Comfortable High Heels, finally!

We all need to be graceful with award-winning designer Gordon Thompson III, legendary for creating the Cole Haan brand?s new dynamic feel and extending its product range.
Having been everything from a set designer for Back to the Future and Batman to global creative director at Nike, Thompson brought a vigor and innovativeness to the brand that helped push it to the forefront of the luxury industry once again.
Why do we need to thank him? Simple... read what he answers during a recent interview:
  • Cole Haan has worked with Nike in the past to incorporate the Zoom Air technology into the shoes. Can you explain the concept and how it benefits the wearer? Are there any future projects that will incorporate more such developing technologies?

    This is my nineteenth year with Nike, Inc. Thirteen were spent at Nike, and now I am going on my sixth year at Cole Haan. At Nike, from 1994 to 2000, I was Creative Director over Footwear, Apparel, Equipment and Image. I saw a great deal of innovation being created in many different sport categories, and when I came to Cole Haan, I thought those ideas could be translated from sport to fashion. The past six years have been concentrated on how to adapt those innovations into our product line. The most recent is the State of the Art High Heel, which took two years to produce. During runway shows or at personal appearances, I always had women coming up to me asking, When are you going to create a comfortable high heel? They knew about the Nike Air technology we had used in flats, but wanted something more sexy. Hence, the idea was borne. We married Zoom Air (used in Running, Soccer, Football and Baseball footwear) with sexy 100mm high heels. In the forefoot and in the heel, Nike Air bags placed where only SHE knows and no one else. It?s about creating beautiful and sexy shoes that have a secret ingredient!
So yes, you understood right: high heel shoes (10 cm!) with the famous Nike Air technology! No more excuses to don't wear high heels... the only question is: how much will cost these pieces of technology? Well...click here and have a look!

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How to capture a picture from a video

It's always nice to add a preview when you post a video somewhere. So here's how you do it:

1. If you already have Irfanview with all the plugins, skip to point 6

2. Download the FREE Irfanview here:

3. Download all the plugins for it here:

4. Install Irfanview

5. Close it and install all the plugins (double click on the downloaded file)

6. Open Irfanview

7. From the File -> Open menu, open the video (remember to select "All files (*.*) on the File Type list)

8. When you want to create a picture, stop the video

9. Click with right button of the mouse on the video image and select "Copy"

10. Select Edit - Paste

11. Select File - Save As, choose "JPG - JPEG files" from the file type list and give a name to that file.

That's all!

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Footsie in "Days Of Our Lives"

That's the main purpose of this update. The scene from "Days Of Our Lives" is absolutely amazing. She is a beautiful woman wearing a red dress, black high heel shoes and pantyhose. She plays footsie with this man at the table while giving him sexy looks...and we even see, in detail, the moment when she removes her shoe!
Go and check it out...you won't regret it ;-)

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Playing footsies...in the street!

I almost couldn't believe it when, going shopping with Nyllady, we saw just near the entrance of the shop we were going to (for who might be interested, "Stefan" in Serravalle (Pistoia)) this picture! Why did they put it there? To attract customers! And is there any best way to attract customers than showing a couple playing footsies on a giant board? Congratulations to the owners of that shop, really a great idea! (And, by the way, this picture is on "Feet Under The Table" since quite a long time in this page).

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Tea Leoni's feet in action!

Yes... the scene from "Flying Blind" would be really hot... if only i could get a higher quality video. I really hope some of you will be able to find it, it would really be worth it. Luckly we have HSP making this update better with his second Heel Popping candid video, really nice!
So, what are you doing here on the blog? Go and see the latest update on "Feet Under The Table"!

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11th September - five years later

Yesterday was the fifth anniversay from that tragedy.

I still remember each little thing i did that day.
I still remember how much i cried.
I still remember all the pictures on television, the words on the newspaper.

And i don't want to forget.


I've found this video on YouTube. A way to remember all the people involved that day. All the people that found themselves in the right place at the wrong time. All of them.

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Pantyhose without panties? Meredith Vieira dresses like that!

It's not common, in my own experience, for a woman to wear pantyhose without panties but, as i'm sure you all know, it's one of the hottest things that a nylon fetishist like me can think of. Meredith Vieira, the moderator of the ABC show "The View", said during that show (as reported here) that she always does it, even when she's at work. She says for her this is a way to be more comfortable. And considering the amount of times that we saw her in pantyhose...it seems she does it often! What can i say...well done Meredith! I hope more women will do the same!

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Salma Hayek...again!

Yes...she's here once again. In this week's update Salma Hayek gives us another nice scene. This time she's trying to seduce Colin Farrel with her foot in the film "Ask The Dust". Also a nice scene from France. We see a lady playing footsies with a man in a really classic way. The film is called, in french, "Le Roi Des Cons".
And, to complete this update,another nice video from HSP. A candid one of a really "explicit" heel popping with hose on.

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How do i download movies from YouTube?

Many people asked this question in the forum. So here we are guys. The FREE solution to download videos from YouTube.

Get YouRipper (FREE) here: http://www.remlapsoftware.com/youripper.htm
Once installed, just copy the address of the YouTube page and click "Get".

You will download a .FLV file that you can view with this (FREE) FLV player:
http://applian.com/flvplayer/index_martijn.php (click "Click Here to Download FLV Player")

That's it guys!

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Kate Moss going to shock us!

I think that everyone who finds stockings or pantyhose exciting knows that Kate Moss is THE model for this kind of stuff. Since the beginning she always gave us incredible gifts in the form of pictures featuring her in stockings, pantyhose, high heels. Well, in her latest campaign called "Dreams Of Miss X" for the shop Agent Provocateur she shots three short movies that will be released on the company's website. In the first (the one from where this picture is taken from) she comes down a staircase wearing stockings, underwear and leather gloves. In the next one she writes on a bed in sexy underwear (i didn't see this, but i bet she will be in a fantastic and classic "the pose"!) and in the last one she will even remove her clothes.
So... go to that site and be ready to jump off the chair guys!

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What would i do without you?

This week's update, once again, shows how important are you all for "Feet Under The Table". Two new videos this week, and both of them were sent by some of you. "Bikini Bistro" from Feeture, who sent me so many videos in all this time! And "Asi Es La Vida" from Larlibra007, who is surely one of the most active members of the forum.
So what can i say? Just thank you guys. I'll never stop saying this: without you, the website would not exist.

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