Interview with Natasha, Office Girls' model

After the interview with Jess, published about a month ago, here i am with a new interview to a model of an adult site.
This is the time of Natasha, model in Office Girls and owner of Addicted To Feet.

What size shoe do you wear?
uk size 4.5

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe, and if so what is it and why?
stiletto - black patent leather with 5 inch spike heel

When you are at home, do you wear slippers? What kind?
yes i do, i wear slippers that have a 2 inch heel with fur across the toe (like mules/slides)

Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings, and if so what style/brand? Any favourite color?
i wear both pantyhose and stockings nearly every day of my life. my favourite pantyhose are wolford fatal 15's in black or white my favourite stockings are copper or black fully fashioned cuban heel seamed stockings made of silk

Do you also like to wear socks? And if so, what color do you prefer?
yes i wear socks to the gym, white ankle socks

Are you familiar with foot and/or shoe fetishism, and if so, how were you introduced to it? Ever dated a foot fetishist? What was it like for you?
yes i am, i have my own site in Addicted To Feet - i love high heels and also to be tied up and tickled on my soles, i am married to a foot fetishist, and love giving nylon foot jobs. i adore the attention my feet get.

Do you have a preferred method of having your feet pampered? (e.g. massage, pedicure, oral worship)
oral worhip is good. i like to wear stockings or pantyhose for a full day so they are scented and smelly and have marks off my shoes on them, then slip off my shoes and have a wet tongue all over my soles, heels, and in between my toes.

Are you familar with the term "shoeplay", and if so do engage in shoeplay when you're out in public?
yes i like to tease by dangling my spike heels if i am sitting in a restaurant and i can see a guy looking over at my legs and feet, i like guys to see the reinforced area of my stockings on my ankles and heels.

In keeping with the theme of our website, have you ever teased a man under the table with your feet? We'd be particularly interested in hearing about any time you've done that when other people are also sitting at the table.
yes, agaim, at restaurants i like to shoe dangle, let my shoe fall off and treat guys to great views of my feet and soles. i have also given a few guys foot jobs under tables in restaurants and once in a nightclub with my pantyhose feet, which results in my feet getting covered in thick cum.

Is there any scene that you remember from a movie or a tv show where there is a woman that uses her feet to seduce a man?
i do not really recall one, although i have seen it many times in porn films where women give footjobs.

What other foot related sexual activities have you tried, if any (e.g. foot worship, pedal pumping, footjobs) and what did you think about that?
because i run my own site, Addicted To Feet, i cover all aspects of foot fetish - squashing food, foot worship, trampling, pedal pumping, shoe dangling, nylon related, bare feet, dirty feet, pissing down my legs and feet, everything....!!!!

Any advice for men who want to reveal their foot fetish to their lover?
go for it, most women are keen to please their man, its great to start something soft and not to perverse, and build the relationship from there, the pleasure will become more intense for both of you.

And now, use this topic of the forum to make your comments about the interview!

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New foot fetish blog

During the last days, a new foot fetish blog showed up online. It's the Footsie Babes Blog.
The name says it all: gorgeous girls using their feet on men.
I'm sure you all know Footsie Babes, featured in The Fetish Expo and knowed on the web for providing maybe the best footjob pictures and videos.

This is their blog, where they will show new pictures and videos many times a week!

Welcome in the blog world Footsie Babes, it will be a great pleasure to read...and see your blog! :-)

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Two new footsie scenes...and two interviews!

These are the main things about this update: two new footsie scenes and two new interviews coming soon...
First of all, thanks to Larlibra007, a really nice under the table footsies from "Mile High", and english Tv Series. This hot brunette uses her naked foot to convince the man opposite to her about something... she said "i will be really thankful".... is there a better way to use feet? Then, another footsie under the table scene from the tv series "Asi Es La Vida", that already gave us a scene. We see this hot woman teasing the man sits opposite her during a meal, while other people are there. Not that bad at all!

As i promised, i sent the questions of the interview to Melanie of OnlyMelanie...but while i sent her those questions, another model agreed for an interview!
Natasha from OfficeGirls will be the next one to be interviewed! I've sent her the questions already as well so... be ready for a couple of interviews!
On a side note, if you want to see more about Melanie and Natasha... remember that both of their sites are present in "The Fetish Expo", with eight free picture galleries and a complete review of their sites.
One last thing, i've fixed a couple of links to Nyllady's videos. They were still on the old Rapidshare site, so they had been deleted. Now every video is available for download.

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Footsies, shoeplay and...another exclusive interview!

Quite a big update today! First of all, a quick but sweet scene from the 1927 Alfred Hitchcock movie "Downhill". A man and a girl are standing side by side...she touches his foot with hers. Shoes on of course...we are in 1927!

Then, thanks to Babylove, a DVD quality version of one of the best scenes here on the site: "Ridicule". This scene has everything: shoe removal, plenty of people at the table with them, long foot seduction that starts from calf and ends into the crotch...no wonder you gave it a rate higher than 8!

Coming to the shoeplay side of this update...four new videos from Ele and Robin Upward. So be ready for more shoeplay, dipping, hosed feet and a few dangling from Ele!

And finally...do you remember the interview i made about a month ago to Jess of JessUK? Well, as i promised, i'm trying to get interviews with other models as well and Melanie of OnlyMelanie agreed for one!
I'll send the interview during next week, so you have just a few days to think about some questions you would like to ask her. Go here in the forum and add your questions!
Ah... she also sent me an exclusive (short) preview of one of her videos... you can see it there in the forum!

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New footsie videos!

Two footsie videos in this week's update of "Feet Under The Table". The scene from the "Disaronno" advert is surely a hot one. We see a woman playing footsies with another woman while waiting for their drink at the bar...they are both wearing suntan hose... boy that's hot! Online also a DVD quality version of the scene from "The Underneath". This is another DVD i decided to buy on Amazon with the gift certificate i got from last year's support you guys showed by shopping there. If you don't remember the scene, there is this hot blond sitting in the car with a guy. They are in a parking and he's talking... she starts to massage his crotch with her foot in a really really hot way. In the end of the scene (and this part was not on the video we had previously online) she takes a note from a bag just with her foot.

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