New footsie videos!

Two footsie videos in this week's update of "Feet Under The Table". The scene from the "Disaronno" advert is surely a hot one. We see a woman playing footsies with another woman while waiting for their drink at the bar...they are both wearing suntan hose... boy that's hot! Online also a DVD quality version of the scene from "The Underneath". This is another DVD i decided to buy on Amazon with the gift certificate i got from last year's support you guys showed by shopping there. If you don't remember the scene, there is this hot blond sitting in the car with a guy. They are in a parking and he's talking... she starts to massage his crotch with her foot in a really really hot way. In the end of the scene (and this part was not on the video we had previously online) she takes a note from a bag just with her foot.

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