Win a Rapidshare premium account

A while ago i asked everyone for ideas about a way to create a contest for a FREE premium Rapidshare account. I want to thank everyone who posted ideas there but, sorry me, i think the idea that came to my mind is the way to go (besides..i'm the boss and i can take decisions ;-) )
It will be fun, and it will perhaps bring some people more to "Feet Under The Table". Here are the details.

First of all, i can't say when i'll be able to give the FREE Rapidshare accounts. Right now i can give away 2 of them, and as time passes by, i'll be able to give more. I will keep this post updated with the number of accounts that i can give away, so you'll know.

So, what do you have to do to get a free 30 days Rapidshare account? You need to take a picture or a short video. Yes. You understood right:

- Write on a piece of paper something you like AND the address of this site ( www.nyllover.com ). Use your fantasy, but things like "I love footsies!" are surely nice. Of course it's better if you do this with a computer and a printer, so you can even make it looking nice !

- Put it on a public place (a wall, a car, a gate, anything) and be sure it won't be moved by the wind (use glue or anything you can think of). Of course it could be great if you would put it around a famous place of the town you are in.

- Take a picture (or more pictures, or a video) where you show the place you've put it in and you let us see how big that sign is

- Post it in this thread with the date and the place where you did it

That's all. I will give Free accounts to EVERYONE who will make this, following the order of the posts of course. In the first message of that thread i will keep an updated list of people who are waiting for the account and people who already got it.
That's it. Perhaps i'm just crazy, perhaps i'm stupid...but i think this can be one of the funniest things we will ever do as a community :-)

Ah... just to let you know if a free 30 days Rapidshare account is worth this effort... the price is now 9.99 Euros... what do you think?

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Footsie in adverts...finally!

Another update on "Feet Under The Table", as every week actually.
It was a long time since we saw a new footsie scene in an advert so... here we are, with two new adverts! One is of the english company "Scoot", where we can see a blonde woman playing footsies with a "strange character".
The other one is, in my opinion, really really great. Maybe because asian women always have something to make a scene much better..but anyway.. how would you feel if, while you are trying to take a picture of your friend and his girlfriend, she would start playing footsies with you, with her lovely foot in black hose? Well.. "Olympus" shows us to advertise the fact that their cameras stay still even in difficult situations...nice idea indeed!

A part from this a big and special thanks goes to HSP for his new video: "Girlfriend Hosed Toes" a really great one!

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What's new on "Feet Under The Table"

As i wrote some days ago, i'm going to start writing here on the blog about the updates of the site. If you don't like this, just let me know.
A pretty good update today, especially because i'm excited (and honoured) of the cooperation with HSP. I really love his videos, and i've seen them around the web since a long time! So, a part from the HSP video, here are the new footsie scenes online today:
  • Thanks to MCOL of the "Celebrità in Pantyhose e Collants" forum, the video from the italian film "Yuppies" is online. Federica Moro plays footsies with Jerry Calà wearing high heels shoes and really nice pantyhose!
  • From "Betty Blue" (in original language "37.2° Le Matin") we can see a really nice looking brunette playing footsies with her boyfriend, while they are at lunch. Unfortunately we don't get to see her foot touching him, but it's still a really nice scene (especially for the fact that it shows her removing the shoe...with sound).
  • Thanks to Feeture online also a somehow weird scene, taken from the film "Nympho". It shows two girls that are seducing each other while eating and finishing with playing footsies.

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Vacation comes to an end...

...back to work! Everything went fine and, like maybe some of us already noticed, we really had a great time. Nothing else to say now, except from the fact that i think i will start using the Blog to keep you informed on the updates to the website. I noticed that many of you uses the RSS feeds, so it can be easy to let you all know when there is something new on "Feet Under The Table".

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