Nyllady's rubbing nyllover's crotch...and some footsie

Yes, this update is mainly focused on my wife... i'm sure you can understand me :-)
We made three videos (and some pictures, that will come later) about a month ago and, although i've put them on the forum, i still didn't put them on the website. So they are online here now.

In the first one, i'm removing her shoes. This one didn't come out really well, we didn't choose a good angle for the camera... in the second one she puts on the new RHT stockings we bought. In the video's page you'll also find a link to the shop where we bought them, really a good and cheap shop. The final video is a little bit more..."hot", and that's why YouTube deleted it after a few hours we put it there. My wife rubs my crotch with her hosed feet...and... she is quite clever, i can assure you! As always, don't be shy to let her know what you think of her videos... she likes to read your comments!

Online also the footsie scene from the italian Tv series "Love Bugs" (that already gave us a scene with Michelle Hunziker in the first series). This time we see Giorgia Surina dancing with Emilio Soffrizzi and playing footsies with him. She is wearing open toes high heel shoes and really dark pantyhose. During the scene she also moves her toes a lot...quite nice!

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