Footsie scenes and candid hosed feet!

In this update of "Feet Under The Table", thanks to Stercoraro of the "Celebrity Dream Feet Forum", it's online the scene from the italian film "Commediasexi". It shows a beautiful woman (Elena Santarelli) that is having a bath with her man (Paolo Bonolis). She puts her foot in his face and start teasing him, then he takes her thumb in his mouth. Then, from the asian film "Art Of Seduction" a quick scene in the car. A woman seduces a man sitting at her side in the back of the car with her naked foot.
Also online another incredible video from HSP. This time he shows us a candid video of his girlfriend. They are waiting to board, at the airport, and she has kicked off her shoes! She has white pantyhose and a mini skirt on... and we see a lot... REALLY a lot! First some upskirt, then she streaches her fingers, then she puts one shoe back on playing a bit with it, then she wakes up and put the other shoe on...I bet everyone of you would love to have a girlfriend like her!
Finally, i want to let you all know that i've reorganized a little bit the "Candid & Posed" videos section. There were way too many "Various" videos, so i added some more categories like "At Home", "At The Airport", "At The Mall", "At The Train Station", "In The Office" and "Outside". I hope this will be useful for those people who are quite new to that section, and need to be guided a little bit to enjoy all those videos...now more than 230!!!

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