Footsies for every taste

It's quite rare to see in an indian movie a woman starting the foot seduction...and that's the case of "Nagina (Sriidevi)" where, during a dance, an indian beauty puts her feet on a man's body, starting from his leg and ending up on his chest.

In "Paolina Venere Imperiale", an italian porno movie, a woman plays footsie to a man in front of the bed (with the gorgeous Milly D'Abbraccio on...), while they are both standing.

"Shasha & Masha", the russian TV series, already gave us a scene , so it's nice to see another one from the same show...even if not as good as the first one. This time a couple plays footsie while they are both laying down, inside a tent...probably during some sort of camping.


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