Footsie under the table: two videos!

Here we are to another update...quite nice this week, even if with just two videos...

Thanks to MCOL we got a high quality version of the footsie under the table scene from "Donne Con Le Gonne", where Cinzia Leone gives first a sexy look to Francesco Nuti and then puts her foot on his crotch. She has black stockings on...

Footsie under the table played by two women on one man is rare...and that's why the scene from "Troppo Rischio Per Un Uomo Solo" is amazing! Chirsta Linder and Hansi Linder (yes, twins!) really try hard to get Giuliano Gemma's attention...and once again, thanks to MCOL for this one!

Don't know if anyone of you noticed it but... in the last days i've published the interview i made with the amazing Lana Cox, a really famous celebrity in the adult industry...and, of course, i've also put online the review of her site, among with eight free picture galleries...i suggest you to go and have a look...


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