Interview with Cat, a beautiful webcam girl

12-06-2005 06.25.29_Cat1954

I don't have any problems to admit that in the past i had been a long and happy user of CamFeet, one of the most famous adult videochat sites of the web (the only one totally dedicated to foot fetishists).

I truly think that those who never tried a pay videochat, just can't understand what they are missing. The real adult entertainment on the web is there. How else could you even dream of spending some time with an incredibly beautiful woman such as Cat?

She is by far the most beautiful webcam girl i've ever seen and, moreover, she makes every session unique and unforgettable. That's why i proposed her an interview: to give you all the chance to know a bit more of this incredible woman and, if you still didn't think of, to give you a reason to try CamFeet. Believe me, spend some time with Cat in a videochat, look at her while she moves, look at her smile, her eyes... and you'll understand what i mean.

What do you find exciting in virtual sex?
I find it exciting because...it's somehow getting out of this routine, you know... having sex only in bed, in places you always do it and you get tired of... you need to do something wild, to feel free and explore new things with another man than just your boyfriend.

09-04-2005 14.14.58_Cat0809 Do you think it's important to be able to see each other in virtual sex?
Yes, it is very important. You get to see everything, all that is happening... both have to see what we do to each other.

Virtual sex is always without smells and, most of the time, sounds. Don't you think this removes a lot from the passion of the situation?
14-08-2006 23.40.20_Cat0250No,i have a wild imagination... so, that is not a problem for me.

Do you ever do things in virtual sex that you don't like to do?
I always do what i want and what makes me happy...

21-06-2005 10.26.35_Cat1316 Does it ever happen to you to get really involved during a session? And if so... what does this have to do with? Your partner? The thing he asks you? The way he looks? Or it depends only on your personal feelings, not influenced by him?
The way he talks always fascinates me... it has nothing to do with the way he looks. Look is not important to me that much, the way he talks and the way he says he would do something to me gets me excited and that's the way he gets my attention. And yes it did happen to get involved in a session...

30-09-2007 19.58.16_Cat0025 What's the physical part of a man body that you like most?
Hands and lips...

And what about his character features?
Smart enough to make me smile and good enough to make me cum.

Coming to questions more relevant to people visiting visiting my blog...what size shoe do you wear?
6, or 36 in european size

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe, and if so what is it and why?
Yes, i can't imagine myself not wearing heels! I like all the shoes that have high heels.

13-04-2005 16.17.59_Cat1124 When you are at home, do you wear slippers? What kind?
Yes, i have a pair that i love: they are pink and puffy! :-)

Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and if so what style/brand? Any favourite color?
Yes, dark grey pantyhose are my favourites, i do wear them in autumn.

15-09-2005 04.55.25_Cat2247 Do you also like to wear socks? And if so, what color do you prefer?
Yes, i wear socks a lot. I like the ones below the knee, with little flowers and different fantasies on them.

Are you familiar with foot and/or shoe fetishism, and if so, how were you introduced to it? Ever dated a foot fetishist? What was it like for you?
I am familiar with this kind of fetish but, to be honest, i've never dated a foot fetishist. I'd like to try one one day...

30-09-2007 17.47.25_Cat2014 Do you have a preferred method of having your feet pampered? (e.g. massage, pedicure, oral worship)
No, not really... if i think again i think massage...

Are you familar with the term "shoeplay", and if so do engage in shoeplay when you're out in public?
Oh yes, especially when i go out in town to eat something and have a drink. It's fun to take the shoe out and play with it...

In keeping with the theme of our website, have you ever teased a man under the table with your feet? We'd be particularly interested in hearing about any time you've done that when other people are also sitting at the table.
No, haven't done that before, but i want to! It's one of my fantasies i have to fulfill !!!

Cat in pantyhose Is there any scene that you remember from a movie or a tv show where there is a woman that uses her feet to seduce a man?
No, not exactly... but i like the scene from "Basic Instinct" when Sharon Stone doesn't wear any panties... :-P

What other foot related sexual activities have you tried, if any (e.g. foot worship, pedal pumping, footjobs) and what did you think about that?
None to be honest.

Any advice for men who want to reveal their foot fetish to their lover?
Yeah, keep on going guys. Feel free to do what you want and live your life deeply!

