A LOT of foot fetish...

So here we are...back to normal updates. Sorry guys for the long absence, but first it was because of a trip to Barcelona, then because of a change on my ISP...anyway, i'm back now :-)

First of all, online the four scenes from the fetish movie "Nymphos In Nylons". A man is in his psychologist (who "happens" to be the gorgeous Dillan Lauren) studio, for a session. In the first scene, she starts rubbing his crotch with her shoes on. Then, in the second scene (this is hardcore), she goes on doing that but sitting on his legs and opening her legs (crotchless pantyhose). Well, they start having sex, and in the third scene she puts her foot on his crotch while he is standing. In the last scene she rubs his crotch with her foot while he is sucking her other one. I normally don't put scenes from hardcore movies, but i thought this one was pretty hot and, at the same time, not the classic "rush to have sex"...besides... this is a foot fetish movie...and a great one i have to admit!

Online also the nice (but short) scene from the tv series "Turks". Two couples are having lunch, and one of the two women rubs the other woman's man calf with her open toes shoe (she is wearing nylons too). Not that bad at all, thanks a lot to larlibra for this one.

It is with great pleasure that today i welcome PoD in the Candid & Posed section of the site. His girlfriend really knows how to dangle a shoe, and in this first video she shows us a really really nice dangling with black pumps and hose. Thank you PoD for letting me put it here!

Just to let you all know, i've also changed the website main font and color (i think now it's easier to read, let me know) and, more important to me, i've also made some big changed in my wife's page.

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