Footsie scenes and a candid video...

So yes...this is the first update of 2007! Online the surely nice scene from "The Fall Guy" where a hot blonde dressed completely in red (shoes included) and tan pantyhose plays footsies with the guy sitting in front of her. In "Ugly Betty" there is this blonde who is trying to make the same thing with the guy sitting at her side but...she has far less results. Maybe because she doesn't remove her shoe? ;-)

Then, once again, a great candid video from HSP. The title is "Hosed Toe Curls" and that what this lady does with her foot... just sit back and enjoy it guys!

Since today the main page of the website displays the last 8 updated messages from the Forum. It was about time to give more importance to your fantastic posts guys!
Another new thing is the links page: after a long time giving a chance to top lists as a way to exchange links, i came to the conclusion that a list managed manually by me can be much more useful to people visiting the site. So i suggest you to go there and have a look every now and then... you'll find some interesting sites, i'm sure about it!

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At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a dork..........

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Nyllover said...

Well... mr Brave Anonymous...it seems you are reading all the articles in the blog....means you like it...glad you do ;-)


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