Expo-girls, we love you!

I've always loved those pictures taken at the various MotorShow, Smau, My Special Car Show and similar. Pictures of the so called "Race Queens" in Japan, that we simply call "Expo Girls".. in a few words, the main reason why men visit those places.
Of course my main interest was always focused on the thought of the pain those girls are forced to suffer at their feet, trapped in those amazing and marvellous high heels. And yes, the brain keeps going to the moment when, exausted, they finally enjoy some wild shoeplay in the form of some dipping, dangling, and similar: that's the moment most of us (foot fetishists) love and dream of.
Obviously, since Nyllady came into my life, my "physical" interest in those ladies disappeared completely, but my interest in those kind of photos is still there and for this reason i started a new topic in the forum dedicated to them.
Till now i've put there only photos i've found on the net, but soon i'll copy there all the photos that i taken personally. Not so many people posted pictures there till now, and i do hope some of you who are reading this now will do so... who knows... maybe that topic will be the "Expo Girls Encyplopedia"... ok maybe i'm exagerating a bit... but come on, it wouldn't be bad to have thousands of photos there!

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24th May 2006: Three years of forum!

Yes, three years have passed since i decided to open the forum... it seems almost incredible. Three years... really a lot of time. When i opened it i didn't even know the woman that today is my wife! So much time! If you want, write your comments here

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I'm fine :-)

As you can see if you go to the main page of the site, i've put online a quite big update. So yes, the surgery operation went fine, and i'm back. That's all for now, enjoy the new videos!

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No update for 14th May 2006 weekend

As Dead Parrot wrote here , i won't be able to udpate the site this weekend. It happened all very fast. I needed a surgery operation to my nose since a long time, and a month ago i finally decided to "go for it". But italian medical system is slow, very slow...so i was expecting to be able to do it in september, or something like that. Then, this monday, the doctor phoned me saying that there was a "vacancy" for this thursday...so here i am. Back home after 2 nights in hospital with a big nose surrounded by whyte medical bends...God knows how hard it must be for Nyllady to look at me like this...well i know, love changes every view :-)
It's not that easy to work like this, so i've decided to take a rest until half of next week, when they should remove these bends and all should be better.
So...bear with me, but there won't be an update this weekend!

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Finally, one Rapidshare alternative

Since this last update i've included a new place to download the videos from: Megaupload
It seems quite reliable and they just upgraded their servers so, as far as i can understand, it's not going to disappear from one day to another.
Many people always had problems with Rapidshare, and were demanding for a new place to download the videos. The only down side of it is that a video will be automatically deleted if it's not download by anyone in 30 days. Sooner or later i'll try to implement a system that will let you send me a message as soon as a link is not available, till then please feel free to contact me when you click on a Megaupload link that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Of course just the latest videos are now available from Megaupload, but i'm planning to give this alternative to every video on the site. It will just need quite a long time to do it.

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April 2006: italian elections and the website...

It may seem incredible, but the italian elections had a big influence over Feet Under The Table too. In fact this month the most viewed actress in the page that let you see the scenes featuring an actor or an actress is Alessandra Mussolini, the leader of the italian party Alternativa Sociale, nephew of the famous Benito Mussolini. She wins over the sexy Drew Barrymore and the porno actress Christina.
Here's the complete standindgs:

  1. Alessandra Mussolini
  2. Drew Barrymore
  3. Christina
  4. Bruce Willis
  5. Gabrielle Anwar
  6. Emma Thompson
  7. Elizabeth Taylor
  8. Danny Devito
  9. Elizabeth Berkley
10. Enrico Montesano

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Sorry for the delay!

Yes, this week's update came with a little bit of delay. You need to excuse me, but this long weekend (thanks to the 1st of May holiday) left me not so much free time.  In any case, i hope you are happy with the new videos. Ah, speaking of that: someone wrote me about some problems with the video from "Amnesia". I've told him to download the latest Div-x codec (as this is the solution to these kind of problems in 99% of cases)... can you let me know if you encounter some problems with that video?
One last thing... i would like to thank Robin Upward and his friend Ele. There are no doubts that their videos are always a nice surprise and, moreover, Robin authorized me to put online every new video they will made...so... be ready. As more videos will come soon. If you want to thank him personally, you can do it sending a message to the Yahoo group GiuLeScarpe, the place where all italian shoeplay lovers meet and where...ehm...i'm proud to be a moderator. Robin put there his videos the first time, and he always put them there first.

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