The best videos of 2006

In the last update of 2006, a nice scene from "CSI: New York" where we see a woman teasing another woman (a detective) with her foot, ten new videos from Robin Upward's friend Ele and... the 2006 TOP VIDEOS of each category!
To make this list i've considered only those scenes that appeared on the site for the first time during this year, not scenes of which we got a better quality video during this year. I've also considered only those scenes that had at least 10 votes. Too bad i noticed just now that there was a problem in the voting system for adverts... but we got just two new adverts in 2006 so... they are both in this list! And if anyone had some doubts... the Candid & Posed section was dominated by RobinUpward, with his friend Ele, and HSP with all his fantastic videos.


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Merry Christmas and Happy 2007!

Me and my wife, Nyllady, want to wish everyone a warm Merry Christmas, and a fantastic 2007. We tried to make a video that could be a little bit connected to Christmas... let us know what you think of it!

Nyllover And Nyllady wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2007

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Shoeplay, red stockings and footsies

Quite a big update this weekend!
First of all, i've fixed the problem on the forum that was making impossible to register: now everything works fine, i'm sorry with anyone that tried to register in the last 10 days.
Coming to videos... well, the first mention goes to the new Nyllady's video: my wife always surprises me. Coming back home and looking at the video she made was a really nice surprise...i know, she isn't a natural shoeplayer...but i love the way she moves. Yes i know what you are saying now "of course you love her, you married her!" but well... take a look at the video and then tell her what you think. Regarding her videos... lately i was uploading them also to Blip.tv, to give you the chance to see the videos without downloading them. Blip.tv decided to delete all those videos...so i uploaded some of them to YouTube. To be updated everytime i add something new, subscribe to this page: http://www.youtube.com/nyllover
Needless to say, they already deleted a couple of those videos... saying that some YouTube member flagged them as "inappropriate content"... oh well... i hope they won't delete them all, otherwise you will loose the chance to see them without downloading them...

Then... the most incredible candid dangling video i've ever seen, by HSP of course. I thought that these things could happen only in a studio...but it seems HSP proved me wrong once again. That flight attendant plays with her shoe in a fantastic, incredible way...

Also online two new foot seduction scenes of course...to read about them you can check the main page of the site.

One last thing... The Fetish Expo. With the last update, you can now read there 32 reviews of some of the best foot fetish websites on the net and, on top of that, you have access to about 200 free picture and video sets from them. That's true, nearly 200 sets, for a total of more than 2000 free pictures.
Needless to say that, if you want to make yourself a Christmas present, a subscription to one of those sites is the best thing you can buy yourself...especially because, with that section of the site, you can actually "see what you get" before you buy anything... and you also help me covering the server costs. The trial membership to some of those sites is very cheap, in some cases just a 2$... and with those money you actually help "Feet Under The Table" to remain alive... think about it...

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Send a sexy and exclusive Christmas video card to your friends!

Are you one of those people who usually send Christmas e-cards? Well i am... but this year i am going to send something completely different: a personalized video e-card!
The girls from OnlyTease in fact allowed me to give you this amazing opportunity! Go to this page, select a few things like your friend's name, your name, the type of girl who has to be in the video, if she has to wear pantyhose, stockings or nothing...add your friend's e-mail address...and that's it, you are done! Your friend will get his Christmas wishes from four gorgeous girls dressed as Santa...and they will actually give him a really special present!
There is also a little surprise at the end...but i'm not going to tell you anything... just go there and enjoy this fantastic opportunity to send a really unique Christmas card!


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High quality footsie videos

In this week's update of "Feet Under The Table" i've managed to put online a really high quality version of two of the best scenes of the entire site...i'm so happy about it!
First of all, one of my all time favourites: "Cornetti Al Miele", with the super sexy Alessia Merz. You all remember the scene...she enters a shoe store, sit down, remove her boots (she's wearing black pantyhose and a miniskirt) and when the man kneels down in front of her to help her...she puts a foot on his face telling him "I never wear panties when i go to buy new shoes...". Is there ANYONE of us who wouldn't love to be him?
Then...the longest scene on the entire website "Love Hotel All Service" (aka Pensione Amore Servizio Completo). A super classic footsie scene: she removes her shoe and starts rubbing his calf, he joins in so she goes up to his crotch and he does the same... all this while a woman to another table is looking at them!

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Dipping, dangling and heel popping...from HSP

Yes, once again HSP gives us a fantastic video: "One Shoe Off Behind The Counter" even if, to be honest, there are two shoes off there... one of a lady and one of another. So enjoy this candid video full of dipping, dangling, heel popping from Asia!
Online also two new foot seduction scenes: "3 Iron" where we see this shy girl slowly touching the boy's foot with her right naked foot under the table and the one from "Tears Don't Fall - Bullet For My Valentine" where this hot girl teases her guy with her feet while he his driving.


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