Some of the hottest footsies under the table scenes!

Finally, an update with classic footsie under the table scenes! Thanks to Larlibra007 online the really nice scene from "Discretion Assured". A woman plays footsies to a guy during a lunch, he tries to stop her and she goes on. Too bad we don't get to see her foot...but we get a clear view of her movements and of her beautiful legs!

As i told you many times, each time you buy something on Amazon (following one of the links provided around the site) i get a little bit of money (about 0.5% of what you spend). That money get paid to me in the form of a Gift Certificate. With the money of last year i decided to buy the DVD of "The Last Seduction 2". That is, in my opinion, one of the BEST scenes ever. The only thing we don't see is when she removes her shoe, other than that...we see a lot. Joan Severance is a hot woman, and having her at the table with you, dressed in black (stockings included), lighting a cigarette while playing footsies with you... do i have to go on? If you still didn't know this scene, go and download it...and if you saw this scene before...download this version, as you'll see it in a fantastic full screen quality!

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