Foot fetish pictures? Yes, finally!

It was too long since i've put some new pictures... so...after a long time, a big update to the Footsie Pictures section. Here's the number of new photos for each category: 6 in Amateur & Candids, 5 in Celebrities, 121 in Comics & Draws, 3 in Magazines & Books and 15 in Professional Photos... is it enough?

Online also the scene from "Hotel Erotica - Sensual Escapes": surely a hot one! A woman is sitting at the table with a man and, while they talk, she starts rubbing her naked foot on his crotch.

The one from the "Record newspaper" advert is instead quite funny. In a few words, a guy has to go to the toilet...he then finds out that there is not toilet paper, but to avoid using the Record newspaper he removes his socks... his girlfriend plays footsies with him, and she notices the absence of socks.

Then, online the fantastic candid video from Newland. He uses a really clever (and somehow easy) tecnique: he leaves the camera on the floor, with infrared on... and that's how he captured the amazing dipping of his friend Xandra!

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