Hot Foot on crotch videos!

Well... this is a really good update, all focused on footsies under the table!!!!

A really really hot scene from the italian porno movie "The Order", with Roberta Missoni. I've left the video quite long, to let you enjoy more of the scene. You first see her dressing up in front of her man, getting ready for dinner. She puts on her stockings.. then at dinner she gives him a coupld of sexy looks and then puts her foot on his crotch (without shoes but with black stockings). Hot, so damn hot!

Thanks to OkMerlin online the scene from the old italian porno film "Calamo". It's a classic footsie under the table scene, although the woman has her shoe on. Really a nice one!

And finally... another great candid video from Tomi! This time he shows us a pair of shoeless tired hosed feet... of a hostess of course! She's wearing tan pantyhose...and it's lovely to see her rubbing one foot over the other!

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