Quick message to let everybody know that there won't be any updates to "Feet Under The Table" till 13th of August. Me and Nyllady are going to spend a long holiday in the magnificient Russia. I hope what i've put on this last update will cover for this wait, in any case... i'm sure you will all have fun in the Forum. Ciao!

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"The Fetish Expo": finally open!

Well, i've worked on it for more than a month and now it's online. As i'm sure you've noticed, "Feet Under The Table" has many different sponsors, you can see that by looking at the all different banners around the site. The reason why they are there it's obvious, it's the same reason why the links to Amazon and eBay are there: trying to cover the monthly server costs. If anyone subscribe to one of them, me and the sponsor split up (more or less) the revenue and that helps a lot of course. But i thought that just a simple advert wouldn't have give you enough informations about what those sponsors offer. Because i don't put there ANY website, i try to choose the ones that provide good and unique content, so that if you join them you don't feel like you are loosing money. So that's where "The Fetish Expo" comes: free, exclusive and complete content provided by those sponsors, among with a review written by myself. I hope you will find this section useful and funny and that you'll give me your comments about that or perhaps some feedback about the sites you'll decide to join...
Ah...by the way... i'm quite proud of the sponsors i've managed to get (believe me, it wasn't easy), and i surely have to thank the success of "Feet Under The Table" for these agreements, as i don't think many of these websites would have accepted to provide free content otherwise. Here is a list of the content that will soon come in "The Fetish Expo":

...what do you think?

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Premium RapidShare account for FREE

This will be a brief message, but i just want to bring some attention to this thing. I have the chance to give away a free 30 days RapidShare Premium account to one person of my choice. My idea is to create a sort of contest between members of the forum: if you are interested discuss your ideas here!

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High Heel shoes hurts? No problem!

Americans.... you gotta love them! Always full of new ideas! Now it's time for a special gym center where women can follow some special programmes to help them in wearing high heels! An instructor guides them in some exercises specifically. The name of the class says it all: "Stiletto Class". One of the instructors says: "Members were coming up to us saying their feet were killing [them]. So we really wanted to develop something where we could strengthen the feet, the ankles, the calves, all the leg muscles".
And it seems to really works! A student there is quite happy with the results "you feel better, you're sexier and absolutely you're thinner".
Dr. Charlton, an orthopaedic surgeon, suggests also some simple exercises like "bring your toe all the way up and you take this opposite hand and massage the area that maximally hurts". Also this doctor says to wear flip flops in moderation because they don't give any support to the foot and are therefore the worst!

Why am i smiling now? Easy...because i love high heels, i love to see women wearing them and i am really happy that someone is actually doing something to help their feet!

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My wife as a model: a dream come true

Yes... at last, after speaking about that for months, me and Nyllady took some pictures last saturday. I was dreaming about having a model to shoot pictures at since a lifetime and, obviously, being able to do that with my wife had been a lot more beautiful...it had been a dream come true.
Sure, it wasn't as easy as i thought, but it had been for both of us surely emotional, exciting (at one point we had to stop...to do something else :-) ) and, even more important, we had a lot of fun.
By looking at all those websites on the internet i had the idea that it would have been a little bit easier but i realised that, after setting up the room, choosed the clothing, set up the camera... well, it's not at all easy to shot more than 10/15 different photos. In that moment my mind was almost empty, and all the shots i've thought about just disappeared from there... there's my wife there in front of me, so beautiful and dressed in such an incredible sexy way... and i'm behind a camera that i'm taking pictures of her but i think of something else... no, it's not easy at all. I am using the zoom to come closer to her feet while she's doing a little bit of dangling... and i shoot. Ok, i shoot a photo. But i'm still there, looking at that foot... and it seems to me impossible that i'm so far away, that i'm not touching it.
Again, it was all beautiful, funny, exciting. The result, considering that we have absolutely no experience and a very basic equipment, it was at least good. You will soon be able to see all these photos... and i hope you'll let us know your opinion.

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Campioni del mondo!

Campioni del mondo!

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Flip Flops, i hate you!

Finally, someone in the U.S. said what i've always thought: Flip Flops are OUT. Here in Italy, luckly, this habit of wearing flip flops in office is not so much common but, unfortunately, it IS common to wear them in everyday life. Well, i hate them. As i think some of you know already, i'm a big "fan" of classic woman style: pumps, skirt and, when it's not as hot as in these days (37°C again yesterday...), pantythose. I can of course appreciate some open toed sandals but...flip flops... come on. Flip flops?!?!?! How can they be sexy? No, sorry, not for me.
So in the article i've mentioned above, they say that, according to a recent study, between two women, one dressed classic and one with flip flops, the one who has more chances to advance in her career is the first one. Because she gives a better image of herslef, a more professional one.
Now, in my opinion, this is obvious. But i do appreciate that someone is actually saying that.

So, girls, trash your flip flops, and start dressing better...please :-)

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