Goodbye Megaupload!

This site will no longer use Megaupload. I've removed all the links a few days ago, and i'm not going to put them back in.
The reason is simple: Megaupload is forcing people to install a software in order to download files from them. This is something i don't accept and i don't approve. They should at least give people a chance. And there are also rumors around the internet that this software is a malicious one, a spyware. I don't know if that's true or not, but i don't care. Rapidshare doesn't ask to do so, i don't see why i should choose Megaupload.
So, goodbye Megaupload!

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At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are only being forced to install a toolbar if you're from a third world country, furthermore the toolbar is pretty useful since it allows you to upload directly from your browser with full use of your bandwidth. Megaupload is much better than Rapidshare, very unfortunate that you removed the links. Since I have a premium membership on Megaupload I'll have to look for another website with Megaupload links!

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Nyllover said...

third world country like...ITALY?
Sorry but that's not what i call treating customers well. I've waited a month hoping they would let Italian surfers download again normally from them...then i removed the links.
Never forced anyone to stay at my site, so i'm happy for you if you will find a better place somewhere else. Actually, if you find another site dedicated only to footsie videos, can you come back here and tell me the link? I would be happy to visit it and learn :)


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