02-07-2007 15.27.02_Cat2033 15-12-2004 01.10.43_Cat0238 19-12-2004 05.24.16_Cat2306
21-01-2008 16.19.23_Cat0023 23-01-2005 07.50.27_Cat2042 23-01-2007 20.47.43_Cat1847
25-08-2007 13.03.44_Cat0912 26-12-2007 23.48.26_Cat0118 09-04-2005 15.52.44_Cat0502

and guys... if you visit Cat...be sure to tell her about the interview...she'll be happy and, moreover, she'll know what you like to see ;-)

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Romantic and hot footsie games...

The scene from the asian movie "Bilssfully Yours" is surely more romantic than sexy. A couple is sitting by a river, with their legs in the water. They slowly touch each other feet. Romantic, truly romantic.

Hale Sürel gives us a hot performance in the turkish TV series "Senden Baska". First she sits on a table dangling her black pantyhosed leg (her skirt is really short too!) then she plays footsies under the table with the guy. Unfortunately i didn't capture this scene, therefore all i have is the video that has been posted on the forum, which obviously is an edited version. I personally prefer much more when i can see the whole scene, in order to see what's happening...so if anyone can provide the complete scene, that would be fantastic.


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Feet on face and on crotch

In today's update, thanks to Feeture, a not so common scene taken from the film "Pieces Of April". Patricia Clarkson, sitting on the back of a car, rubs the driver's face with her black hosed foot... is there any better way of driving? ;-)

In "Archangel" we see instead a really classic footsie under the table scene. Tanya Moodie puts her foot (with brown fishnets) on Daniel Craig's crotch under the table, and gives him a sexy look. This happens during a business lunch, with lots of people at the table with them and a guy giving a speech.


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Digital Desire: home of the great J.Stephen Hicks

Since today i would like to start publishing here, every now and then, part of "The Fetish Expo" reviews. I think that not everyone can continously keep an eye on the website and, moreover, i think a blog is much easier to read than a website (especially thanks to the RSS Feeds).

So i'm going to start with the latest site reviewed on The Fetish Expo: Digital Desire.

This is the new home of the extremely popular site Digital Dream Girls, the excellent creation of J. Stephen Hicks who has photographed most of the world?s most gorgeous Playboy girls and stunning Penthouse models. In fact Hicks, with well over 20 years as an adult photographer, has become synonymous with quality and excellence in the field of erotic industry. For this reason Digital Desire is a great soft content site, full of hot pornstars (like Bunny Luv, Anita Blond, Silvia Saint, Jenna Jameson, Nikki Tyler, Debbie Hooks, Nikki Nova Kirsten Kolby, Aria Giovanni), top quality contents (images of covergirls, girlfriends, supermodels, hooters, etc.), exceptional photos and videos.

Digital Desire currently has well over 205.000 individual images, divided into many photo galleries, accompanied by well over 360 videos (approximately 6 minutes each). The photos mostly displayed at around 1600x1067 at their highest resolution, but they can all be viewed in a selection of sizes. The videos are available in 4 formats: Windows (1400k), Quicktime (1500k), Divx (3500k) and iPod (3500k). Pics and clips of Digital Desire offer a hot mix of contents: sensual girls in lingerie, cute babes in stockings and high heels, lesbian action, teens wearing swimwear, etc. Moreover site updates are daily and contents are 100% exclusive.

Click here for more details and to have access to other free galleries

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Quick foot fetish videos

Just two videos today...and both quick, even if not that bad at all in my opinion.

The advert for the Janssen toenail fungus product points out that even playing footsies can be a problem in certain situations...and it does that showing us a nice footsie situation on the couch.

The scene from the movie "Hinten Scheisst Die Ente" is instead...weird. I don't know the background of it, but that's how i got it. In slow motion. Anyway we see this lady sitting down and immediatly raising a foot up on a guy's crotch... not bad.


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Footsies for every taste

It's quite rare to see in an indian movie a woman starting the foot seduction...and that's the case of "Nagina (Sriidevi)" where, during a dance, an indian beauty puts her feet on a man's body, starting from his leg and ending up on his chest.

In "Paolina Venere Imperiale", an italian porno movie, a woman plays footsie to a man in front of the bed (with the gorgeous Milly D'Abbraccio on...), while they are both standing.

"Shasha & Masha", the russian TV series, already gave us a scene , so it's nice to see another one from the same show...even if not as good as the first one. This time a couple plays footsie while they are both laying down, inside a tent...probably during some sort of camping.


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Happy new year from Nyllady!

My wife had to work yesterday (me too actually)... and she thought of bringing the videocamera in her office...as a new year's gift for everyone...

Download link here


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