Footsie on TV...even live!

This week's update is really all about TV...

From the Serbian comedy "Mi Nismo Andjeli III" (We Are Not Angels), the really hot scene with Seka Aleksic, that seduces a lucky guy on a couch using her sexy naked feet.

During a recent episode of "Regis & Kelly Live", the american TV show with Kelly Ripa and Jimmy Kimmel, a really weird thing happened. At first Kelly made a shoe exchange with Blake Lively (and that would already be enough weird and HOT...)... and, later on the show, Blake Lively actually played footsie MANY TIMES with Jimmy. Just check out the video and tell me if i'm the only one thinking that she was touching his calf on purpose!

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At 2:24 AM, Anonymous latinfootlover_2006 said...

Yeah I think they were playing footsies. I got to give it to jimmy. He played along well. I know that when females have played footsies with me in front of people or the public, I have a hard time keeping myself together. It is an exciting moment.


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