your ideas about it... because if there is anything you would like to see there... i might be able to make it happen ;-)

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Salma Hayek foot fetish video

Salma Hayek does it again! After the scenes from "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Ask The Dust" , "Lonely Hearts" is the third one we have with this gorgeous actress! This time she's siting on a couch trying to convince a man to join her... and to do so, she puts her foot (with shoes) between his legs, trying to pull him. Sexy, definilty sexy!

In "Wise Blood" we see a kind of weird scene... there's a girl in a car while a man is driving...she starts playing footsies with him (in a car, while he's driving!?!?!) and, after a while, she says him "Hey, stop it!"... is it weird or what???

This week Medium74 posted his first candid shoeplay video in our Forum.... and guys... what a beginning!!!! It's one of the best candid shoeplay videos i've seen in a while! A gorgeous blonde is sitting on a bench in town... she's wearing trousers, black hose and brown pumps... and she dangles like crazy!!! At one point the shoe is just on her finger! What can i say...welcome to the forum Medium74 and... keep them coming!!!

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Great footsie video from an indian film

Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes - Videos, pictures and stories of women seducing men with their feetWe finally got an under the table footsie initiated by female in an Indian movie. There are no subtitles but scene seems to be of a handsome young man invited to dinner and a young woman guest seems to want to make an impression with him and she kicks his foot with her sandaled foot. Then another guy at the head of table gets his foot in between the two and the young woman slips out of her sandal and uses her bare foot on the second guy's foot and ankle, all the time thinking she is playing footsie with the first guy. The second guy finally tells her what is going on and he is very amused but she pulls back her foot quickly. Movie is from 1998 and title is "Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya", surely a video that you must have in your collection!

The scene from the hardcore movie "Lust In Space" is quick and brief... but still... a nice footsie with shoes on. I'm not going to tell you anything a part from the fact that the woman, a hot blonde, is wearing white high heel shoes and pantyhose...or stockings, can't know..


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