Quick footsies...and car games

Yes... two new really quick scenes on "Feet Under The Table" : the first one, from "Affair Play", features this woman (Lysette Anthony) sitting on a couch and moving her foot toward a man's leg to touch it...but she doesn't get the answer she was looking for; the second one, from the movie "G", is somehow similar to the famous one from "I Like To Play Games": in fact we see the girl passing her panties to this man under the table, using her foot while also pressing against his crotch...quite hot!
Both of these scenes had been submitted by Feeture...once more, man, you are the best!
Another new thing of this update is an update on Nyllady's page. We were driving on the motorway toward Prato and my wife decided to take a short video with her mobile phone while she was driving me crazy with her feet... the quality of the video is not that good...but we hope you'll enjoy it anyway.


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