Step by step

One problem solved. Last night i've worked on it till 2am but now the quoting system works again. Good. I've also understood that the problem with that weird url was in one character contained in it... yes, the "!" character, if contained in urls, make the post not being displayed correctly. So well... i just hope there won't be many urls like that.

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Since i got my own server (a little more than one year ago) i learned a lot of things involved in this. One of the main things is that, when you have your own server, you are fully responsible of its security. If a hacker decides to make damage, you need to be a little bit prepared. I'm not an expert in these kind of things, therefore all i try to do is to keep updated on the software i use. Every now and then there are upgrades to be done, often to fix some security issues discovered by much more experienced guys than me. This weekend had been one of those moments. I've upgraded the software that handles adverts on the site (smooth update, no problems at all) and the software that handles the forum. And here came problems. I spent hours trying to fix it...and it still doesn't work properly. Yesterday i've noticed that a link posted by someone ( here ) was making the whole server busy once someone was going to try to view that message, and i still didn't understand what's wrong. Moreover, now the quoting system doesn't work well...God knows why. I've searched on internet and discovered that many people are facing the same issues...so i'm not alone.

Only one thing is sure: upgrades are the worst part of having your own server...

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A blog...why?

People who know "Feet Under The Table" will probably start reading this asking to themselves "Is there the need of a blog? Didn't you already have the Forum to communicate with us?". Right, that's right. But a blog is something more personal than a Forum, more generic. I don't have to follow any specific rules, but i can write here anything i like.
So now you will ask "So? Why should we be interested?". Well you don't "have" to of course. I will just use this blog (and the italian version of it) as a sort of diary: the webmaster's diary.
Right now i don't know if this will have any chances to be interesting for someone...but well...in the end...it's a blog. And that's what a blog should be: a place to put your mind in words. Nothing more, nothing less.
This is the first message, and i hope it will be the first of many.

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