Kylie Minogue is the most wanted footsie partner

It seems the footcare company Carnation Footcare really thought of us when it recently asked over 2.000 british people to pick which celebrity they would most like to play footsie with!

Kylie Minogue, the australian pop singer, won with 15 percent of the vote, while Anjelina Joline ended up at the second place with 13 percent.

Here are the global standings:

  1. Fearne Cotton - 10%
  2. Katie Holmes /Tess Daley / Charlie Dimmock - 4%
  3. Kate Moss - 3%

I personally agree with them, as Kylie Minogue always was at the top of my preferences when it comes to foot fetish dreams...probably because she always wears high heels and, often, nylons... what about you?Katie Holmes

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