Two footsie videos...and some photos by Nyllady

In this update of "Feet Under The Table", online a quite hot scene from "The Quiet". I don't exactly know the plot of this movie, but from the little i could understand it seems that this blonde girl is playing footsies with her father (or so i understood). Some may find it really hot, some may find it disgusting..to each his own... but it's a footsie, even if brief and if she keeps her shoes on! Also online another footsie scene from the italian tv series "Vivere". This time it's a much more classic footsie at the table. although she doesn't remove her shoe. And finally... some various photos from Nyllady. Me and my wife found suddenly realised that there were some photos that we never put online so...here they are. They are of various kind... some even at the seaside! As always...let her know if you liked them ;-)

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