Three hot footsie videos

Here we are with a new update... featuring three really good footsie scenes!

The scene from "Shameless" is rather brief, but the face on the hot Rebecca Atkinson while she puts her socked foot on this guy's lap is really amazing. Surely enjoable!

Thanks to Babylove, online one of the hottest scenes since a long time! The scene is taken from the movie "Emotional Girl 2" and we see this asian girl dressed with a black short dress, black pantyhose and black high heels in pain because of her calf hurts her. So this guy takes her foot in his hand and slowly starts giving her a massage. She gets excited by this, so she brushes her foot (still on heels) on his crotch. Hot, really hot!

Another funny scene is the one taken from "Criminal Intelligence" where two couples are playing cards at the table and one woman wants to play footsies with a guy but ends up doing this to the other woman!

Finally, just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the poll to choose the Pin-up Wow! model to be featured in the next interview for The Fetish Expo!

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