Two foot on face videos!

Here we are to another update, this week all dedicated to feet on face!

Thanks to Feeture, we get to see the weird (but hot) scene from "Bank Brothers", with Jackie Di Crystal teasing a guy on the coach with her feet. She's wearing some weird shoes... i wouldn't even know how to define them. Anyway while he's talking she rubs his face (and other parts of him) more than once with them. She surely is a hottie so...the scene is worth to watch!

Sex And The City" gives us another scene. Don't know why we still didn't have it but i've just finished watching the whole series with my wife (we have this complete series DVD pack) and we saw this scene where Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones in the series) rubs her boyfriend's face with her feet while they are in bed, asking him to wait a little bit more before leaving... hot!

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