Three hot footsie videos

Here we are with a new update... featuring three really good footsie scenes!

The scene from "Shameless" is rather brief, but the face on the hot Rebecca Atkinson while she puts her socked foot on this guy's lap is really amazing. Surely enjoable!

Thanks to Babylove, online one of the hottest scenes since a long time! The scene is taken from the movie "Emotional Girl 2" and we see this asian girl dressed with a black short dress, black pantyhose and black high heels in pain because of her calf hurts her. So this guy takes her foot in his hand and slowly starts giving her a massage. She gets excited by this, so she brushes her foot (still on heels) on his crotch. Hot, really hot!

Another funny scene is the one taken from "Criminal Intelligence" where two couples are playing cards at the table and one woman wants to play footsies with a guy but ends up doing this to the other woman!

Finally, just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the poll to choose the Pin-up Wow! model to be featured in the next interview for The Fetish Expo!

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Three hot footjobs and a funny one

Well, perhaps the subject of this message is not quite right, as you know that usually there are no explicit footjobs on Foot Under The Table. But the three scenes from the hardcore movie "Stiletto" are indeed really hot!
One is a hot foot on crotch scene with a redhead, one is the same action by a gorgeous brunette and, finally, one is taking place at the swimming pool and, to be honest, it's my favourite of these three. There is more action in this one, more seduction... it's worth to download almost only to hear the girl saying "You like them, don't you?"...talking about her feet of course. Priceless :-)

The scene from the british Tv Series "My Family" is one of those funny and classic "who's playing footsies with me?" scenes. I don't want to spoil it to you, but let's just say that there are two couples at a table...and a man doesn't really know who's playing footsies with him!

Online also the italian version of "Darla's Game", by COL. Who made the translation? Nyllady of course...and she enjoyed the story too ;-)

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Foot fetish pictures? Yes, finally!

It was too long since i've put some new pictures... so...after a long time, a big update to the Footsie Pictures section. Here's the number of new photos for each category: 6 in Amateur & Candids, 5 in Celebrities, 121 in Comics & Draws, 3 in Magazines & Books and 15 in Professional Photos... is it enough?

Online also the scene from "Hotel Erotica - Sensual Escapes": surely a hot one! A woman is sitting at the table with a man and, while they talk, she starts rubbing her naked foot on his crotch.

The one from the "Record newspaper" advert is instead quite funny. In a few words, a guy has to go to the toilet...he then finds out that there is not toilet paper, but to avoid using the Record newspaper he removes his socks... his girlfriend plays footsies with him, and she notices the absence of socks.

Then, online the fantastic candid video from Newland. He uses a really clever (and somehow easy) tecnique: he leaves the camera on the floor, with infrared on... and that's how he captured the amazing dipping of his friend Xandra!

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Alessia Merz and Diane Kruger teasing in a shoe store!

This update is almost totally dedicated to scenes taking place in a shoe store...one of the places where i'm sure many of us would like to work....

The first is one of my favourite scenes, the one from "Cornetti Al Miele" with the italian cock teaser Alessia Merz, now finally online in DVD quality. In this scene Alessia enters a shoe store to buy a new pair of boots. She points them to the salesman, removes her boots and, when he comes back with the new ones she spreads her legs in front of him and, saying "Is everything ok?" she puts her foot (in black pantyhose) on his face. Hot as hell!

The other scene is the one from "Wicker Park". This time the actress is Diane Kruger, that enters the shoe store to find a new pair of high heel shoes. The salesman is in a lot of troubles and she notices him. So she presses her foot on his knee while he's opening the box, teasing him.

Online also the second candid video that Tomi, from the forum, allowed me to put online. This time it's the video of an incredible dipper! This girl is standing at the side of a car and she just can't stop dipping on her high heel shoe...she's wearing hose too and the scene is really great!

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Eva Longoria upskirt? No it wasn't

Ok guys, i made a mistake when i wrote about the Eva Longoria upskirt... it was instead Janice Dickinson... but to let you forgive me, here's the complete set of photos regarding that upskirt!

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Incredible Eva Longoria pantyhose upskirt!

Guys, there are no words to describe this Eva Longoria pantyhose upskirt! Black pantyhose, skirt ad legs up...full frontal! Enough with words, enjoy the picture!

Ops...my mistake guys. This is not Eva Longoria but Janice Dickinson. Here the complete set of photos.

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