Fantastic footsie under the table video

I think that the really really hot footsie under the table scene from the tv series "Por Amor A Gloria" can be considered as one of the best ever on the website!

We see this HOT wife playing footsies with a soldier (her daughter's boyfriend probably!) that is having lunch with her, herhusband and her daughter. She's not wearing any kind of nylons but she got killer legs and we see everything she does! She removes her shoe, then starts slowly with his leg...and ends up pushing hard into his crotch!

The old and nice commercial for the Clarkes shoes is one of those rare clips that i'm glad i can put online. It ends up with this lady briefly playing footsie over a Clarkes shoe... really really a sweet video!


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Kate Winslet's naked feet...

Speaking about celebrities, Kate Winslet naked foot on Harvey Keitel's chest is surely the main thing of this update.

That's what happens in "Holy Smoke", finally online after being requested so much in the forum! Scene is not so hot in my opinion, but considering the two big celebrities involved well...i don't think we could get any better!

Thanks to Zdo online also the scene from the TV Series "WKRP In Cincinnati". The hot blonde Jennifer (Loni Anderson) is talking to the DJ of the radio (Howard Hesseman) and, speaking about her shoes, she puts on her foot on his lap and he then removes her shoe. She's wearing white shiny pantyhose (ah...the 80s!) and boy...we all wish we were him i bet ;-)

Online also a new video me and my wife did. Well... it has been around the internet since a couple of weeks now, but in case you missed it...well...here it is. She's reading a book and, while doing so, she shows off her stockings and kicks off her shoes... let her know if you like it guys...you know that women love to be spoiled a bit!

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Kari Wuhrer and Kathy Baker foot fetish videos!

Just two videos in this update...but nice ones in my opinion!

Kari Wuhrer is really really HOT in the scene from "Hit And Run". She does everything to make the other actor horny, including rubbing her foot (in black stockings) against his crotch. We already had this scene, but now we have a higher quality version and, moreover, a much longer one. If you downloaded it already...well do it again, it's worth it!

Robert De Niro and Kathy Baker in a foot fetish scene? Well... more or less! In the film "Jacknife" Kathy walks toward De Niro and rubs her foot against his leg. She's wearing open toe shoes and nylons, we can see it... sweer choice Kathy!


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Hot Foot on crotch videos!

Well... this is a really good update, all focused on footsies under the table!!!!

A really really hot scene from the italian porno movie "The Order", with Roberta Missoni. I've left the video quite long, to let you enjoy more of the scene. You first see her dressing up in front of her man, getting ready for dinner. She puts on her stockings.. then at dinner she gives him a coupld of sexy looks and then puts her foot on his crotch (without shoes but with black stockings). Hot, so damn hot!

Thanks to OkMerlin online the scene from the old italian porno film "Calamo". It's a classic footsie under the table scene, although the woman has her shoe on. Really a nice one!

And finally... another great candid video from Tomi! This time he shows us a pair of shoeless tired hosed feet... of a hostess of course! She's wearing tan pantyhose...and it's lovely to see her rubbing one foot over the other!

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