Footsie videos and...HSP candid shoeplay

Welcome everyone to a new update on Feet Under The Table!

Once again, the british TV series "Shameless" gives us a scene with the hot Rebecca Atkinson who really makes David Threlfal crazy in this series. This time she gives him a much more classic footsie under the table, although she doesn't remove her slippers... but her face is always so...horny!

The scene from "Kitchen Confidential" it's like a...dance with lots of teasing going on, footsie included. A must see, trust me!

Also online another amazing candid from HSP! He told me this one is one of his friends who was shopping with him that day, and waiting on a stool at a DVD store... well.. what can i say... sabot, pantyhose and ultra mini skirt... amazing! And, needless to say, a really nice dangling involved too.

Finally, just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the poll to choose the Pin-up Wow! model to be featured in the next interview for The Fetish Expo! The "competition" is really close now, as three girls are just in one vote of distance...keep on voting, you have till the end of this month to do it!

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