Elizabeth Taylor playing footsies...and more

Here we are to a new update! The nice (but, sadly, quick) scene from "Leon The Pig Farmer" is a truly classic footsie under the table at the restaurant scene. Too bad it's a little bit too dark and quick...

Online also a higher quality version of the footsie under the table played by Elizabeth Taylor to Brian Keith, in "Reflections In A Golden Eye". Truly nice to see Elizabeth Taylor toes rubbing his calf!

The other day my wife was getting ready for our next video (that will be online soon)...she was looking into her wardrobe wearing a short black leather skirt, black stockings and high heel shoes...she told me to start recording, and then she started playing with her shoes and moving her feet around...

By the way...the Pin-up Model poll ends TOMORROW!!!!! Vote now for your favourite model!!!

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