Footsie from a teenager, from a girl and from a lady...we got all this week!

Well, here we are at another update. Sogfile posted on the forum some days ago the nice footsie under the table scene from "Blind Dating". Well, thanks to this i've found a higher quality version of that scene. A guy is at dinner with a girl, for a blind date. She removes her shoe and starts rubbing his calf with her naked foot, going further up. He then stops her foot with his hand.

The double footsie from the film "Paranoia" had been discovered by Babylove, on YouTube. I've found the movie and managed to get the scene. The scene starts with a man and two women sitting at the table, having dinner. The man starts playing footsies with the girl at his left and, after that, the woman at her left does the same to her! Weird? Exciting? You decide :-)

And now with the hottest scene in this update (at least in my opinion): the one from the italian film "La Seduzione", that Tyson wrote me about a while ago. A man comes back home, looking for his wife, but she's not there. While walking in he notices her daughter (which is not his daughter) sitting on the couch reading. So he decides to sit at her side. As soon as he does this she removes her shoes (we get to see that clearly) and put her feet (wearing blue nylon socks) on his lap. She starts moving them, trying to tease him (later on they will have an affair)...so he starts caressing her legs... and after a while his wife comes back home, so the girl runs away. The actress is Jenny Tamburi, and although she's playing a 16 years old girl here, she was 21 at the time of the movie...so don't worry about her age guys and...just enjoy it!


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Footjob in an Anime movie, footsie in a porno one and...more!

Quite a lot of great things in this update, at least in my opinion :-)

Online the HOT scene from the porno movie "Infirmieres De Charme", thanks to Dimfeet. We see this nurse sitting on a desk and rubbing the man's crotch with her sexy foot. She's wearing suntan stockings and the scene couldn't be hotter! We also see the moment while she removes her shoe, which is a nice thing in every scene.

I didn't know if the footjob scene from the Anime movie "Virgin Auction" was of for the site. Is uncensored, so be in mind that you are going to see everything. I thought about it and, in the end, i thought that scenes like this on Anime movies are so rare...that it can't harm to put it on the site. The scene starts with the girl entering the room and sitting on a chair in front of this guy, who is naked and tied. She then forces him to ask her for a footjob and, when he does, she makes him cum.

Another great video from PoD comes in the Candid & Posed section of the site. His girlfriend this time dangles her shoe while they are in the car...and i have to admit, she is really clever with that dangling!

Last but not least... my wife. That day when we recorded the last three videos you saw, we also took quite a lot of photos. Some of them are good, some are not...but we decided to put them all online for you to see and judge them. They are half with RHT stockings and half with naked feet (shoes on) so... something for everyone. There are also two photos we took a while ago, on my wife's car. In those photos she's wearing black pantyhose with red boots. Please...let her know what you think about them!

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High quality sites at just 1$

With today's update of "The Fetish Expo" (Cummy Feet review), i'm pleased to introduce you a deal i managed to made with a bunch of pay sites: subscriptions to them for as low as 1$, with lots of bonus sites included too!

It seems that all these years of working hard on this site are finally paying off. I can give you something unique. You can get this deal only here: 1$ for a three days membership of any of those sites, including a lot of bonus sites!

And, as you can imagine, each of you who will actually subscribe to any of those sites (at just 1$), will help me a lot in covering the costs of "Feet Under The Table".

If you ever wanted to know how it feels like to be member of a paysite this is your chance to try: you just have to spend 1$... i don't think it's much, is it?

So, as i said, Cummy Feet is the one that is actually reviewed already on "The Fetish Expo" (with free picture and video galleries too), but these are other sites offering you the same 1$ subscription:
Believe me...they are all at least worth to be checked out ;-)

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Anna Falchi and Edwige Fenech foot seduction scenes!

In today's update on "Feet Under The Table" first of all online a nice scene from the italian TV movie "Piper", starring the gorgeous Anna Flachi. She makes a strip tease in front of a man and, while doing it, she puts her foot twice on his knee. Not that much as a footsie but...believe me...the scene is worth to be watched!

Online also a quite good scene with the fantastic Edwige Fenech in "Giovannona Long-Thigh" where she plays footsie under the table with a woman thinking she's doing it to the man in front of her. Too bad she doesn't remove her shoes...but still... she gaves us great looks on her face.

The first candid video that Tomi, from the forum, allowed me to put online is on the site as well. He has been posting pictures from his (amazing) videos since a while and, to my great happiness, he allowed me to post some of his videos here. In this one we see a girl, at a car show, popping out and dipping in her shoes. She's wearing suntan hose... and oh boy.. she moves so nicely those toes...

Nyllady translated two stories from italian to english, and i'm sure you'll all like them. I especially like "The Silvia's Shoes"...i've always liked that story, especially the first part of it...

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Mareva Galanter footsie scene...and much more!

Some really great scenes in this update... first of all, the one from "Young, Beautiful And Screw Up", where we don't see that much but we get a fantastic view of Mareva Galanter's sexy expression while she's playing footsies with the guy at her left side.

Online also the two scenes from the chinese tv series "Foolish Commander" (this is not the actual title, just the literal translation i got, hope it's correct!). In the first scene we see this hot dark haired woman playing footsies under the table to a man, while other women are at the same table. The second footsie scene takes place in another situation instead, with the woman doing that while sitting on the man's leg. Thanks to Geehot for these scenes!

Online also a new candid video from HSP: "Walking Shoeless In Hosed Feet"...as the title say, in this video we see how women can proudly walk without shoes but with hose on... at least where HSP lives! :-)

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Nyllady's rubbing nyllover's crotch...and some footsie

Yes, this update is mainly focused on my wife... i'm sure you can understand me :-)
We made three videos (and some pictures, that will come later) about a month ago and, although i've put them on the forum, i still didn't put them on the website. So they are online here now.

In the first one, i'm removing her shoes. This one didn't come out really well, we didn't choose a good angle for the camera... in the second one she puts on the new RHT stockings we bought. In the video's page you'll also find a link to the shop where we bought them, really a good and cheap shop. The final video is a little bit more..."hot", and that's why YouTube deleted it after a few hours we put it there. My wife rubs my crotch with her hosed feet...and... she is quite clever, i can assure you! As always, don't be shy to let her know what you think of her videos... she likes to read your comments!

Online also the footsie scene from the italian Tv series "Love Bugs" (that already gave us a scene with Michelle Hunziker in the first series). This time we see Giorgia Surina dancing with Emilio Soffrizzi and playing footsies with him. She is wearing open toes high heel shoes and really dark pantyhose. During the scene she also moves her toes a lot...quite nice!

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