One HOT footsie under the table

Today's update on Feet Under The Table features one really hot scene from a turkish movie and a sweet one with Lea Thompson.

In The turkish movie "Yasam Kavgasi" a lady seduces her husband's boss playing footsies with him under the table. She's wearing sensational reinforced toe stockings!!!

On the beach it can happen to find Lea Thompson busy playing footsies with her husband Dave Foley... of course only if you are looking at the movie "Out Of Omaha"...

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Her foot between his legs...

In today's update, online the hot scene from the italian hardcore movie "Parrucchiere Di Provincia" where a hot babe plays footsies to her hairdresser while he's talking to her. She's wearing sandals, with no hose.


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Stunning babes in hardcore action: PRIVATE!

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Do you want to read (and see) more from Private? Read its review on The Fetish Expo!

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Interview with the italian foot fetish model Valentina

tnvalentina-foto-tour-6 For the first time since i've started making these interviews, i have the pleasure to interview an italian girl. Valentina, a 19 years old hostess, opened her site dedicated to her lovely feet just a few weeks ago. Her site is part of the Passione Piedi network, created by me and two dear friends of mine. We are planning to create a softcore foot fetish site involving only italian girls, as we believe that there isn't anything like this right now in our country...

But enough with words, let's read the interview with the sweet Valentina!tnvalentina-foto-tour-2

What size of shoe do you wear?
I wear the italian 37.

Do you like your feet? How much time do you spend taking care of them?
Yes, i really like my feet. I spend about half an hour each week to make them look always great!

Before creating your site, did you know about foot fetish?
Not really, but it was a great thing to discover!

Have you ever received compliments regarding your feet?
It happens me a lot and i love it!

Did anyone ever asked you to see your feet?
Never happened till now, perhaps because i've met only shy guys?

tnvalentina-foto-tour-5Do you like shoes? Which kind? How many of them do you have?
I go totally crazy for any kind of shoes, but in particular i love high heel shoes. And the higher the heel, the better! I own... let me think... yes, about 50 pair of shoes!

Do you like nylons?
I prefer summer, when pantyhose and stockings go away and i feel free. But i have to admit that sheer stockings give a lot of elegance to my feet.

Do you prefer stockings or pantyhose?
Surely pantyhose, that give me the chance to wear the reallt short skirts that i love

Do you prefer them thick or sheer? And in which colours?
I prefer them sheer: black or nude

tnvalentina-foto-tour-3Do you ever wear socks? Which colors do you prefer?
I would be lost without my socks because i'm always cold at my feet!!! In winter i use them in many colors, pink most of the time. And to go to bed socks with teddy bears!!

When you are at home, do you like to walk barefoot or you wear slippers?
I have a sweet pair of pink slippers that i always wear. They are so cute!!!

Did you ever dangle your shoe in public?
I don't think i did, unless i did it without knowing i was doing it!

Do you like foot massages?
I totally adore them, i find them so relaxing and...kinda exciting ;-)

Did anyone ever offered to give you a foot massage?
Not till now... perhaps in the future? :-))) tnvalentina-foto-tour-1

Did anyone ever tried to remove your shoes in public, as a joke? Did you find it funny? Embarassing? Humiliating? 
Never happened to me

Did you ever remove your shoes in public? And if so, did you notice anyone staring at your feet? 
Neither this happened to me till now... perhaps because i love my shoes so much, that i can't even think of leaving them alone for a second!!!

Did you ever dated a foot fetishist?
Not till now... As i said before in fact, before creating my site i wasn't aware of foot fetishism.

Do you use anything to adorn your feet like toerings or ankle bands?
I love ankle bands, so sexy!

Do you use nail polish? Which colors? do you prefer? tnvalentina-foto-tour-4
Nail polish is mandatory to me. I love the french one.

Did you ever talk to other women about foot fetish?
No, but now that i've opened my site, i surely will!

Did you meet any women who know the seduction power of feet and give them a lot of attentions because of this?
No, but i think it will be me who'll let them know!

So that's it guys. Valentina surely is a lovely girl and great looking to! To see more of her, just visit her website or take a visit to her site's review (with free sample galleries) available on The Fetish Expo.


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Candid shoeplay and a footsie video

Today's update features, first of all, the scene from "The Wife Swappers" where a man and a woman are playing a weird game while totally naked. He is ugly, surely... but she decides anyway to play a bit of footsie with him (she's naked like him).

Online also another candid video from Fabio! Again it's a scene taken from the italian EICMA show of 2006: this time we see a bit of dangling in black pumps and black hose. A classic shoeplay video!

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HOT footjob on a plane...and under the table seduction!

This update starts with the really HOT (and HARDCORE, warning!) scene from "Dorcel Airlines", thanks to OkMerlin. It starts showing us an hostess changing stockings on an airplane (ok...kinda weird...but it's a porno movie, what do you expect?). Then a guy comes and sits down in front of her. She starts teasing him a bit, then he kisses her foot and she gives him a great footjob!

Then there is the scene from "Nishabd", as hot as the first one, even if not hardcore. A gorgeous brunette (Jiah Khan) gives a really hard time to a man at the table, teasing him under the table with her barefoot! She's just restless and...evil! Really really hot!!


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Mia Maestro's feet on a lucky guy's face

In the scene from "Deep Water", featured in today's update on Feet Under The Table, Mia Maestro is in the pool and a guy steps on it (fully dressed!). They start playing and kissing then, after a bit, she puts her feet on his face.

Quite a lucky guy, don't you think?

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