Debooting video by Nyllady

Well i know... we posted a video just a few days ago but this weekend we went out and my wife decided to put on some nice high heeled boots she has, a miniskirt and some really cool pantyhose...so... when we came back home, after a long walk, she had the idea to take a short debooting video. So, have a look and let us know what you think about it guys ;-)

You can download the video from Rapidshare and Megaupload. or view it directly online from blip.tv

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Quick footsies...and car games

Yes... two new really quick scenes on "Feet Under The Table" : the first one, from "Affair Play", features this woman (Lysette Anthony) sitting on a couch and moving her foot toward a man's leg to touch it...but she doesn't get the answer she was looking for; the second one, from the movie "G", is somehow similar to the famous one from "I Like To Play Games": in fact we see the girl passing her panties to this man under the table, using her foot while also pressing against his crotch...quite hot!
Both of these scenes had been submitted by Feeture...once more, man, you are the best!
Another new thing of this update is an update on Nyllady's page. We were driving on the motorway toward Prato and my wife decided to take a short video with her mobile phone while she was driving me crazy with her feet... the quality of the video is not that good...but we hope you'll enjoy it anyway.


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Black hosed feet

What's the title of this post about? Well...that's something present on each scene of this update. In the higher quality version of the scene from "An American Affair" a guy helping a blonde drunk woman by removing her shoes while she starts rubbing his crotch with her foot in black pantyhose and in the really quick scene from "Kinky Boots" we get to see some nice red shoes with black hose underneath... so... a black hosed feet update! :-)

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Boycott Alitalia!

No, this is too much: Alitalia agreed to a request of their workers: since 15th of November Alitalia's Hostesses will be able to weare trousers!
The reason give is "because it's often too cold to wear a skirt". I'm not saying that this is not true but there are other ways to fight the cold and, in any case, i can't accept the fact that a woman would totally forget that she is a woman! That's what it is: hostesses are obviously there to show that they are women, to be proud of that. I fully respect women as i think they are EVERYTHING in the world, nothing would exists without women... but i am talking about women, not women who want to be men!
So what i'm saying is: DO NOT choose Alitalia flights. Just DO NOT. This decision is wrong, it's against women and what women should represent.

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Eva Longoria did it again!

Eva Longoria is really going to be one of the hottest footsie stars. After the scene in Series 1 of Desperate Housewives (where she played the classic footsie to a really lucky guy), this time, in Series 3 of the same tv series she did it again! She used her feet once again to...get a guy "attention"... only this time she puts her feet on his chest, while he's putting her stockings on... really really hot!
And regarding the first scene...well it seems that somebody liked it too... in fact in the south american version ( Amas De Casa Desesperadas ) there is exactly the same scene...only hotter!
So yes...lots to enjoy in this update... and also many new pictures!

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