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In today’s update on "Feet Under The Table", online the really good scene from the soup opera "Los Mantenidos Tambien Lloran". I thought for a while if it was ok to post this video… because of its really poor quality. Basically it was captured pointing a videocamera to the TV screen! But it’s a so good scene…i had to post it. I just hope someone will be able to find a better quality version of this video. It’s a classic restaurant scene, with this hot woman playing footsies (tan hose on!) to this ugly man… really a classic one!

Thanks to Feeture, another scene from an old hardcore movie: the 1974 one "Massage Parlor". In this one a nurse, while siting on a desk at the side of a man, puts her foot on his crotch and start massaging it while opening her legs…

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