Shoeplay and footsies...

Yes, that's what this update is about. Shoeplay from the amazing Ele...once more she gives us a great gift with the videos she lets RobinUpward take. She plays with her shoes wearing black reinforced toes hose and...well she IS clever.
Then there is this super nice footsie video, "New York Nights" where we see this lady removing her shoes with her feet in the air (really sexy) and then putting them in the crotch of a man. HOT, so damn HOT!

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Kate Winslet in a footsie scene

According to "The New York The Observer", Kate Winslet is involved in a footsie scene in the film "Little Children", where she plays the character Sarah. Here's what the article says:

Kathy begins to suspect that Brad is having an affair with Sarah, and so she arranges a dinner party for the two couples. This ends with a grotesque charade under the table, where Kathy has descended to retrieve an intentionally dropped fork so as to catch Brad and Sarah playing footsie.

It surely looks like one of the classic footsie scenes so... get your eyes open guys, and look for this scene!

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A lot of new things!

Well...really a lot of new things this week! If you read this blog you knew that the latest video of Nyllady was coming online, and you also knew that now you can see some photos we made as well. I really like these new pantyhose...you? A part from this, another great candid video from HSP: a dipping with black fancy pantyhose and high heel shoes! Really really a nice one! Then two other videos and some new pictures from slapped... a lot to see, don't you think?

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Elle McPherson shoeplay!

It doesn't happen often to see some shoeplay performed by a celebrity...and even less often to see it performed by a celebrity wearing high heel shoes and black hose! So i couln't believe my eyes when i saw these picture online: Elle McPherson sitting and popping out her tired feet from high heel shoes. Amazing, really amazing!

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Nyllady: a new video

Last weekend me and Nyllady went to our house in the countryside and, seeing at the nice sun, we decided to have fun! This video is the result of it (there will be some photos too) and i will put it on the website this weekend. What do you think? Do you like this pantyhose? I do....a lot...

Download it: Megaupload | Rapidshare | Blip.tv


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Monica Bellucci: here's the foot scene!

Here's a picture from the scene i wrote about yesterday where Monica Bellucci drives a guy crazy with her foot while they are having a bath. It was sent by falkampft blues on the Forum, and of course i want to thank him a lot for this. It really seems a HOT scene guys... can't wait to see the video!
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Monica Bellucci playing footsies!

Warning guys! It seems that in the latest Paolo Virzý movie, "N - Io e Napoleone", there might be Monica Bellucci playing footsies with a teenager, probably while taking bath together. It's not that clear from what i've read on an italian newspaper ("Il Giornale"), but they say that she actually "(..)plays with him more than once, trying to seduce him, having bath with him, playing footsies and giving him sexy looks(...)".
So...let's cross our fingers!

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Feet in white hose...

...in "Acqua e Sapone"! Really a nice scene this one. The way she touches his nose with her toes and the fact that she asks him to massage her feet knowing that this would excite and embarass him...oh well..it's something that should go in the history of cinema! And what about her sexy white hose? Who could resist her?

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"The Fetish Expo" featured on Xfanz.com

This was really a beautiful surprise. "The Fetish Expo" is now one of the top sites in the brand new world adult entertainment portal Xfanz.com. If you don't know it, Xfanz is the result of a partnership between some of the biggest adult companies around: some of the most famous pornstars write there regularly, there are reviews from the best adult sites, exclusive contents from sites like Playboy or Hulstyer... well... the fact that "The Fetish Expo" is now there in the top sites gives me happiness. It seems someone liked the fetish websites reviews i wrote ;-)

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Dangling with hose on...by HSP

I believe the main thing of this update on "Feet Under The Table" is actually the HSP candid video featuring a really nice dangling with black hose and shoes on. It's just that dangling is not that common. I spot shoeplay many times...but usually dipping (i love it, by the way) or heel popping...but dangling is... fashinating.
The other big thing of this update is the scene from "Pornochic 11" where we see two gorgeous women playing footsies with a man during a dinner. One of them has black hose on, the other one has naked feet...so everyone is happy! :-)

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Four years of "Feet Under The Table"

It was the 22nd of October 2002 when "Feet Under The Table" (the website) came online. At that time it was just a way to expand the Yahoo Groups possibilities, and surely it didn't have that many visitors. As far as i remember, in the first year the site never received more than 100/200 visitors per day... a little bit different than the 4.000 it gets now.
I don't know for you guys...but i can easily say that "Feet Under The Table" is now an important part of my life. And this is thanks to all of you who constantly support me with your posts in the forum and your new videos, images and messages. Thank you guys. Thank you!

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"My Friend Ele": a shoeplay video series!

Yes, here we are again. RobinUpward gave us eight new gifts. Him and his friend Ele are actually building a sort of Video Series! I have to say, his friend surely looks nice and she does have a good style in playing with her shoes! To be honest, i especially liked the videos where she is standing while playing with her shoes (the same position she has here in the photo)...and i am sure there will be more to come!
The other important news of today is about the Forum. Not a very good one indeed... due to some copyright complaints me and the moderators had to modify the rules and, from now on, we will follow them more strictly. So before posting there any video, be sure to read them. I know some of you won't like these new rules, but we had to do it to try to save the actual existence of "Feet Under The Table".

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