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This week update features the footsie scene from the TV series "Night And Day", which happens during a dream. It’s not clear if this dream is a way of remembering something that it’s actually shown before on the show or not. All we have is now online, and if someone has more…just write on the forum! We see this man finding a letter in the trash and remembering the girl that wrote the letter: she’s sitting at the table with him and a younger guy… giving them really hot looks and, at one point, we briefly see her foot between the legs of one of the guys. Really hot scene… i just wish we could see it better!

And now, for the weekly Nyllady update (but don’t get used to this, as we don’t know for how long updates will be so frequent), online a peculiar video she made. Inspired by the Tarkan song "Kuzu Kuzu", she danced in front of some candles wearing a short dress, pantyhose and, for a while, high heel shoes…. She likes this song so much that in the end she made two videos (that you’ll see in the next few weeks)… the one online this week can be considered as a preview of what will come and it’s in the form of a videoclip. She hopes you’ll enjoy this "experiment"…just let her know! ;-)

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