Pantyhose for man!

As we all know, some of us, male members of the foot fetish universe, gets a lot of excitement in wearing pantyhose. Personally i don't have any problems admitting that i gave it a chance but i didn't get any excitement at all. I love pantyhose and stockigns, but only if is a woman who wears them.
Anyway, french company Gerbe will launch during the month of March four models of pantyhose for men. They say these are just the result of a lot of requests from their customers. Pantyhose for men will have a bigger wist size, longer feet and a comfortable hole in the front.

Surely a good news for men who want to wear pantyhose without being identified as "weird".

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At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, interesting.

I've never tried it but when I was in the Army I used to wear knee-high nylons for road marches.

Some foot powder, the hose, and then your wool socks - and you've got an effective combination to help prevent blisters.



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