Foot on face and...candid heelpop!

The italian movie "Miracolo Italiano" has a cool scene where a woman is standing on the bed with her lover while he is talking at the phone with his wife. She screams him "Tell her you love her! Tell her!" and while doing so she pushes her foot on his face.

The scene from "Siddhartha" is sweet instead. A woman is standing in front of a man and she rubs her bare foot on his bare one.

After a long time (my fault, not his) a candid video from the great Fabio!!! It's a video he took at the italian EICMA show, in 2006 (yes i had this video since then...sorry guys). You must look at it till the end because you'll see a fantastic heelpop in black hose and black shoes!


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A flight attendant's foot on a man's crotch

This week a truly HOT scene from the tv series "Footballers' Wives". A gorgeous blonde hostess seduces a guy on the plane and, while doing so, she puts her foot on his crotch!


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Nylon Charm: nylon fetish heaven

nyloncharm_logoReviewed some months ago on The Fetish Expo, Nylon Charm surely is a site where anyone with a nylon fetish should seriously consider joining.

Infact Nylon Charm offers all contents you would like to see inside a nylon fetish site: luscious babes with long stockings covered legs, sexy female feet in nylon and heels, perfect ass models in pantyhose and  gorgeous girls in coloured tights. Moreover if you join Nylon Charm , you’ll get full access to 27 bonus sites.

Inside Nylon Charm  you can find many sets of excellent pictures (average  100 pics each) and nylon videos (approximately 3 min. each). Nylon Charm membership gives you total access to 27 bonus sites!

Website navigation is very quick but design is too plain for my taste. Nylon Charm is only in English language.

Some example of the fantastic galleries available? Here they are!


And if you want to read a more detailed review or see more free galleries of this fantastic site, be sure to go to The Fetish Expo.

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A foot on crotch scene to remember...

Just one new video this week guys...sorry about it, but it's a really really busy period for me. It's the really hot scene from the movie "Divina" (thanks to OkMerlin for this). A gorgeous blonde is at the bar in front of a guy, trying to seduce him. At one point she uses her foot too... you have to see the scene to understand how hot it is!


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Kylie Minogue is the most wanted footsie partner

It seems the footcare company Carnation Footcare really thought of us when it recently asked over 2.000 british people to pick which celebrity they would most like to play footsie with!

Kylie Minogue, the australian pop singer, won with 15 percent of the vote, while Anjelina Joline ended up at the second place with 13 percent.

Here are the global standings:

  1. Fearne Cotton - 10%
  2. Katie Holmes /Tess Daley / Charlie Dimmock - 4%
  3. Kate Moss - 3%

I personally agree with them, as Kylie Minogue always was at the top of my preferences when it comes to foot fetish dreams...probably because she always wears high heels and, often, nylons... what about you?Katie Holmes

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Sofia Gucci puts her foot there...

In today's update the great Sofia Gucci is the star of one of the hottest scenes we've seen lately here. In "Dirty Dance" she's having a romantic dinner with her boyfriend and, after some chat, she starts rubbing his leg with her hosed leg and black shoe. Then she pushes her shoe into his crotch a couple of times... really hot!

And guys...if you still didn't, go and read the interview i've been lucky to make with Cat, one of the most beautiful webcam girls i've ever seen!


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