Footsies, shoeplay and...another exclusive interview!

Quite a big update today! First of all, a quick but sweet scene from the 1927 Alfred Hitchcock movie "Downhill". A man and a girl are standing side by side...she touches his foot with hers. Shoes on of course...we are in 1927!

Then, thanks to Babylove, a DVD quality version of one of the best scenes here on the site: "Ridicule". This scene has everything: shoe removal, plenty of people at the table with them, long foot seduction that starts from calf and ends into the crotch...no wonder you gave it a rate higher than 8!

Coming to the shoeplay side of this update...four new videos from Ele and Robin Upward. So be ready for more shoeplay, dipping, hosed feet and a few dangling from Ele!

And finally...do you remember the interview i made about a month ago to Jess of JessUK? Well, as i promised, i'm trying to get interviews with other models as well and Melanie of OnlyMelanie agreed for one!
I'll send the interview during next week, so you have just a few days to think about some questions you would like to ask her. Go here in the forum and add your questions!
Ah... she also sent me an exclusive (short) preview of one of her videos... you can see it there in the forum!

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