Foot Fetish in mainstream advertising

Today's update features a couple of nice scenes from TV advert today, both of them thanks to Platano02 from the forum!

The shower foam "Lever 2000" advertise itself showing a couple having a shower...in the rain. And in the end they play footsies together, standing and hugging each other.

In the advert from the body cream "Nair" instead a couple is sitting at a table wearing and the girl slowly starts playing footsies (well, just with her leg) to him.... not bad at all.


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ShoeTube, a promising mainstream site

As you may all know, after YouTube's success many other sites tried to copy that idea, so many different somethingTube appeared online. Most of them are just a bad copy of YouTube and don't really have any chance to survive for long (to run a free site like that you need to start by having a LOT of money...) but sometimes... there are a few sites that actually have a chance.

That's the case of ShoeTube. Proclaiming itself the "most exciting thing to happen to shoes since Carrie found those coveted Manolo Blahniks in the closet at Vogue," it should be obvious how magnificent this site is going to be. The primary draw will be its broadcast quality programming, with just a dash of user and sponsor created content. Considering that the site is produced by Powderhouse, which is behind a number of shows for the likes of Discovery Channel and TLC, the production quality of the content may be a cut above average (you can have a preview of the content at their Shoetube.tv Media Kit).

The site is slated to launch in February 2008, with a slew of professionally penned blogs, editorials on shoe trends, and "tons of other community features."

So don't tell me you actually don't understand why i am talking about this site... yes... i'm pretty sure there will be a ton of interesting videos for people with a foot/shoe fetish like us... so... something to keep an eye on!

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Merry Christmas!

Me and my wife just want to wish a merry Christmas to everyone. As a little gift, a part from the Christmas Card below here, you can find here a new set of photos with Nyllady doing exercises and trying different kind of pink pantyhose.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Stoned: one HOT foot fetish video

In this last update before Christmas, the video from "Stoned" really gets a lot of attention. I think it's one of the hottest scenes we have on this site, even if the actual foot on crotch part is  really quick. I can't explain you it... you just need to see it. All i can tell you is that a man does some exercises in front of a hot girl, who is teasing him all the time with her legs, her feet, her socks and more... just look at it guys!

The scene from "Adultery Chinese Style" is a sweet one instead. We see this woman teasing a man on the couch with her feet. She uses them on his face, on his legs...everywhere ;-)


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Sexy feet on face and... between the legs!

In this week's update, "The Story Of Virginie Gervais" surely isn't a film for everyone. Defining it a little "weird" comes naturally but well, in the end, i believe it's just the story of a Mistress, so anything is possible. In this scene we see Virginie with two guys. One is taking care of her hand, the other one of her foot. She is dressed with black lingerie, stockings and high heel shoes. After a while she starts rubbing one guy's crotch with her foot... really hot!

The scene from "Perversion Story" is another one of those scenes where a guy is leaving from the bedroom, sitting on the bed and the woman (in this case a gorgeous blonde) teases him with her naked foot on his face.


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Shoe store foot seduction...and more

The scene from "Leena", with Kathleen Mazzotta (aka Leena La Bianca) is one that we all saw on the forum a long time ago. It's one of those... unreal pornographic situations but, still, something that can surely make us dream! Besides, the shoe store is a place of seduction even in some mainstream movies and tv series (Sex & The City, just to give an example). So we see Leena (a gorgeous brunette) seducing a shoe salesman while trying some shoes... hot scene indeed, as she also puts her foot on his crotch.

In the video from "The Spy With My Face" we never see Senta Berger's face, but we only see her feet and legs while she enters the shower and starts rubbing them against Robert Vaughn's calf.


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